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Frustration at the Dentist

Today I had to go in for a minor dental surgery. I was having a back tooth pulled. Since I work part time and am a college student full time, I still turn to my family to help with my medical bills.

Anyway, my mom drove me to my appointment. We’d been there before, so it didn’t take long to find. We signed in and commenced waiting. The receptionist eventually called us over. Apparently, the previous check my mom had written them back when I was in highschool was a bad check.

This is when my mom completely losses it. She started yelling at this poor receptionist blaming her for the absurdity of having to pay her past bill.

Now, this was a small building and my mom is absurdly loud. I could feel the eyes on us. Her main argument was “Why didn’t YOU tell me my check was bad!?” The woman replied that they had actually been sending letters over the past few years. This only enraged her further.

“Well I didn’t get them!” She yelled. Immediately, I knew this was a lie. My mom never checks her mail. She actually has tubs of unread mail spanning nearly 20 years out in our garage. (Idk y)

As she continues fighting the woman I see another employee come up to stand behind the receptionist. I’ve seen this before at my own job when a customer starts to be a problem. It was strange to be on the other end of it. My mom was clearly the problem.

The entire time I was just internally groaning and trying to get my mom to back off. I’ve worked retail. I’ve worked with the general public, and I know that my mom’s check being bad, my mom not checking her mail, and my mom not having insurance it is not this woman’s fault. I really felt bad for her having to deal with my mom.

So, I stepped up and paid this bill from years ago. Since my mom clearly wasn’t going to pay. I’m not gonna lie. It really set me back financially. It was just a frustrating situation entirely.

After I paid and calmed my mom a bit. She started crying saying she was so embarrassed. I feel for her, I do. But you being embarrassed doesn’t give you the right to be shitty to another human being.


If you are shopping and decide you don’t want a product you picked up anymore, please don’t hide it behind some other product. If you take it to the cashier and tell them you changed your mind or that you don’t want it, they will literally put it away for you. Please stop making me dig through a shelf of moisturizer to dislodge the jar of peanut butter you burried.

I’m starting to see some right-before-the-holidays-be-nice-to-retail-workers posts, so I want to just say a couple things you can do to make your local retail workers’ lives a little easier:

1. If you’re buying cards, especially multiple cards, face the barcode out. This isn’t a huge thing, but fumbling with the envelopes and trying to make sure not to miss any takes time.
2. ASK FOR GIFT RECEIPTS BEFORE YOU PAY. This one actually IS pretty big, as a lot of places require a manager to print them once a transaction is closed. And everyone gets mad about how long that can take, because managers are BUSY right now.
3. Be aware of the fact that many stores can’t match online prices. Don’t waste your time and your store workers’ time by arguing about it.
4. If you try and call your store, don’t get nasty if you have to wait awhile to get through. We’re all doing our best, but EVERYONE is calling or coming in this week, and no matter how many people we staff we’re very busy.
5. This is less a holiday thing, but always think through things you say to retail workers! They almost always have to be nice to you, even when you make them uncomfortable, and that dynamic makes things even more uneasy for them.


I actually really like what I do for a living. I fell into it after i left my career path of an Occupational Therapist and child therapist ended 10 years ago. I had finished college early and went straight into my field of study and burned out in less than a year.

A friend asked if I wanted to be a shop girl and after traveling around the states, I figured I needed some cash.

I now run, 6 locations of a locally owned retail, fitness and advocate group who caters to all aspects for adult performers, industry professionals, and sex workers. I’ve had the same boss and staff for over a decade. I have traveled for the company and just all around have had a freaking blast.

I’m still able to travel and take photos for a living. I’m a published author and artist as well. All while working in a field I never thought I’d ever be in.

Why am I telling you this? Because college is going to burn you out. Your job is going to exhaust you and maybe, just maybe you have been going and going since highschool and even before that. Maybe you haven’t stepped back and taken a look at what makes you happy or taken a deep breath. If you found your place in life with out hesitation, I’m so happy and proud of you. For those of you who haven’t, it’ll come. I promise. I really do promise.


