“Oh excuse me?” The auburn haired blader tried getting the stranger’s attention. “I’m here for the local tournament and have been trying to find local made beyblades for the review blog I run. Would you know of any local shops or brands you’d recommend?” Her own blade was in her hand, her bitbeast giving a soft glow in the bitchip as the Wyrm gave her a boost in picking up the local language. 

Honestly the local brands of beyblades revealed a great deal on what each region favored, which interested both the human and bitbeast equally.


I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like there’s a big ‘battle’ between these two local clothing brands.

Penshoppe and Bench are both bringing in a lot foreign stars to endorse their respective stores. Of course no one’s complaining–especially their fans here–but it makes me wonder: is this the new trend? To sign foreign people up as product endorsers in our very own local brands? 

The evening news is buzzing with reports of this foreign star and this Hollywood celeb coming into the country. I am thrilled, for the most part, but a part of me is a bit disappointed, though. The other day, my cousin and I passed by a Bench store, and she stopped in her tracks. ’Uy, si Bruno Mars! Sosyal ng Bench, ah.“ I smiled, and told her, ”Uso eh.“ At the back of my mind, I was thinking, what happened to the good old days of stopping by a Bench store window to gawk at an 8-feet-tall poster of Gerald Anderson? 

I suppose this is one way of showing others that Penshoppe and Bench are expanding and becoming well known not only locally, but internationally as well. And that’s a good thing. But what happened to being makabayan? Aren’t our local celebs good enough to endorse our local brands?

Three Squirrels: How A Nuts Business in China Became Internet Sensation And A Magnet For Private EquityForbes, 9 June 2014

Three Squirrels is an internet phenomenon, an emerging food brand, and a remarkable success in charming the millenial consumers of China. Despite its lighthearted name, Three Squirrels seems set to grow into a heavyweight. The two-year-old startup from Anhui Province has managed to turn a relatively mundane product, nuts, into a higher-valued snack for the young generation. It has become the largest retailer of snack food on Taobao and TMall, the two e-commerce platforms of Alibaba Group.

Measuring UpChina Daily, 25 August 2013.

Designer Ji Wenbo’s approach to menswear design resonates with me: simplicity that, on closer inspection, reveals intricate construction and cut detail. While womenswear, according to Ji, “gives reign to fantasy, with menswear, you embrace all the limitations, but they are what actually drives creativity to a maximum level.” As with a number of other domestic independent brands, while the brand is incognito outside the country, its local infrastructure betrays a sizable operation. Ji bases his company in Xiamen, maintains production facilities with roughly 1,000 employees in Shandong and runs a Fashion Agency in development to support design R&D. The collection is distributed across 100 direct operated shops across Asia, with plans  to expand in Europe.

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5 Chinese Designers To Watch In 2014Jing Daily, 31 December 2013.

Usual suspects named - Masha Ma (CFDA pull) Huishan Zhang (hot off Dorchester Prize win, should be seeing much exposure States-side through Barneys), Yang Li (very visible in advanced London scene over past year), Simon Gao (prominent exposure through Beijing Galeries Lafayette) and Yun Linn (new on my radar, will look into.

Photo Credit: Yang Li


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