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veggie burger from the farmer’s market was flippin amazin. a BIG reason I became a vegetarian in high school was because of how sh*tty I’d feel after scarfing down a beef burger. they tasted amazing in the moment, but I’d feel so sluggish and uncomfortable and angry at myself for eating so much. enter: veggie burgers. they’re the perfect solution and are literally the best of all worlds because they taste 💣, make you feel full but ENERGIZED, lack the unsaturated fat + cholesterol, hurt NO animals, and are a million times better for the environment because they use only a fraction of the water it takes to make a beef burger.
there really is no downside 🍔 burger is from pure veg!

“A Plastic Ocean” + some plastic free tips & tricks

Summer is nearing an end and the month of August really brings the heat. I am sure many of you are enjoying your time outside, but with the sun beating down and the sweat dripping, you are doing your best to stay hydrated. The convenience of the modern world is tempting and I am fairly certain that at least a portion your daily hydration comes from a plastic bottle. Whether it be bottled water, iced tea, or gatorade, they all come packed in plastic. My dad said recently, “I think plastic has got to be on the list of ‘top five WORST things humanity has ever invented.” I can’t help but agree.
Earlier this year, whiled cooped up inside my New York City dorm room during one of two blizzards, I watched a documentary called “A Plastic Ocean,” on, you guessed it, Netflix. Circling back to what I said earlier (about consuming a percentage, however small, of our daily hydration from a plastic container), “A Plastic Ocean” forces you to confront the reality that our planet is becoming more plastic than plant. And it plants a seed in your mind, encouraging you to acknowledge all of the possible places that your plastic container might end up: Inside the stomach of a fish, bird, or whale, washed up on the beaches of communities that lack the means to ‘dispose’ of such waste, in a landfill, or at the bottom of the ocean. The reality is, you cannot simply “throw away” plastic. There is no away- just somewhere else. More than half of the plastic produced is NOT recycled. There are countless plastic bags floating around in the wind all over the world, micro-plastics dominate the oceans, and common items like bottles and tooth-brushes are collecting in landfills and on ocean floors.
Plastic (more importantly, our dependency on it) is a BIG problem— one that requires a little bit of effort, some out-the-box thinking, and new life-style choices. Which is why I have decided to supplement this film feature post with a few simple tips / ideas to help you reduce your plastic consumption: 