#flashvibesummerweek day 1: AU Day (Chuck AU) 

Cisco Ramon’s life changes when he receives and opens an encoded e-mail from his old college roommate containing the Intersect, a software program that has all of the United States’ government secrets. The Intersect causes him to receive involuntary “flashes” of information from the database. Now Cisco has to balance his normal life as an underpaid Nerd Herd employee of the local Buy More retail store with the wild world of spies and danger.

Fortunately, his CIA handler Barry Allen doesn’t seem to hate him. Unfortunately, Cisco finds himself falling for Barry outside of their cover relationship.

False-Hearted - Optional Bias Scenario, Part II

hey, so part iii will be out soon, i was gonna include ithere, but it’s too long lmao, so here’s part two

part one.

prompt: he’s everything you could ask for, and you’ve been with him for almost a year now, but that doesn’t compare to the three years he’s also been spending with her

cw: cheating

It had almost been a year since you last saw him and a year was needed to get over the disappointment.

He had announced his and Jiyoung’s relationship a few months after, but never announced the engagement, as that wouldn’t look too good to the fans.

Also, he probably wanted to delay the wedding as much as possible and that was a good excuse.

You had finished your first year at Yonsei University and were already in your second, you had gotten a job at a local retail store and you spent most days taking bubble baths for long hours and spending time with your roommate.

You had begun to carry yourself a lot better recently, as you had more time to yourself.

You felt better on the inside, as well.

Now you could go out to the gym when you wanted to get those toned abs, or spend time with your friends for hours without end, and it felt good.

You changed your number the second week after the breakup, then moved in with one of your classmates to avoid him.

It worked, now the only time you saw him were in articles online.

“Are you done yet!?” You blinked hard as you snapped out of your thoughts.

It was your roommate, Nari.

You guys had a few days off of school because of snow, so, Nari decided it’d be the perfect opportunity to go try out a new club downtown.

You slipped on some tight light blue jeans, making sure they were the ones that really showed the thickness in your thighs and hips, then settled for a white furkini top.

Your hair was up in a knotted bun and you had just finished your full face of makeup.

Nari peeked into the room, face twisting into a grin as she looked at you, “Somebody went all out…”

“I haven’t been out in months.”

“I pray you find somebody in the club cute, so that outfit and your face don’t go to waste.”

“Even if I don’t, the cute selfies we take will be worth it.” You prick at loose string of hair falling from your bun.

“Ok, put on a jacket, though, it’s cold.”

You shut off the lights in the bathroom walking out to get your coat and put on your heels.

“I’ll be in the car.”

You nod as you hear the door click, before putting on your things and leaving as well.

You took a swing from the pink champagne bottle that Nari had ordered, switching between the table and going out to act out on the dancefloor.

Nari had gotten drunk way before you did and spent a lot of time flittering with the bartender to get some expensive bottles for a very, very discounted price.

You weren’t that drunk, but if your own mother was standing in front of you at this moment, you wouldn’t recognize her.

You were on the dance floor, dancing against anyone that was in your radius.

One person had taken a particular liking to you, pulling you away from the big crowd that surrounded you to a small corner to dance with you in a more private area.

Eventually you both got tired, so you settled for leaning into him against a wall.

He was whispering things in your ear, but you didn’t care about anything he had to say at this point.

You turned around, pulling him to your lips to get him to stop talking.

He eases in quickly, hooking both of his index fingers in two belt loops of your jeans.

He kisses down to your jawline, before moving his lips back up, pressing kisses all over your face (excluding your actual lips) and when he kisses your eyelids something in your mind tells you that something isn’t right.

This was supposed to be random one night stand… why was he being so…romantic with it?

You disregarded it though, laughing it off and pulling away, clutching onto the sides of his belt for support.

His lips were really soft.

“You can come to the hotel with me, if you want to.” He mumbles into your ear, you nod softly, letting go to go find Nari first.

You find her at the booth, drinking water bottles to sober up.

“I’m leaving~” You grab your coat.

“With who?” She looks over your shoulder quickly.

She had sobered up enough to be protective.

“With this guy….calm down, he’s harmless, I’ll be back home tomorrow morning.”

“If I call you at any time and you don’t answer your phone, I’m calling the police.”

