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A Simple Warmth

I’ve been sitting on this for a while.  I had some grammatical issues, rewrote it once or twice, and then just shoved it aside for a couple of months, mostly due to anxiety.

Now I’m just saying “to hell with it” and posting it because I think I might actually like it now.

Female Mage Trevelyan x Cullen Rutherford (pre-relationship)

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The headache had begun early that morning, even before the sun rose, but the meeting had set it thrashing against his skull.  The sun streaming in through the stained glass windows only strained the tense feeling and made him wince whenever he looked up too quickly.  He missed the darkened chantry room they held war meetings in while they were in Haven.  Skyhold was too open and too bright for his liking.

He had done his best to restrain his hands from rubbing at his aching head during the meeting, setting them instead on the pommel of his sword with a fierce grip.  Now that the room was emptying of witnesses he allowed himself the comfort of pressing the heels of his hands against his eyes, anything to stop them from watering and burning.  His little tower home was not far.  It was dark and somewhat quiet.   He needed to make it there before the pain took further root in his brain, but the thought of striding through all those chatty nobles and across the sun baked embattlements only served to make him more nauseous.  With a frustrated groan he turned and leaned back against the heavy war table.

“I agree.  It was a long meeting with few decisions made.”

He started at the sudden voice, dropping his hands away from his face.  He had been certain that everyone had fled after Josephine had called the meeting to a close.  But standing a few feet away from him was the Inquisitor, her arms crossed loose across her body.  She was watching him, unsure, but smiled when he looked up at her without reproach.

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Some front-yard coyote sightings.

..quick doodle based on the continuation of this headcanon (+translation) with thataxe; basically Hide lets Kaneki doodles on his guitar as an excuse so he can stare at him.


finally i get to make video games again

Space Assholes (… listed as ‘Astrojerks’) (they’re the same game, but one is the true name that you’d use if- say- you were summoning it as a demon, and the other is a trade name necessitated by the game existing on a public arcade cabinet within the reach of children, and i guess the Space FCC (the SFCC)) is a hotbed for testing a bunch of things that might eventually go into Star Signal (when i do get back to work on that) like gravity flipping and an alternative method of control, that was made for a Dallas Society of Play local jam to be put on their 4-player arcade cabinet

it’s like duck game vs smash bros vs the arcade version of mario bros vs bubble bobble, i guess? not the one where the dragons are shooting bubbles up at the top of the screen but when they’re blowing bubbles at crabs n shit to facilitate horrible bubble murder. it’s an elimination platformer. it’s the outfoxies.

it’s about the titular Space Assholes, a group of Space Pirates who terrorize remote colonies and spacecraft, looting them for scrap and guns and generally being assholes to the colonists (in space). Space Piracy, however, isn’t the best paying job in the world so very often space pirate raids start with harassing colonists, and then that lasts for like 20 minutes, and then inevitably they all turn on eachother once they notice how much space shit everyone else has looted, and the entire group descends into a big cartoon fight cloud over each other’s haul.

this is probably why Space Piracy doesnt pay.

i’m currently working on a couple post-jam touch-ups (making sure it’s playable outside of the cabinet, for one) (and more levels then ‘just the one’ for another) but eventually i’d like to have it somewhere on the blog to be picked up and enjoyed

also, i think that’s todd howard there on the left? in the second group shot? i don’t know what to make of that.


Something I doodled while watching the results of a local game jam. If there was something that none of the games had in common, it was the theme. Which was “Waves”. I dunno, I guess it was a pretty tricky theme? I couldn’t think of anything besides the obvious.

Some fast art for a local comics jam. I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to make it, so I only had a ballpoint pen.

Apparently another picture of this weird posthuman creature got a lot of traffic around tumblr! So if you’re new here, hello! I’m an engineer. I draw monsters. You can call me turbo. That’s about it.