  1.  Carry your own re-useable utensils: Buying a set of re-usable, bamboo utensils was one of the best purchasing decisions I have ever made. The set I bought came with a fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks all neatly wrapped in two cloth napkins/towels ( https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_7_14?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=bamboo+utensils+to+go&sprefix=bamboo+utensil%2Caps%2C607&crid=18SNI665XICCJ ). Although I do recommend buying one of these bamboo sets, it’s not entirely necessary. A small hand-towel, a rubber band, and a few utensils from your kitchen would do just fine as well. I prefer the bamboo because it is much lighter than your typical silverware. 
  2. Invest in some re-usable straws: I recommend glass or stainless steel. I just recently found a set of stainless steel straws on Amazon that comes with two different sizes & a cleaning utensil. Having a set at home is nice, plus it would be easy to throw an extra straw into your utensil kit! I carry mine with me everywhere I go. You might not think you use plastic utensils and straws very often, or even think they have that great of an impact on the planet, but trust me, they do. The plastic straw you are sipping from right now could be the death of another sea turtle next week ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MPHbpmP6_I ). So use your own straw with your next iced latte and your own spoon for your next summer-time snow cone. 
  3. Bring your own bags to the grocery store or market: I know you have heard this one before, so I am going to take it one step further. The grocery store isn’t the only place you can #byob (bring your own bag), the drug store, the mall, the gas station, restaurants, the list goes on!! I always keep one of those fold-up re-useable bags in my purse or backpack, but make sure to grab extra bags when I go to the farmer’s market or the grocery store. 
  4. Shop in bulk! : The bulk bins are the missed gem of nearly every grocery store. I buy all of my nuts, most seeds, dried fruit and grains from the bulk bins at my local Whole Foods or Sprouts. I fill up my own drawstring bags with nuts and use Stasher bags for small items like chia seeds or oats. ( https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=produce+bags+&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aproduce+bags+
  5. Keep a re-useable water-bottle & coffee cup handy: I never leave the house without a full bottle of water. I am fortunate to have several different bottles that are each suited for different occasions, but brands like Swell, Happy Human Life, and Hydro Flask all offer a variety of high-quality insulated bottles that are perfect for water, tea, coffee, smoothies, or whatever you desire! 
  6. Buy less packaged foods: Think about all of the packed food you buy. How many of them are wrapped in plastic?? Pretty much all of them right? Every jar of peanut butter, bag of popcorn, cup of yogurt, granola bar, box of cereal, bag of trail mix, carton of milk or eggs, and package of meat all come in some form of packaging, most of which contain plastic. Carving out a little bit of time each week to prepare your own food will save YOU a lot of unnecessary sugar, salt, and calories and will save the planet a lot of waste! I am not trying to push a zero waste lifestyle onto anyone because, lets be honest, taking a huge leap like that is likely to fail. Start small by buying whole fruits and vegetables instead of the pre-washed and cut ones that come in plastic tubs. Buy nut butters that come in glass jars instead of plastic. Make your own trail mix by utilizing the bulk bins. Just cutting out animal products in general will not only drastically cut down on the amount of packaging you consume but will also save you lots of mullah at the checkout. 
  7. (this one’s for the ladies) Use cardboard tampons: Periods, ew - touchy subject, but very important. There are more women on the planet than men (GRL PWR) and most of those women menstruate once a month. Ladies, think about how many tampons you go through in a single period … now multiply that by the billions of women on this planet. That’s a lot of little plastic tubes finding their way into landfills across the globe. Cardboard tampons, unlike plastic, decompose MUCH faster.
  8. Rethink your toothbrush: Most plastic has a life span that reaches far beyond the humans that used it. Most people replace their toothbrush every few months. But once you toss that little plastic stick into the waste basket it ends up laying in a landfill or floating through the oceans for years after only being used for a few months. Luckily, just like tampons, there is a more environmentally friendly alternative: bamboo or wooden toothbrushes. Returning nature to nature. What a concept ;) ( https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=bamboo+toothbrush+ )
  9. Make conscious purchases: Adopting this rule will help you adapt to all of the others as well. Next time you make a purchase think first: could I make this myself? Is there a plastic free alternative? Do I have my reusable containers and / or bags with me? Do I really need a straw? Just asking yourself these simple questions will help you to become more aware of the amount of waste, particularly plastic waste, that you as an individual contribute to the world. In doing so, you will then hopefully be motivate to reduce your impact. 
  10. Make your own food : I kind of already covered this one in number 6, but making your own food wildly helps to reduce the amount of waste you produce. For example, I make my own dairy free milks by purchasing nuts and seeds from the bulk section of my local Whole Foods or Sprouts grocery stores. I also bring my own reusable bags to fill at the bulk bins. I blend up the nuts or seeds in my @vitamix blender and keep the milk in glass jugs that I purchased from @amazon. [ let me know if you guys want me to post a tutorial on how to make your own milk :) ]

I am in no way an expert on zero-waste. I am just starting out on the journey myself. I simply wanted to share some tips and methods that I have discovered so far. Give them a try and let me know what you think! Feedback is greatly appreciated. :)
The road to a greater world is one that we must all walk down together!

{happy things going on lately}

-My room’s all set up and decorated here in the new house, and it’s so nice to have a place of my very own again. I even bought a new reading chair today, so you can say that I’m pretty excited!
-I get paid again in 7 days!! (You’re lying if you don’t get excited about every single paycheck).
-It’s peony season again! I have a fresh bouquet on my bookshelf and it makes me happy just about every time I walk into my room.
-My local Whole Foods finally restocked the french cinnamon brioche bread that I love (and I may or may not have bought two loaves to enjoy with my morning coffee. I was excited, okay?)
-I finally got a new shower head for the bathroom and it’s giving. me. life.
-I’m really starting to get the hang of my new job, which is a huge load-off. Also, the store is right next to a cafe that sells bubble tea, so I basically get boba every time I work (Peach tea with regular tapioca pearls is 👌🏻)
-So many great books are coming out this month! I’ll be broke most of the time because of it, but it’s worth it.