“Ok.” You blow her a kiss before walking back to the guy from before, letting him drag you out the club from the back door.

You woke up with sore muscles (which you knew would happen) and a sore voice.

Your hangover hadn’t come because of how much water you had drank before going out, so you, at least, had escaped one pain.

You looked at the ceiling, noticing it was too fancy to be yours.

The bed was also way too big.

You stretch out your arms and sit up, letting the covers fall from your bare chest.

You hear a deep groan from beside you, so you turn back.

You both make eye contact before you almost scream.

He sits up quickly as well, staring back at you as you stare in disbelief.

You look around the trashed room, skin burning as you realize what just happened.

You get up from the covers, looking around for your thrown attire.

“I didn’t think I’d see you again.” He speaks quietly.

You whip your head violently in his direction, eyes squinted.

“I was hoping I’d never see you again.”

No sense of hurt pushes its way out of his stone-like face, as he’s probably immune to your blows by now.

But no emotion was showing from his face at all. Which was kind of scary.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t know what to say after not seeing you after so long.”

You have to look away from his intense gaze as it’s starting to make butterflies form in your stomach.

“So you’re still cheating on Jiyoung, I see…”

He shakes his head, “I’ve been faithful since you’ve been gone.”

“Guess I bring out the worst in you.”

“Maybe I like that.”

“You love it, that’s why you keep coming back.” You manage a grin on your face and he only offers a twitch at the left side of his lips.

“What’s up with you? I’m being nice and you won’t even react to that?”

“Hard to be happy when you’ve been miserable for so long.”

You resist rolling your eyes.

“You brought this on yourself.” You shrug, turning to the desk mirror, “I can’t be your embarrassment forever.”

“You were never an embarrassment.” He rests back on the bed, “I’m just too scared of what people think…and that’s my fault.”

“I miss you.” You whisper, staring at yourself in the mirror.

“I love you.” He says, a lot more loudly.

“I have to go.” You say as you see your phone light up with Nari’s name on the screen.

You put on your clothes, fixing your smudged makeup and applying perfume to make yourself more presentable.

“I’ll call you.” He says as you open the door.

You don’t question him, opting for a quiet “okay” before shutting the door and rushing to get home.

“You haven’t see it have you.”

You snort as you open the milk jug from the fridge, putting it in some eggs to make for breakfast.

It’s not funny, and when I show you this, you have to promise not to freak out.”

“I promise.”

She gives you her phone slowly, backing away as you finally look at the screen.

Korean idol spotted with mysterious foreign girl at nightclub

You almost drop the phone in that instant.

“There’s no way.” You mumble.

Nari stays silent, nibbling on her nails.

You scroll down, finding pictures of you and him pushed up against each other in that corner in the club.

The kisses planted on both of your faces were included in the pictures, but before you got to the comments, Nari snatched the phone from your hands.

“You shouldn’t read those.”

“Are they bad?”

“Not really, but they aren’t…good.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“More people are mad at him…You know, since he’s basically cheating on Jiyoung… in public.”

You pull out your phone, groaning as you wish that you took his number instead of him taking yours.

But, he’s not that foolish, he knew if you took his number, you’d never call.

As if he was thinking the same thing, your phone lit up with a bunch random numbers, you answered instantly, hoping it was him.

It was.

“Did you see?” You ask before he even opens his mouth.

“No, but my manager just used some very colorful words when he spoke to me just a few minutes ago, so I figured it out.”

“H-has Jiyoung seen?”


You groan his name in anger.

“Can you have any sympathy for the girl?” You ask.

You hear a beep on his line.

“Speak of the devil, I’ll call you back.”

He hangs up that second, leaving you staring at his number in anger.

“He’s an asshole.” Nari mutters beside you.

“He’s not… he’s just…”

“Oh, don’t start, he doesn’t even care that you could be harmed because he wasn’t careful enough to cheat on his fiancée in a private place.”

“Nari, stop, he really isn’t as horrible as he seems.”

“You just love him, you don’t see.”

“That’s true, but I’ve known him for too long… he cares, it’s just hard for him to show it.”

