local lust

people are complaining about the Spongebob Musical and I fully support that but also when you REALLY think about what famous musicals are about it truly doesn’t sound that strange anymore for instance:

  • deformed basement musician lusts after local ballerina
  • angry French college students sing an opera and a man’s life is ruined over bread and literally no one lives to the end
  • fairytale characters accidentally fuck up their own lives when they take a collective vacation
  • town of repressed and abused German teenagers become sexually active and half of them die
  • swearing, sexualized puppets trying to find their place in the world after graduating from college
  • Wicked Witch: College Edition. Shiz happens.
  • cats???trying to get to space or something???? i dont know, they dance
  • Lesbian cartoonist deals with the suicide of her closeted father
  • Town of traditional Jewish people is upset by new ideas and people dance with bottles on their heads and its ok until the second act when its not
  • Recent heir murders his entire family and cheerfully sings about it

I mean…like a singing sponge is sort of …not that weird after this….we are all hypocrites….our musicals are weird as fuck…….


Kwame JAW - “Right Now” (produced by Joey Fatts)