Story time!

I live in the same town as the Frat Daddies™ and one day I went to our local Whole Foods with my friend to get some choco milk. So in we walk and who do I see but the hat trick gal pal herself, Sam Kerr. My friend has no idea who she is and I start to slowly hyperventilate as I inform him of who she is and why I suddenly felt nauseous™ So she goes about ordering her food as I stare at her from afar and my friend threatens to approach her for me, which I passed on because a. I wanted to let her live her life and b. I would have vomited. So as I get online to buy my milk, she gets in line behind me and I feel the power of the soccer gods from above emanating off of her but I play it cool and we start to walk out. BUT God didn’t want to let me breathe yet bc then I see a wild, laughing KO getting a fork!!! We make eye contact, my heart stops, and then I leave the store forever traumatized. How do I know both of them knew I knew who they were? My Thorns shirt probably gave it away.

Bonus: As I drove my friend and I far far away, we saw them in their car and they smiled and waved and I screamed 

Crab Rangoon Roll (Crab Salad rolled in Nori, Tempura Fried, and served with Fried Won Tons and Eel Sauce) from Kona Island Sushi Bar located in Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

Comet cast cryptid

Nicholas Belton:

-Somehow a dad.

-Can always be found at a local market or whole foods or the woods. Even during a show.

-You offer him a gummi bear made with processed sugar. He cries.

-When I saw comet he ran out the stage door either wearing weird shorts or boxers.

The Two Types of Vegan Facebook Groups

Type 1:
“You accidentally ate something with milk powder in it??? FOR SHAME, think of those poor cows, I’m crying for them and for you”

“What? Oreos? Why would you pollute your body with that filth, you should only ever eat locally sourced organic whole foods, if you ever eat a Chemical™ you’ve officially polluted your body forever”

“You should NEVER buy vegan items from non-vegan companies or stores, YOU’RE PAYING THEM TO KILL MORE ANIMALS”

Type 2:
“you keep your own chickens? Yeah sure do whatever you want with their eggs and anyone who says you aren’t vegan for eating them is militant”

“Honey is up for debate, loads of vegans eat honey, anyone who says vegans don’t eat honey is MILITANT”

“I sometimes eat fish or chicken if there’s no other option on the menu or my gran makes it for me and anyone who says I’m not vegan is M I L I T A N T”

It’s Friday. Be a salad baller. Greek Chopped Salad with Cumin-fried Chickpeas + feta + mint + all the fixings tossed with olive oil & balsamic. Accompanied by the fluffiest olive oil grilled pita (from the same pan as the little chickpea babes!).

Recipe here.

Also, my K&C loves: We’re on the fast track to placing as a finalist in Martha Stewart’s American Made Awards and need YOUR voice to seal the deal this weekend. Please share this link on Facebook & Twitter!

stileslydiamartinstilinski  asked:

Drabble idea: Jackson running into Lydia somewhere and they are catching up and then he starts talking a/b everyone from high school and talking about what a loser Stiles was and bam that's when Stiles shows up with his and Lydia's baby happy and oblivious to what had just been said. I posted this headcanon a few weeks ago and would like to see it in writing if you're up for it of course. No pressure though if you aren't feeling it and you can adjust it however you see fit! Thanks! :)

Jackson Whittemore has never been one for apologies. If Lydia knows anything about him, it’s that he has spent years trying to convince himself that he is entitled to anything he wants. Anything he says, does, or thinks is permissible, because he is Jackson Whittemore, and she had spent years forgiving it.

Now, in aisle six at the local Whole Foods, Lydia is faced with the opportunity to do that all over again. Forgive him. Because he’s standing in front of her with a surprised look on his face that is also, somehow, contrite. And there’s humility in his stance as he walks slowly up to her, posture still perfect despite his hesitance.

“Lydia,” he says, voice low. “Hello.”

“Hi, Jackson,” she replies, trying to keep her voice light. If either of them are going to make this anything-but-casual, it’s not going to be her. “You’re… here.”

“We ran out of alcohol,” says Jackson. “Can’t have that, right?” He laughs, pained. “Mom and dad never sold the house. They decided to move back, so I took some time off of work.”

