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COVER YOUR TRACKS: Local Natives Cover Kanye’s “Ultralight Beam”

After hearing the first three beachy guitar chords, the Pablo in me leapt to his feet. I ran to my phone, opening Spotify to find none other than Local Natives. Furthermore, it’s a nice little combination of the verse I belt in the shower when I practice shedding my ultralight beams. Kanye is always winning cross-genre love, unlike some rappers. I think this cover showcases just how bomb The Life of Pablo really is, and while I still prefer the original, this cover can sit in your shoegaze, dream-rock playlist as a fitting homage to our lord and savior: Mr. West.

-Erin Jones

New Music Friday!

This week flew by for me, i can’t believe it’s already friday. So what were my new music favorites for this week? Let’s talk about it:

- Local Natives released a new song I Saw You Close Your Eyes. I don’t know how to feel about it, so let me know what you think.

- Glades released their song Dangerous. I would probably say this is my pop music vibe of the day. 

- London Grammar just announced their second album and released a new single Truth Is A Beautiful Thing. I am so ready for this album. 

-Circa Waves collabed with Pvris for Fire That Burns. This is a song that i didn’t know i wanted, but am glad it’s here.

- COIN, my babes, announced the title of their upcoming album How Will You Know If You Never Try. No official date for when it’s going to come out besides sooner than you think, so does that mean if i think tomorrow, it will come out today? One can only hope.

These are all of my favorites for this week, let me know if there are any i missed or what your favorites were!


Song of the Day - “Ultralight Beam” by Local Natives
             March 27, 2017

Song Tag

Rules: Using only song titles of one artist or band, ‘cleverly’ answer the questions and tag ten people.

(Guess I’ll pick Local Natives since their stuff had been good to me recently…)

  • Favorite color: Sun Hands
  • What’s your gender: Who Knows Who Cares
  • How do you feel: Everything All At Once
  • If you could go anywhere: Colombia
  • Mode of transportation: Airplanes
  • Best friend: Ellie Alice
  • Favorite time of the day: Stranger Things (I haven’t got a thing…)
  • If your life was a TV show: Camera Talk
  • Relationship status: You and I
  • Your fear: Past Lives

I tag: @sugarydeath @rarmadethis @romosos-journal but you don’t have to do it, any of my followers can :)

anonymous asked:

can you list some of your favorite songs right now?

Cherry wine- hozier (the mahogony session)
The sea and the rhythm- Iron and Wine
Lily-the dodos
Witchy woman - the Eagles
I would be sad- the avett brothers
Wide eyes- local natives
Tiger mountain peasant song-fleet foxes
+ anything Jon Butler
+ all mahogony sessions on youtube
+string cheese incident red rocks performance
+whole bring me your love album by city and colour