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DailyPBO: The President & Canter’s Deli - July 2014

“He talked to every customer. He was very gracious. He talked to the employees. He took pictures… He couldn’t have been nicer.” - Jacqueline Canter

Obama was back in L.A. today and made a surprise stop at Canter’s which is one of the oldest and most beloved restaurants in the city. 

A great local news clip from Channel 8 here. Reportedly, as he was leaving the president left $20 to pay for a few meals for some of the homeless people who occasionally frequent the nearby area. (Sidebar - check out the girl in pic #1 on the left, she can’t get that shit on IG fast enough)


Jongin Mini-Scenario

Rating: PG

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Angst (i think) and mention of death

“Jongin!” Baekhyun shouted, shaking his friend’s shoulder. “Wake up, Jongin!” Said boy groaned and turned over, trying his best to block out his older bandmate. Baekhyun let out a frustrated huff. 

“You have to get up! There’s something wrong.” Jongin simply shooed the intrusive hands away.

“Can’t it wait until later?”

“It’s _______.” Jongin sat straight up out of bed at the mention of your name.

His eyes landed on an obviously distraught Baekhyun, then focused on the group of boys surrounding the TV, which was showing a live broadcast from a local news station. “At approximately 8:32 AM this morning, flight 548 coming in from Los Angeles sent out a distress call before crash landing just off the coast of Japan. As of right now, we are unaware if there have been any survivors.” 

Dread overcame Jongin as he looked back to Baekhyun. “She was on that flight, Jongin. She was coming to surprise you…” 

“N-no… You can’t be serious. I don’t believe you.” Despite the words that were leaving his mouth, tears were already streaming down his cheeks. He stared at the TV in shock; a sick feeling rising in his gut. Simple things like breathing and even thinking became too difficult for him to do as pure panic overtook his mind. 

Days passed like this. His bandmates struggled to keep him sane; always trying to convince him that somehow you’d made it through the crash, that somehow you would walk through the door unharmed and right into your loving boyfriend’s arms. 

He’d cried until there was nothing left. Jongin desperately wanted to believe that their words were true, but as time went on it became harder and harder. But one day, a week later, Sehun and Baekhyun dragged him into the car and towards the airport without saying a word. Jongin, who seemed rather lifeless at this point, couldn’t bring himself to speak either. 

As the three wandered through the crowded airport, Jongin could feel the all too familiar sting of tears prick at his eyes. What did he do to deserve this? Just what were those two trying to pull?

“Why am I here?” He asked, his voice hoarse from disuse. Baekhyun simply smiled before pointing to something straight ahead. Jongin, now slightly annoyed, turned his head to look where Baekhyun was gesturing. There, stepping out of the terminal, was you. You were virtually unharmed except for a small bandage that was on your forehead, but once your eyes met his, the only thing he could see was your smile. 

Adrenaline pumped through his veins as Jongin sprinted towards you. You swallowed back a sob as his arms wrapped around you and pulled you so close, you thought you two may never separate again (which you didn’t mind). Both of you shamelessly cried, holding on to the other for dear life. “I love you.” He whispered. “I love you so much.”

i got carried away. im sorry. i was so excited that someone FINALLY requested an EXO scenario that i forgot these were supposed to be MINI stories.

~Admin Lou