She’s torn between making a biting comment about how much they’re paying him to help them move or keeping her mask up. Lydia ops for the second option.

“I’m sure Beacon Hills is happy to have them.”

It would be so simple to just wave goodbye and back down the aisle, but Lydia feels like she’s frozen in place as she stares at the person who epitomizes so many of her firsts and so many of her lasts. (The first boy she’d ever had sex with. The last boy she would ever let treat her like he had. On most days, Lydia knows which one matters more.)

“What are you still doing here?” asks Jackson. “In Beacon Hills,” he clarifies. “I would’ve thought you’d gotten the hell out of here by now.”

Lydia wraps her fingers more tightly around her purse, swinging it slightly in front of herself. Jackson doesn’t take his eyes off of hers, and she wonders if he can see the dark bags that circle under the foundation and eyeliner.

God, she’s tired. She’s been tired since she was seventeen.

“I left for a while,” she admits. “I went to MIT, actually.” Surprise registers across Jackson’s face before he quickly masks it. It’s the polite thing to do– Lydia would have done the same, had she been idiotic enough to underestimate every single person she met. “But… I needed to be here, in the end.”

Jackson snorts slightly.

“What was the draw, exactly? The crazy supernatural freaks? The high murder rate? The insane taxes because the town always has to rebuild every important building?” Lydia hums in annoyance, but Jackson takes it as agreement and keeps on going. “I mean, god, even the ‘defenders of justice’ in this town are up-the-fucking-wall. Seriously, Scott McCall? People sit around waiting for Scott McCall to save their asses? I’m surprised the death toll isn’t higher.”

She knows that the only reason he’s speaking so cavalierly is because he isn’t been around. Because he doesn’t know what it was like to sit here and watch everyone die. Because he had only heard about Allison, not seen it. Because he had not watched everyone give up and then watch Scott McCall slowly, carefully, and faithfully bring them back.

“It’s as low as we could get it,” Lydia says quietly, but Jackson speaks over her.

“And, ugh, Stilinski too. Do you remember him?”

Lydia starts to smile. “I do, yes.”

“If he was the one making plans all these years, it’s no wonder Beacon Hills went to shit. That kid was weird.”

“I certainly can’t argue with that,” Lydia responds.

“Right? Yeah, and he was so effing rude all the time, and ugh, do you remember that he was obsessed with you? I would think you’d go to Cambridge just to get the hell away from him.”

“You’d think, hmm?” Lydia says, a smile in her voice just as Stiles Stilinski skids around a corner, boxes falling out of his arms as a little two-year-old toddles after him.

He takes deliberately slow, exaggerated steps so that the giggling little girl can beat him to Lydia, pressing a hand against her leg.

“You won,” Stiles huffs out, pretending to be breathless. “You always win.”

Gabriella giggles.

“She’s faster than you already?” Lydia asks teasingly.

“What can I say?” Stiles asks, clutching his side. “We really gotta stop ordering takeout every night.”

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Missing you is more a state of being than waves I drown in.

Missing you is standing in the middle of my local Whole Foods, looking at the lemons; I’m looking at the lemons, looking at how their dotted skins remind me of acne pores and looking at their silly navels and thinking about how they’re basically oranges, basically limes, all this nonsensical thinking,

the signs are screaming, “NO GMOs!” in chalkboard technicolor and mothers are half-heartedly shushing their children (their children, who have so much to say but with no words to say them with; I want to tell them that they will learn, in time, but in some ways they will never learn at all, that, god, all the words in the world could fail you, all at once) and my leg is pressed up against the cool metal of the shopping cart and it’s too cold and too hot at the same time–I

take a lemon in my hands, gently press my fingernail to its marred skin (it’s much like me, in that way) and a soft dribble of citrus leaks through the half-moon crescent and the sharp smell of fake-cheery detergents and Pine-Sols fills the air and my lungs

and missing you is realizing the constance of the acidic ache, its ever-present sear a middle finger to Father Time himself, a promise

of bitter permanence.