He and his manager were sitting across from you in your apartment as Nari lurked in the kitchen, trying to stop herself from striking him on the spot.

“How do we get out of this one?” You ask.

“Frankly, he can’t, but you can.” His manager sighs, “No clear shots of your face, just your profile.”

“Dark skin, black hair, small waist, big hips…”

“Yah! Maybe if you weren’t so focused on all that, you’d see the cameras more clearly.” His manager lightly smacked the back of the boy’s head.

They both laughed.

For such a big scandal, they seemed to be taking it lightly.

“I’m not going to get into your relationship business, but if you continue to mess around, you’ll have to be a lot more careful.”

You awkwardly looked at the floor, feeling a little weird about his manager talking about your situation.

“How’s Jiyoung taking it?”

“She hasn’t spoken to me in a few days, she’s been with her parents for awhile.”

His manager stands, mumbling that he has a meeting to get to before leaving.

Nari goes off to her room, making sure to violently slam the door behind her.

“Come here.” He motions his fingers at you.

You walk over, taking the place of his manager.

He pulls your arm, making you straddle his lap.

You lean down into his neck, breathing in the Calvin Klein cologne he was wearing.

He was drawing circles on your back, humming some old R&B song in your ear.

“Do you think we’ll ever end up happy…together?” You mumble into his neck.

He nods, continuing his song, before pausing and staying silent for a few minutes.

“Soon…very soon.”

He had spent the night (on the couch, of course, as Nari was not letting him in the room under any circumstances) and was still sleeping when you had fully woken up.

You had started breakfast, pulling out spices and food to cook for today.

Halfway into you setting up the food the apartment was shook by a violent knock on the door.

He woke up at the sound of it, rubbing his face and sparing a confused look as he turned to the door.

The knocking continued, so you moved to open the door.

“Hey,” He pushes you back by the end of your silk night dress, “It might be someone dangerous, let me answer it.”

You listened, allowing him to move around you and walk to the door.

He looks through the eyehole in the white door, trying to see who the aggravated stranger was.

He made a sound of astonishment, reluctantly opening the door to whoever it was.

It happened so fast.

One minute he was asking why they were here, next she was storming in in pure rage, charging towards you standing by the glass coffee table.

He shut the door loudly, grabbing her arm before she got too close.

Jiyoung was wiggling in his arms, kicking and shouting profanities left and right at you.

She was so loud that Nari rushed from her room to see the commotion, quickly understanding and running to stand protectively in front of you.

Nari worked out almost twice as much as you did, so if Jiyoung was smart, she wouldn’t lay a hand on you.

“What is wrong with her?” Nari mumbles to you.

“That’s his girlfriend…”

Nari stays silent, watching Jiyoung with criticizing eyes as she waits for her to calm down.

He was having no trouble holding Jiyoung back, as she really just looked like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum.

“Who let you in here?” You shout above her.

She doesn’t answer, calming down after she looks Nari in the eyes.

She yanks her arm lose, stomping over to you but halting when she notices Nari for a second time.

“What is wrong with you?” She starts to cry, “I thought we were friends.”
“We were never friends Jiyoung, never, not the day I met you nor any day after that.”

“Why are you mad at her, anyways?” Nari sneers, you want to cover her mouth before she says something foolish, “He’s the one who cheated.”
“Nari, stop.” You pull on her waist.

“No!” She shouts, “He’s been living the good life, having two girlfriends at the same time, you should be beating his ass, not hers.”

Nari was definitely getting her lingo from you.

“I’m his fiancée, she’s just his girlfriend.”

She was right.

“Ask him if he loves you.” Nari barks at Jiyoung.

Jiyoung’s face flattens for a second, but quickly goes back to it’s evil expression.

“Of course, he does, I don’t have to ask.”

“Or you don’t wanna ask because you don’t know his answer.”

Jiyoung turns to him quickly, eyes going doe-like as she stares at him.

You knew this would go two ways; he was often very blunt… he could hurt her feelings in a matter seconds… but he also had a soft spot for Jiyoung, you knew this, as it was the cause of many of your arguments… he could easily lie to her face to keep her (and his mother) happy.

But if he did that then he’d hurt you.

