local natives mt. washington

Life is Strange

To All of You - Syd Matters

Crosses - José González

Santa Monica Dream - Angus Stone

Piano Fire - Sparklehorse

Obstacles - Syd Matters

Mt. Washington - Local Natives

Something Good - alt-J

Got Well Soon - Breton

Lua - Bright Eyes

The sense of me - Mud Flow

Mountains - Message to Bears

In My Mind - Amanda Palmer

Kids Will be Skeletons - Mogwai

Spanish Sahara - Foals

“I don’t have to see you right now”

Song commission to Mt. Washington by Local Natives! I have to say that I’m having a BLAST with these song commissions! I’m gaining a ton of new music to listen to and love and the end result of the illustrations are making me super happy! 

I still have plenty of slots open for song commissions! You can find that info over at this link! <—

Mt. Washington - Local Natives Victoria-Related Analysis

When I first listened to the song, I immediately linked the “I don’t have to see you right now” to other people thinking about Kate after her suicide attempt failed. 

People like Victoria, who would now feel a lot of guilt for pushing Kate to that decision, or for not having been able to help her properly, like Max, trying to find a way to compensate for it.

“We could wash the dirt off our hands now.”

Especially someone like Victoria who only would want to see Kate after her suicide attempt failed, and be there for her, but is too conflicted to admit those feelings to herself, and is trying to resist the urge to actually go and see/contact her, not least since she knows what she has done to Kate. And what could she do anyway, to make up for something like that?

She knows it’s not the right time. She knows Kate wouldn’t want to see her anyway. She is too stubbornly ‘proud’ to accept the fact that she actually cares about Kate and that she is deeply sorry for what she did. She knows there is no way to properly say sorry for what she did anyway.

I can totally picture Victoria sitting in her dorm room alone, staring at the ceiling and telling herself "No, I don’t have to see you right now” again and again.

“I don’t have to see you right now.”

The horrible feeling of guilt does not go away, it’s still “living underground”, and she just can’t stop crying.

“Digging like you can bury something that cannot die.”

The royal imagery in the last line totally fits Victoria’s personality, and it’s like she was ironically telling herself, “See what you did there, Victoria? You can be soo damn proud of yourself. Everyone should know what a miserable person Victoria Chase is.”

“Praise the summer goddess. You can tell a whole empire." 


a cold day in a warm climate
a mix for the students of enfield tennis academy

1. “king of the beach” // wavves 2. “is this it” // the strokes 3. “a day without me” // U2 4. “rock the casbah” // the clash 5. “the reeling” // passion pit 6. “the fear” // ben howard 7. “i don’t want love” // the antlers 8. “comeback kid” // sleigh bells 9. “sabotage” // beastie boys 10. “sleepyhead/kids” // mgmt/passion pit 11. “how it starts” // the features 12. “on melancholy hill” // gorillaz 13. “shape shifter” // local natives 14. “a rush of blood to the head" // coldplay 15. “the card cheat” // the clash 16. “high and dry” // radiohead 17. “mt. washington” // local natives 18. “swimmer” // caroline 19. “blue ridge mountains" // fleet foxes 20. “talk” // coldplay

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1. Spiteful - Alexa Bliss

2. Ten - Tye Dillinger

3. Phenomonal - AJ Styles

4. Evermore - Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack

5. How Does A Moment Last Forever - Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack

6. Gaston - Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack

7. I Love You - Violetta Soundtrack

8. Just Say Yes - Violetta Soundtrack

9. Mt. Washington - Local Natives

10. Something Good - Alt-J

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What music does each person on the baseball team listen too?

BOI like I’ll just give a few songs for each

Willow Grove Baseball Team as a whole-
I hope time doesn’t change him ( The Drums)
You and I (Palpitation)
Mt. Washington (Local Natives)
Featherstone (The Paper Kites)
The Woods (Hollow Coves)
Hum Hallelujah (Fall Out Boy)

Crosses- Jose Gonzalez

Malek “The Physical Manifestation Of A Front Bottoms Song” Solh- Heartbeats (Jose Gonzalez) Stay Together for the kids (Blink-182) Twin Size Mattress (The Front Bottoms)
Dallas “Only Deathcab Can Sing Of How Sad I Am” Margolin- We never Change (Coldplay) Grapevine Fires (Deathcab for Cutie) Such Great Heights (Iron and Wine)
Dallas n Malek- Weird Around You (Eerie Summer)
Poppy - Touch (Shura) Gone (Ofelia K) There She Goes (Sixpence none the richer)
Parker- Love is Colder than Death ( the virgins) only for you (heartless bastards) island in the sun (weezer)
Sara- Lua (Bright Eyes) 100 knives (Mirah)
Blake- Sodom, South Georgia (Iron and Wine)
Tyler- Rescue Song (Mr Little Jeans)
Phoebus- Transatlanticism (deathcab for cutie)
Melancholy Astronautic Man (Allie Moss)
Ari- Quiet the Mind (Iamx)
Phoebus and Ari- Winter (Mree)