—  oceans that flood the grocery aisle (s.b.a)

PB2 was absolutely the perfect addition to my favorite way of making truffles: blending dates! Since the PB2 is a powder it helps to create a paste with the dates (using nut butters tends to just make it stickier haha) but still adds tons of peanut butter flavor. I can find it very easily in most of my local grocery stores, especially Whole Foods & The Fresh Market but often the local Weis and Stop & Shop carries it too.

I didn’t add any sweetener beyond the dates but if you want a sweeter truffle you could add ½ Tbsp. of agave or roll it in something sweeter than cocoa (personally I like the chocolate outside though!).

Happy truffling! :)

For more healthy sweets & desserts go here. :)


Coffee Shop Conspiracies

Local is always the way to go. I was on that local tip WAY before Whole Foods had those 80% recycled 100% reusable enviro friendly totes emblazoned with LOCAL and a rad carrot illustration. 

El Rey is the definition of a local spot. I watched them build that spot every night as I walked home and cruised by on the reg asking when they were opening. 

Recently, they launched a food menu with the kind of things you actually want to eat every day, at “in the struggle” friendly prices. The kale bowl makes me question what garbagio bowls I’ve been given throughout my life; and this, literally just sliced avocado made me start to think. How can you improve/serve a HALF AVO SERVED ON A PLATE HOMIE. El Rey does; they just kill it and drop it right down in front of you, with that ‘like what’ rap battle attitude. People have noticed and are coming from all over to sip some of that El Rey swaggy swaggu.

When a local spot goes from hometown kid to national hero you’re left wondering if it was natural progression to perfection or set up from the start. Some homeless guy ran up to me and whispered “its coming” which very could be unrelated.

I’m watching Homeland which is purely the reason for this left field conspiracy like suspicion. I’m only on Season 1, but can someone PLEASE TELL ME if Brody is a terrorist? 

Shit guys, some days I’m so caught up in my theories, I don’t remember how to turn my computer on.

El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette

Tip: Go early for pastries. They sell out and are made in house.

Tip: The avocado “del sur” aka sliced avocado from above, is incredible. It just has some chimichurri and hickory smoked sea salt, but will have you rethinking avocados in general.

Tip: The kale isn’t your average. Don’t pass on it because you od’d on kale salad the last 3 years. 

Tip: Incredible beers on tap - this isn’t your average coffee bar.

Tip: Go for tea at night. It’s SO HARD to find a good chill spot to have tea after 7pm.

Pricing: Avocado “del sur” $4, grains and crudite salad $10, sweet potato bread $3.50, cappuccino $3.75.

When to come here: Morning coffee, breakfast, lunch, a neighborhood beer. It’s gotten considerably more crowded since opening, and is a small space. Plan ahead fam.

Where: 100 Stanton St


Monday - Friday 7am - 11pm

Saturday - Sunday 8am - 11pm

Phone: (212) 260 - 3950

Inmates are making a surprising array of products for small businesses. You can even find some in your local Whole Foods.

Some years back, a small Colorado goat-cheese maker called Haystack Mountain faced its version of a classic growth challenge: National demand was growing for its chèvres and other cheeses, and the company was struggling to find enough local goat farmers to produce milk. The solution came from a surprising source: Colorado Corrections Industries (CCI). Today six inmates milk 1,000 goats twice a day on a prison-run farm. After non-inmate employees cultivate the cheese at a company facility, it’s sold in Whole Foods WFM -0.36% outlets, among other stores.

Prison labor has gone artisanal. Sure, plenty of inmates still churn out government office furniture and the like, and incarcerated workers have occasionally been used by large companies since the late 1970s. Nationwide 63,032 inmates produce more than $2 billion worth of products a year, most of them sold to government entities.


Prison labor’s new frontier: Artisanal foods (x)

Sold at your local Whole Foods on the backs of forced labor


This lunch came out so delicious that, after trying it the first time, I made a second batch the next day! I used Cava hummus which is lower calorie & fat (I found it in my local whole foods) but if you can’t find it just use your favorite brand (and add about 30 calories to the nutrition). Also feel free to swap the veggies for your personal favorites! One of the great things about this recipe, besides how incredibly delicious & healthy it is, is how easy it is to make. Just roast veggies, cook quinoa, & layer up! (If you do eat meat grilled chicken would probably go really well in this too).

For more healthy, easy grab & go lunches go here! :)