You had just decided to give him another chance, and he really didn’t want to mess up a second time.

He was choking up, staring at you over Nari’s shoulder as Jiyoung desperately tried to get him to look at her.

Nari is heaving, ready to explode if he says even one thing wrong.

He breaks eye contact from you, looking down at the floor with a blank expression.

“Jiyoung-ah….I love you.” He sighs loudly, “But not in that way.”

She drops her fisted arms by her side as she fully turns towards him, already beginning to tear up.


“I stopped being in love with you almost two years ago…We just stayed together because my parents liked you and my mom thought you’d be a good wife.”

“If you don’t love me, why has it taken this long to tell me?”

Her tone is surprisingly still a little arrogant.

“I’m not so much as a terrible person to break your heart… I thought I’d fall back in love with you, eventually…But then I met her…” His arm weakly extends to you. “I almost fell in love with her instantly when I saw her, but I was just, unfortunately, still with you.”

He closes his eyes, “Maybe if we never met, everything would be perfect.”

So he chose the first route; breaking her heart in a matter of seconds.

You could see how distraught she was at his final sentence, clenching on the ring that was now in her hand angrily.

“Well, what are we gonna tell our parents?”
“I’ll tell my parents that I fell in love with someone else, and they’re just going to have to accept it.”

“But see, it isn’t that simple…what are you going to tell them about the baby?”

“The baby?” Nari shouts from the other side of the room.

She’s lying.

“Am I?” Jiyoung stands tall, trying to intimidate him.

She turns to you, “Fine, have fun being the homewrecker you are, but he will never leave me for you.” She snarls, “We’re engaged, his parents love me, and I’m having his baby, and with these three things, I’ll be able to have everything you ever wanted.”

“She’s pregnant?” You speak to him for the first time in what feels like hours.

“She’s not,” He desperately shakes his head at you, “She can’t be.”

“Believe him if you want, but you know he can’t be trusted.” Jiyoung says, “He’s been lying to you for almost two years now, you think he’ll tell you the truth on anything else that would get in the way of you being his?”

Nari cowers from her protective stance, now sulking as she looks at you, “She’s right…”

You look him in the eyes, you see his inner torment but he stays silent as he tries to figure out what’s going through your head.

You step back from all of them, “I need to be by myself.”

You walk back into the room, ignoring the desperate calls of your name from behind before closing and locking the door, hoping they’ll all just leave you alone.

You hadn’t spoke to anyone but Nari in the last month after finding out the news.

Jiyoung was indeed very pregnant. She was almost five months now and she claimed that he was the father.

She already told both of their parents to spite him (so he wouldn’t be able to break up with her) and he was forced to watch from afar as his parents happily set up the baby shower and bought expensive gifts for a baby he wasn’t even sure was his.

He had been calling you nonstop everyday since the last day you spoke to him, and, unlike the last time you cut yourself off from him, he wasn’t stopping.

He was way too persistent, calling the same amount of times every day, around the same times and maybe paying a visit or two to the condo whenever he thought you’d gotten home from school.

Each time he came over Nari would come up with some lie; “She’s at the school library doing a project”, “The lecture she’s at is going over time”, “She went to the gym”, “She’s in class,” and the list went on.

He knew you were in there, but he didn’t want to bother you.

All the time he spent away from you gave him time to figure out a way to either; break up with Jiyoung and be with you or find out something Jiyoung wasn’t telling him to make her plan fall through.

He settled for the latter, as he didn’t have enough courage, yet, to stick up to his parents (especially his mother).

He went to every doctor’s appointments with Jiyoung and helped her with everything she needed while her stomach continued to get bigger and bigger.

This was almost the sixth time at the doctor’s, and he was acting as if he was paying attention, trying not to roll his eyes at Jiyoung’s happy expression.

After the doctor stopped speaking, he turned to him, “Doctor Kim, is it possible to get a paternity test before child birth?”

The question caused a deep silence in the room, only the ticking of the clock on the wall was heard as both the doctor and Jiyoung looked at him with flushed faces.

“Yes, if the mother’s in her 13th week and on, it is possible.”

“Could Jiyoung get one?”

