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i’ve been talking about doing this giveaway forever, while its finally here. 6,000 of you are crazy enough to be following me and i want to show how much i appreciate you guys, you all rock so here we go. 



  • You must be 18+ to enter, not negotiable. No it doesnt matter if you get your parents permission, i will not get in trouble for sending stuff to minors
  • Must be following me, i WILL check
  • Sadly i can only ship to the US or Canada. (you need to be willing to share your address with me)
  • Do Not Tag as Giveaway, tumblr WILL take it down, do not reblog to giveaway blogs
  • Only Reblogs count as entries, i will be using a random number generator to pick the winner so you can enter as many times as you want just please dont spam your blog with it, one reblog a day is way more than enough. 
  • There is only one Prize Pack, therefore i will only be picking one name. The winner with have 24 hours to respond, after that a new winner will be picked, sorry you had your chance. 
  • Giveaway will end at 12am EST Sept 4th when i get back from Chicago
This giveaway is in no way affiliated with tumblr. The prizes equal to about $50 plus the cost of shipping. any information shared between the winner and myself will remain private, this includes names and addresses. 


Maybe our bodies were bound in your LSD fantasies. Trips so long you saw me as the beautiful creature I am not. The milky way in my hair and galaxies in my eyes. You saw my hips as a portal to another dimension. Maybe our bodies were bound by clouds of mary jane. High off each other, not coming down anytime soon. Fingers intertwined with each other’s. As if letting go meant sobering up. Maybe my body came down from that high and finally realized I wasn’t as beautiful as you wanted me to be. I ripped our bodies apart so the intoxication of your smile wouldn’t become my addiction. I tried to quit you but withdrawals keep pulling me back. Back to intoxicating smiles. Back to fogged up glasses and fingers stuck in curly hair. Back to you.
—  Withdrawls

people are complaining about the Spongebob Musical and I fully support that but also when you REALLY think about what famous musicals are about it truly doesn’t sound that strange anymore for instance:

  • deformed basement musician lusts after local ballerina
  • angry French college students sing an opera and a man’s life is ruined over bread and literally no one lives to the end
  • fairytale characters accidentally fuck up their own lives when they take a collective vacation
  • town of repressed and abused German teenagers become sexually active and half of them die
  • swearing, sexualized puppets trying to find their place in the world after graduating from college
  • Wicked Witch: College Edition. Shiz happens.
  • cats???trying to get to space or something???? i dont know, they dance
  • Lesbian cartoonist deals with the suicide of her closeted father
  • Town of traditional Jewish people is upset by new ideas and people dance with bottles on their heads and its ok until the second act when its not
  • Recent heir murders his entire family and cheerfully sings about it

I mean…like a singing sponge is sort of …not that weird after this….we are all hypocrites….our musicals are weird as fuck…….


Kwame JAW - “Right Now” (produced by Joey Fatts)