local soulmate

local couple have their first date but it’s ruined by a kishin

“do you know how much it costed me to ask her out?!” “SOUL CALM DOWN” the girl blushed madly

also they were holding hands. (????

HOPE YOU LIKE THISS i just had this idea when they are so happy and so dorks in their date and then a kishin appears and Maka as the nerd she is orders Soul to transform :))))


Hey, I’m going away this weekend so I thought you guys could send in a person and a number (from the ones below) and I could write something for them over the weekend to occupy myself. Please keep it to one person per request.

Please specify if you’d like it to be Fluff of angst. Feel free to request an AU + dialogue prompt to go with it
eg; V with ‘You’re Soulmates’ + “There’s something about you that just annoys the fuck out of me”


1. You guys go to college together

2. You knew each other as kids

3. The RFA never happened, you meet
through other means

4. You’re the local barista

5. You’re soulmates

6. You guys were rivals/enemies as kids,
and now you have feelings for each other

7. The two of you dislike each other when you first meet

8. They save you from harm

9. You save them from harm

10. You’re a secret agent

11. You get lost together

12. Deep talks at 3 am 

13. Hogwarts AU

14. Superhero AU

15. Mafia AU

Note; Mafia AU will be based off the Bungou Stray Dogs Mafia, since that is where my knowledge of the Mafia comes from. Some things may be wrong, but I hope you don’t mind. Superhero AU will probably be similar with a Marvel/Avengers/X-Men AU.

Dialogue Prompts

11. “Is this a bad time? Well, sorry, but I love you”

12. “There’s something about you that just annoys the fuck out of me”

13. “I think you deserve happiness”

14. “I’m looking after you because you’re sick, not because we’re friends”

15. “I had no idea you could sing”

16. “Dance with me?”

17. “Don’t look now, but they’re staring at you, again”

18. “If the wind changes your face will be stuck like that”

19. “I had a nightmare…”

20. “I’m sorry”

21. “Could you be happy here? with me?”

22. “I tried my best to not feel anything for you, Guess what? I failed”

23. “Please don’t shut me out”

24. “Wait, you’re gay?” “What gave it away? constant flirting?”

25.”You deserve better than me”