“She is in her 15th week, I would say it’s possible, why?”

“I was wondering if she could take one, you know, just to be sure.”

“W-why would you accuse me of doing something like cheating on you?”

“I’m not, I just feel like it’s something that should be done… why are you so jittery about it? Something to hide?”

Jiyoung tries to relax as she notices how tense she’s become, “I’m not, and I don’t have anything to hide.”

“Then, doctor…?” They both turn to the flustered doctor.

Jiyoung does it reluctantly.

“We can schedule an appointment as early as the day after tomorrow.”


“I have a meeting that day.”

“Well, your baby is more important than a silly work conference, is it not?” He looked at her smugly, chin on his fist with a smirk on his face.

“She is,” Jiyoung clutches her stomach, “We’ll be here.”

“Great…” Dr. Kim tries to contain his confused expression but it slips as he starts to pack up the room.

Jiyoug tried to flash a smile, but when you looked her in the eyes you could clearly only see one emotion; fear.

who are you imagining the bias as? 

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so the drama continues, watch out for part three soon

thanks for reading~


Columbus has become a nearly recession-proof hub of Ohio. Ohio State University, state and local government, insurance and retail are the central spokes of the city’s economy, which at a glance looks remarkable.

“In a service economy Columbus was destined to do better, much better than places with smokestack industry,” says David Stebenne, a professor of history and law at Ohio State. Columbus has a set of built-in advantages, including a countercyclical set of employers — insurance, government and the university. “Even in bad times insurance is insurance,” he says.

Columbus was once mocked as a paper-pusher town without the industrial might of Cincinnati, Toledo or Cleveland. Now those high-paying white-collar jobs are a central asset, Stebenne says.

“The ability of Columbus to attract and retain many of the brightest young people in Ohio is now well known around the state,” he says. While Cleveland and Cincinnati are losing population, Columbus is gaining.

“Columbus has become much more attractive for highly educated knowledgeable workers to stay,” Stebenne says. “Young 20-somethings go and come back. If they want to raise families, this is such a more affordable place to live than Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York.”

A Diversified Economy Cushions Columbus, Ohio, From Downturns

Photos: Maddie McGarvey for NPR

The Biggest Boss: Part 1

I got a job at a local retail chain when I was 24. The store was called Metropolis, often shortened to Metro, and sold hip clothes at a discounted price. It was in the arena of stores like H&M or Gap. I had only worked one other job at that point in my life, and it was short lived. So I was looking forward to a new source of income.

I had gone through a few boyfriends by the time I started working there, but had never found exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for a boy with a belly. I’d realized and accepted my attraction to chubby guys in my early teens, but growing up in image-concious Orange County made it difficult for me to actually get my hands on one. It was incredibly frustrating but something I’d come to accept.

I experimented with my own weight here and there. I found it fun- showing off a little beginner belly in the tightest clothes I owned, getting pinches and pokes from friends. However, it was incredibly difficult to keep my weight up. And my true fantasy was to watch someone else get fatter. To watch their belly grow outward until it began to hang. To feel their love handles expand week by week. To watch them slowly outgrow their favorite clothes, unable to stop eating.

When I started at Metro I was attempting to gain in full force, and it was working slowly but surely. Every day I got lunch at a different fast food place, rotating between Del Taco, Taco Bell, Carl’s Jr., McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Burger King. I had a rule that I could consume no less than 1,500 calories for lunch. If I had Taco Bell or McDonald’s though, I usually could stuff in 2,500. My starter belly was small but prominent, and I proudly showed it off whenever I could.

My first day at Metro I arrived in the cutest outfit I could put together. I was told that half my outfit always had to be purchased from the store. I met my co-workers who were the vapid clothing obsessed girls and gays I had anticipated working with. The owner of the store was a friendly woman in her fifties who seemed to keep out of the way mostly. My manager, Brent, was male, early thirties, and dressed rather conservatively. He had dark hair, always clean shaven, and somewhat small in stature. He was cute enough, but I wasn’t too interested. I assumed he was gay for several weeks before my co-workers informed me that he had a wife and children. Furthermore, he was Mormon! I was shocked and dismayed. It was clear he was gay, and I pitied him for still being closeted at that age.

