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steve has helpfully illustrated what storytime looks like on my end.

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You not liking my tattoos isn’t going to stop me from getting them.
I love myself too much for that.

MLMiraculous Shipping Tropes/Inspo


  • Bromance->Romance
  • Probably the only person allowed unsupervised in Adrien’s room; make of that what you will
  • Adrien taking Nino with him on vacations to exotic locals 


  • Art class modelling 
  • Superhero nerds
  • Chat checking up on Nathanael after Evilustrator 
  • Adrien attempting to wingman for Nathanael/fails miserably by making out with him


  • Workout buddies
  • Post-game showers
  • Kim: “Holy shit, this guys is half my size and bench more than me, wtf??”
  • Kim asking Adrien for Chloe advice->Kim realizing pretty blondes are his type 

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It was time to put our mark on this place.

We had sold our goat, horse and chickens alongside the previous house. Our guar were staying with a friend until we had prepared a place for them. Our new lodge had a barn, a tiny shelter, but there was no fencing and the fields of Whiterun are no place for a budding family of guar. 

We sat out to the mills, looking for the best price on lumber. By luck, our first stop was reasonable. We accompanied the cart home and helped unload the logs. Snake laid out a simple fence line that evening and made good progress each day. The rock outcropping on the far side of the yard had plenty of loose stone. What had started as a simple fence gave way to mortar and stonework before the month had passed. 

As things came together, we saw a spot fitting for a statue of Mara. We had a local sculptor model it after a statue we had seen in ruins near Helsmyrr. It seemed fitting.