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What is the mafia AU????

Sportagun is a spy, part of the police group, he dress up like a rich mafia boss and approach the Glæpur group, a real mafia group…. and falls in luv with local long noodle baddie named Robbie.

but Robbie isn’t too bad, long noodle just wanna be lazy n not pay for shit, or really, not doing any hard work in general but he can built you a death machine in no time when he’s feelin’ it.

btw, longer noodle named Glanni is veryyy protective, glan glan no like sportaÍþrólookingfuckass

but most importantly, the boys are happy (most of ‘em)


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not sure if the cat or josh is cuter tbh ..

kitten sink // cat radio // meowgrane // holding onto mew // a cat, a torch, a death // air catcher // taxi cat //

Tonic Immobility, often referred to as “Trancing” or “Hypnotising”, is a technique for handling rabbits that has been around for many years. It takes advantage of the rabbits’ tendency, as a prey species, to “play dead” and stay immobile when placed in a vulnerable position, on its back. In studies, behavioural observation (facial expression, ear position etc) and physiological monitoring (heart rate and stress hormone levels) suggest that the rabbits are both well aware of their surroundings, and are exhibiting a fear response rather than being calmed by the position. It is also very important to note that, even if they do not react, they are still perfectly capable of feeling pain. Although the resulting immobility makes procedures easier for the owner, and repeated use appears to make it easier to perform in the rabbit, it is not good welfare practice to use this technique in prey species. There are some circumstances (for example, non painful procedures such as radiography in sick rabbits with possible gastrointestinal obstruction), where it can allow diagnostic xrays to be taken, and it can then literally be a lifesaver to have the option. However, this should be as a last resort, and not as part of a routine groom or check up. For these reasons, the RWAF does not recommend its use for grooming purposes.

Grooming and nail trimming can be difficult (I have the scars to prove it) and is often a two person job. Personally, I take my two pet bunnies to Bunny Luv, a local rescue, to get their nails trimmed.

This is a song from a side project I’m working on. I wrote this from something I went through earlier this year.

Although this song is sad or whatever, it’s pretty exciting because this side project allows me to go in another direction with music that I couldn’t before.

I’m not the best singer in the world nor am I trying to be. I’m just expressing myself in a different way other than the rap shit I usually do

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