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Imagine how happy Gansey would be when he found out Ronan and Adam were together. He would be so happy. His besties are dating that is amazing. Suddenly his instagram is full of candid shots of the two of them holding hands or curled up in the back of the Pig. A local shelter for LGBTQ youth suddenly has a huge annual donation. Various senators are being cornered at cocktail parties by Richard Gansey III about the state of gay rights in America. He plans his best man speech right away. He is that one friend who coos and sets up mistletoe.
Gansey would be the biggest Ronan and Adam shipper okay.

Imagine Dean threatening to duel someone for you whilst back in time...

“Dean, I swear to God, don’t be an idiot.”

You crossed your arms across your chest, giving him your best glare. It wasn’t hard, the corset you were having to wear would be enough to put anyone it a bad mood - and that was without factoring the pig headed locals into the equation.

“Y/N, he said-”

“I know what he said,” you hissed, “We’re in a different time now. We won’t see him anyway in a few hours.”


“I don’t need you to defend my honour or some shit. We’re not from here, remember?” You raised an eyebrow at him as he fiddled with the trigger of the gun. “You do realise you’re not in a film, right?”

“In my defence, if he was in a bar in our time I’d still punch him,” Dean shrugged.

“I don’t doubt it, but-” you said, cutting off as a horse and cart trotted by you. “Just don’t.”

Guinea Pig’s Beauty Regimen Really Starting to Pay Off

After a month of lotions, creams, hair volumizers, a vegan diet and early bedtimes, Stacy, a local guinea pig, is pleased with the results of her new beauty regimen.

“We all live such busy lives, it can be hard to find time to really pamper yourself,” says Amanda Dooling, a wellness counselor who tipped Stacy off to the new lifestyle. “Stacy has really embraced it, and she’s feeling better about herself every time she looks in the mirror.”

So much so that the guinea pig has started a blog to chronicle her journey of self-affirmation and skin care.

“I read it every day,” says Colleen Samson, a fan who follows Stacy online. “It inspires me to be my best self.”

via @boobooandfriends

The Local Pig - East Bottoms

Recently featured in the New York Times, KC butcher The Local Pig not only offers a terrific selection of local meats but also hosts classes on butchering your own meat.

They also are the only place you can buy the amazing Farm to Market pretzel hotdog buns…well worth the trip to their slightly out of the way location.

The recent article in the Times: