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This community did the sweetest thing to support local immigrant and refugee kids who are feeling freaked out by Donald Trump’s travel ban

At International Community School in Decatur, GA, half of the students are immigrants or refugees. When Donald Trump was elected in November, several teachers and the principal worried that many of the kids would be sent back to their home countries. So a few parents and kids decided to make signs with welcoming messages and post them in front of the school as a show of solidarity.

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Novice Monk in Thailand

i had a nightmare last night that lazytown was originally an extremely long horror book series. there was a locked, forbidden room in my school library containing every dusty, dense lazytown tome. the series was later adapted into a live action series in japan faithful to its roots of psychological horror masked beneath colorful visuals. the series was heavily edited for the english dub localization and became the kid friendly version we are familiar with. sportacus was played by will smith. he looked so tired. so decrepit and old.

Support your local trouble kids!

Finally I made my story’s characters (ocs) line up!

In order my oc’s are: Lani Ramírez Zamora, Ramsey Saliba, Caia Armstrong, and (Twins) Adonis and Alec Olson

Kissing booth 

Pairing: Pre-war! Bucky x Reader

Warnings: /

Words: 800

“Come on, Y/N, it will take me only 5 minutes!”

You were wandering trough the ‘1943’s Stark Expo’ when you spotted your friend Mary. She was working at a kissing booth which was raising funds for the local school to support kids who are interested in inventing. It was late so most of the visitors were already gone. You walked over to her and now she was begging you to cover for her while she was going to the toilet.

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