As the months progressed, Brent started to warm up to me quite a bit. To the point where I became pretty convinced he was hitting on me. We shared a similar sense of humor and would crack darkly sarcastic jokes at each other’s, and our co-workers’, expense. We also shared a love of horror movies and all things strange and bizarre. I did enjoy his company, but never was very attracted to him. He wasn’t unattractive by any means, he just never did it for me.

After a few months of working at Metro, Brent started to grow a beard. This was when I first bore an inkling of attraction towards him. The beard made him look older, more masculine, and he pulled it off well. Shortly after the beard it became apparent that Brent was trying to bulk up. He started going to the gym every morning. He would come into the store in his sweats and under armour, sucking down a chalky looking smoothie. He’d change in the bathroom.

Brent also started eating more. At first it was just a bag of nuts or granola he’d keep behind the counter. As the months progressed, he added yogurt, chips, glasses of milk, and peanut butter sandwiches to the mix. It got to the point where he almost always had some sort of healthy, but fattening, snack food in his hands. He took over a whole cupbord in the break room just for his snacks. The refrigerator had a constant supply of yogurt and peanut butter in it. He also seemed to go through a few gallons of milk a week.

The best though, was Fridays. Every Friday he’d break from his healthy diet and get an expansive spread of fast food for lunch. He had to of been spending $10-$15 on just one fast food lunch. Furthermore, the stuff he’d get was also smothered in cheese, grease, and meat. True artery clogging stuff. It became undeniable that this man was consciously trying to put on weight.

The strange thing was that he really wasn’t getting that big. Sure, he’d put on some weight and muscle; maybe 15 pounds in a couple months, but nothing too drastic. After awhile, I was definitely paying attention to Brent and his constant flirting began to work on me.

I’d fantasize about fucking him in the break room. I’d rip his clothes off only to find he was much fatter than I expected. Gripping his love handles I would slide my cock into his perfectly rounded bubble butt and pound away. The fat all over his body would jiggle with each thrust. After a year of working there, I desperately wanted this fantasy to come true. Unfortunately, my time at Metro had to be cut short.


Rick and Morty #11 is out today from @onipress!

Hooooooly shit guys, I drew all of this issue rather than just four pages at the end, it’s a real dream come true! Ryan Hill’s colours are incredible, Pamela’s script is a lot of fun and Crank! letters the hell out of it. There’s so much going on in this issue; swapped bodies, virtual reality, various planets, the issue really feels like a collaboration between everyone, it’s a joy to see it come to life. That’s CJ’s cover above, there are like another 4 covers to this thing because comics but whatever, check it out from your local comic shop, online retailer or digitally via comiXology.

Here’s a synopsis

READY PLAYER MORTY– Rick takes Morty to a High School Simulation planet that allows the player to accelerate his experience straight to a diploma in just one day*. Rick repeatedly kills Morty’s character, forcing him to restart in more and more vicious (and sometimes illegal) HS experiences–until Morty does things the way Rick wants and finds himself on the brink of intergalactic war. But ultimately Morty will be Morty, no matter what universe or scenario. Meanwhile, Jerry and Summer stumble upon one of Rick’s unattended experiments and end up body-switching! Summer must find a way to get back into her body before her dad ruins her reputation or her mom rounds second.

I’m real happy with how this issue came out, working at such a breakneck speed has made me a much better artist, not just of Rick and Morty but in like general and Ryan is the first person to colour my work in 10 years and chriiiiist that guy’s colour process is amazing - he thought of stuff that I wouldn’t even be able to think of. It’s been a great little learning experience.

Anyways, enjoy the issue, dawwwwwwg


Have you seen the “Little Marvel Standee Punch Out Book” from us and Skottie Young? Available now in comic shops and local book retailers!


At this point both the Plagg and Tikki plushies on Amazon are sold out. I am willing to bet that the people that purchased this are not the aimed demographic, like myself. ;)

You could be lucky enough to find them though at your local retailer but please call before cause some still are not available everywhere.

Fret not though Miraculers I’m sure Amazon will be ordering many more, especially when they see how fast they sold.