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kinda disappointed that i’m not already a reclusive beekeeping novelist who lives in a cottage in the french countryside, only interacting with other people when i call my annoyed editor and sell honey+honey-related products to local villagers

A Simple Warmth

I’ve been sitting on this for a while.  I had some grammatical issues, rewrote it once or twice, and then just shoved it aside for a couple of months, mostly due to anxiety.

Now I’m just saying “to hell with it” and posting it because I think I might actually like it now.

Female Mage Trevelyan x Cullen Rutherford (pre-relationship)

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The headache had begun early that morning, even before the sun rose, but the meeting had set it thrashing against his skull.  The sun streaming in through the stained glass windows only strained the tense feeling and made him wince whenever he looked up too quickly.  He missed the darkened chantry room they held war meetings in while they were in Haven.  Skyhold was too open and too bright for his liking.

He had done his best to restrain his hands from rubbing at his aching head during the meeting, setting them instead on the pommel of his sword with a fierce grip.  Now that the room was emptying of witnesses he allowed himself the comfort of pressing the heels of his hands against his eyes, anything to stop them from watering and burning.  His little tower home was not far.  It was dark and somewhat quiet.   He needed to make it there before the pain took further root in his brain, but the thought of striding through all those chatty nobles and across the sun baked embattlements only served to make him more nauseous.  With a frustrated groan he turned and leaned back against the heavy war table.

“I agree.  It was a long meeting with few decisions made.”

He started at the sudden voice, dropping his hands away from his face.  He had been certain that everyone had fled after Josephine had called the meeting to a close.  But standing a few feet away from him was the Inquisitor, her arms crossed loose across her body.  She was watching him, unsure, but smiled when he looked up at her without reproach.

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..quick doodle based on the continuation of this headcanon (+translation) with thataxe; basically Hide lets Kaneki doodles on his guitar as an excuse so he can stare at him.



Here goes, a post about shit which happened to me for last months and some forecast for my musical and general future, for me to organize my brain and for you people interested in what the hell’s happening with me.

01 Went to Saint Petersburg to participate in a synthesizer fair: sold nothing (hahaha) but at least advertised myself a bit. The jam of local guys was awful cause a man with a super expensive drum module was cranking out the volume of the bass drum and i didn’t hear all other people who were in the jam; i asked him to turn the kick down cause people were literally dying cause of it, but he didn’t do shit. Apart from that - met my cool synthesizer friends and so on. Also, visited old Soviet arcade museum with working arcades (first pic), very good and enjoyable. Also[2], cat loves the modular (pic 2), and the sunset is entirely beautiful (pic 3). Met one of my few best friends in Saint-P. God, i love him very much. He’s a 2-meter tall shy furry idiot and cannot be not loved. Played some 3DS games together c: Love.

02 For first time in like 1 year i bought myself some piece a’ clothing. It’s a CMYKeous cool hoodie with pockets on zips, which is good for raves. (pic 4) i love the design.

03 Started having tiny awful tanatophobic attacks a while ago, it was very scary every time (was ready to go to brain specialist), but it got milder now. I hope it goes away soon, cause it blocks me away from making any kind of music except some synthy IDM shit. (thus, expect a very crappy dreamer release maybe? idk) I really fucking hope it drifts away, this is veeery tiring. Generally, i recommend you to never think of suicide to the extent when it’s a daily thing; when you R E A L I S E the scale of this shit and its possible impact, you gonna fall to the same pit i fell into. Really, people, don’t be dumb. Life is cool, for shiihs!

04 The characters of E.T. universe are finally forming a more or less complete system of my own state representations, and i continue over-thinking this universe over and over. (pic5: a mood-graph of my dorks; was interesting to look it for me myself, lol) I hope that one day i will start making at least text stories about them, cause they’re not just music album mascots! They’re full-scale characters with personalities and stories! Also, welcome kouyou to the rave roaster (real name unknown), a female (?) dragon, who’s usually very shy, quiet and smooth. But because she’s infected with BZZT (yes, THAT bzzt, my noise character, the elemental spirit of madness), she sometimes turn harsh and has rage attacks, and that’s why she lives alone (i guess, her story part has blank places still.) Her only close friend is NO_ID, who usually comes to her to calm her down and bring meds (otherwise she’d go insane like every day). Though the story might change, i’ve just thought of it like 3 days ago. Anyways, she herself makes some kind of excessively cute minimalistic synth music (EP coming soon), and when her mind is overtaken by BZZT, she makes noise. Yeah. Stupid noise dragon in a sweater. That’s what she is.

05 I realized that my life is short as hell and last 2 years in meaning of IRL activites is 80% university = 60% crap, so i’m changing my shit to other better shit probably. Will have to deal with out local army recruiting system, though - here in not-so-soviet Russia you have to go to army if you are older then 18 y.o, not studying and have a dingle dong in your pants, even if you’re allergic to everything asthmatic with not very good working knees and active herpetic genes, like me (lol) They somewhy just want to send me to do some military shit for a year, so ???? will have to deal with that first, and then i hope to go to other country which starts with “c”, ends with “a” and has “anad” in-between for some audio studies to be a grumpy audio engineer guy who records bad musicians and gets money to live. Man, radiotechnical science is shit: its only use, at least in this country, is military branch, and well fuck war, so i’m not in. but i’m in by definition of my grade, hence - fuck this grade, right?

Generally, i’m musical inactive right now cause of stupid moods and so on, but it goes away slowly, and i am slowly returning to my normal state. I hope some updates will follow on! Like maybe a page on neocities? i want to fuck with some HTML… or maybe i finally WILL start my comic about elysian tunes because i can die at any fucking moment and how can i die and not draw some comix about my dorks?!

p.s. sorry for grammatical mistakes. Too lazy to check.

Well, that’s it. Hope things are good and will get better for you people <3



In November, 1966, eight months before he died of cancer, John Coltrane played a concert at Temple University in Philadelphia. It was not a financial success—only 700 people showed up—and the band’s high-energy music proved too much for some listeners. That concert recording is now officially out for the first time. It got our jazz critic Kevin Whitehead thinking about what Coltrane was up to: 

“John Coltrane’s 1966 Philadelphia concert wasn’t quite as legendary as folks now claim, judging by the scant attention his biographers give it. But the double-CD “Offering: Live at Temple University” spotlights an aspect of Coltrane’s late period more heard about than heard—how his generosity of spirit led him to share his stage with lesser-known players. Drop-ins here include a gaggle of local percussionists he’d been jamming with.

Coltrane’s vocal outbursts in Philly lend credence to the idea his saxophone was an extension of his voice, just as soprano sax extended the range of his tenor. But Coltrane was fascinated by the saxophone itself, and ways to animate the mechanism. His breath liberated the saxophone’s life force. He was concerned with getting the instrument to sound, to feel as well as hear the dance of a vibrating air column inside the metal tube. Some fans had given up on Coltrane by 1966, but in a way his priorities hadn’t changed. Playing standards in the ’50s, he had that same love of setting the horn vibrating with a busy line.”

Listen: One Final Offering From John Coltrane