local juice


Mabon or the autumn equinox is a time to celebrate the changes of the seasons, earth’s bounty, and the balance between light and dark as warmth is behind us and cold awaits us in the days ahead.  Apples are in season here in the Pacific Northwest, perfect for making a spiced cider to draw in balance at this time of year.  Known as the food of the dead or the fruit of the underworld, apples   symbolize the dark that is to come, and warm spices used in this cider bring with them a bit of light that has passed but that will return again, as well as add other magickal properties to this drink that i have listed below in the recipe.

Autumn equinox cider:

3-4 quarts apple juice
(I used honey crisp apples that i gleaned from a local orchard and juiced) - Promotes love,  healing,  and friendship. 

3-4 cinnamon sticks - success, healing,  protection, and power.
 A few slices of each:
Ginger root - draws adventure and new expieriences.
Orange peel - abundance and happiness through love.
A pinch or so of each:
Lemon balm - dispells melancholy and counters depression.
Whole cloves - promotes warmth,  love,  and protection.
Whole allspice - uplifting and increases energy and determination.

Warm the apple juice in a large pot and add the spices to infuse them into the juice on low for about an hour or so while your house gets filled with the smell of autumny love.
Stir occasionally with intentions of kindness, love, compassion, and balance.
Strain and enjoy or jar it for later.


I’ve been working on this logo for a local Juice Company, let me know what you thing, is just a custom J, what you think of the colors? Should the bird be on the other side? What would you change? Would you add something? Would you take something out?

I’m going to work on other idea I had about this logo, maybe using a straw somewhere to interact with the bird, and given the fact that the juices will have exotic colors and flavors, maybe the bird can have big dilated pupils.