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Remember Pulse this June

As we celebrate this year’s Pride month, do not forget to remember the tragic Pulse Night Club shooting. Remember that it was POC who were targeted. Remember this as we continue to fight. I’ll be either attending or hosting a local memorial this year, and I strongly recommend others do the same, if it’s possible. 

Stay safe everyone. 


My favorite person Miguel (@merkymerx) got the chance to do cover art for the Over the Garden Wall 2017 Special! (You can view the artwork here!) I’m honored that he involved me in the creative process for the painting, and used me as reference for Wirt!

Our local comic book store hosted a cover signing event for Miguel. To add to the spirit of the day, I put together an outfit inspired by Wirt. As much as I enjoy full costumes, it’s fun to do these low key cosplays too!

Sugar Sweet | 2 | (M)

word count: 5.3k

genre: smut + a little fluff; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

a/n: there’s very very verrrry slight dubcon, but in the end it’s consenting by both parties. just in case that isn’t your cup of tea, but i promise it’s as minimal as possible. trust me.

part 1 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7


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Under The Stars (M)

word count: 8k 

genre: smut + a tiny bit of fluff at the end; domestic AU + church boy! doyoung

pairing: reader/doyoung

summary: you’re forced to go to the equivalent of bible camp, out in the forest. unfortunately, you’re also forced to share a tent with a resident goody-two-shoes and you decide to have a little fun messing with him. turns out, it brings him to his limit and pushes him over the edge.

requested by: an anon who wanted a camping smut with doyoung from nct 127

a/n: just a disclaimer that none of the religion talk was supposed to be rude or offensive, it was simply a theme i chose so please don’t take anything said to heart.


Originally posted by taeiljaeh

The weather was balmy, clammy even. It made your loose t-shirt stick to you in ways you could only verbalize as gross. Another heavy sigh left your mouth as you shrugged your duffle bag to your other shoulder, both of them already sore from the constant switching of the weight as you trudged along the trail.

Your mother made you go on this trip, a so-called “annual camping cleanse” that your local church would host to the local youth. The age limit was technically at 18 but the pastor more often than not let others go regardless of age, wanting whomever who wanted to experience the healing powers of nature come along. So long as they followed the rules.

They are as stated:

1.      Absolutely no intermingling between the males and females of the group inside tents

2.      Clean up after yourself, including campfires and dishes.

3.      Respect everyone

4.      Know what you’re there for: to learn the beauty God has graced onto this earth.

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Follow My Vans: Truelane goes to POW! WOW! Hawaii

Our friend Chelsea Lankford from Truelane went to Hawaii for the most insanely rad art festival, POW! WOW! to scope out the top female artists we should keep our eyes on in 2017. Check out Chelsea’s picks and mini interviews with the artists below!

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New Queer Female Fiction Release

Tomorrow, June 13th, is the release of my first novel, In the Silence, a love story between two women.

Resulting from a near drowning incident as a child, Bellamy Lawrence lives with the effects of a traumatic brain injury, including profound hearing loss. Ostracized by her family, Bellamy expects to spend her adult life alone, illustrating children’s books in the solace of her Rittenhouse Square apartment with her service dog Otis. But a spilled cup of coffee, and a chance meeting with local radio host Sofia Reyes turns every expectation Bellamy had for her life upside down, as she finds herself thrust into a whirlwind romance she never believed possible.

The link for purchase will be posted in the afternoon tomorrow, and the novel will be available in both hardcover ($29.99) and paperback ($16.95).

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Did you stop sharing ?

We are definitely still here!! We promise there will be more to come as the year kicks into gear. 

The end of 2016 was really busy for us.

First there was thanksgiving which was amazing. We volunteered with our good friend Cindy to help feed those who didn’t have the money to have Thanksgiving. It was a buys morning but definitely worth it! A large group came out to help and everyone got a full tummy! 

We then spent the rest of day celebrating with our closest friends and also raising money to send to all the water protectors at Standing Rock! 

Mid-December we, along with our friends Jon and Chris, flew up to Portland to hang with our friends and attend an annual Christmas party. We had an amazing time and made some awesome memories.  

Then there was the typical holiday stuff….baking, more x-mas parties, visiting with family. We spent Christmas Eve with my mom and brother (bro pictured below) and got to hang out with Wes’ sister some as well. 

For the new year, we’ve really been focusing on getting back in the gym and settling into our home. We’ve purchased new funiture, new blinds, a new king-sized bed frame and Casper mattress, more wall art, and a nice fluffy shag for the living room. 

We’ve also tried to connect more with local buddies and hosting people. Last night our buddies Adam and Dom came over for dinner and movie.

Lastly, there’s these two little ladies. We love them to death, but sometimes they can be a handful. There’s been a vet visits, park time, upset tummies, and lots of licks and love. 

We’re still here. Staying busy and running around living life like everybody else. Things are definitely starting to settle down, so be prepared for more fun, artistic, sexy, and whatever other pics and posts we will post.

Thanks to everyone following. We will be trying to answer a few of the questions we’ve received soon, and are thankful for all the kind words and likes/re-blogs/messages we’ve received. Big cuddly hugs to all of you!

weekly rituals:

winter’s been a persistent dove on my shoulder, spreading her wings, igniting snow. we keep leading dead horses to the water in hopes to quench an unnamable thirst. dull fires thrum a silent disco inside me, my ribs are porcelain wind chimes, crooning like the old saints once did, relegating forgotten prophecies to the bone-dry sky, torching poppies in their wake

my boy keeps his baby blues glued to the calendar, july’s something sacred, half-cherished, july is a death in the fields, a knight with his sword drawn. he mentions his father less & less these days, i’ve come to believe this lesson in practiced forgetfulness is healthy

we talked about getting lost in the woods, building our own little house, adorning it with scar tissue & floating candles & moose skulls. 

hot milk on the kitchen table, fairy lights against the ceiling, something pink glowing from outside the window, a view of a lazy lake, maybe a moth-trap

last night i dreamt i was seven again and my mother was braiding my hair and teaching me how to paint, i still keep all her drawings tucked into my jacket pocket, they reflect summers lost & never unearthed again

i plan on having another cat, we already have two but the rescue shelter is getting overcrowded & needs our help

outside, a baby rosy-faced lovebird landed on the fountain, she had a broken wing so she’s going to live with us until she’s fully healed 

this monday it rained & rained until the trees burned a lazarus green & the foxes came out to play, they devoured a few fruit & craneflies

they’re broadcasting another storm on tv, but their predictions are often inaccurate, so we’re going to go about our regular activities anyway

his grandmother’s coming to visit tomorrow, i have to:
i. set the table 
ii. repaint the guest bedroom
iii. grab some pliers from the tool shed
iv. bake cinnamon pie
v. return her perfume

on tuesday, i’m dyeing my hair a peacock green

i still have to schedule my next thrift store visit

the bumblebees are coming out again, i’ve been feeling like there’s a peach pit stuck in my throat, the local party store is hosting an early halloween sale, a group of high school kids etched their names into our sidewalk, and there’s another full moon coming soon

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ur smut is amazing could you do a malec or pynch fic where they make a sextape?

It was possible that Ronan had come up with the most brilliant idea in human history.

Adam disagreed.

Ronan suggested it, nonchalantly and when they were with the rest of their friend group so Adam couldn’t outwardly freak out, almost a week ago, a month after Adam had cemented the date he’d be moving into his dorm and a little less than a month after Ronan had come up with the idea. Adam, let’s make a sex tape before you leave.

In that moment, Adam did not react except for a quirked eyebrow (and perhaps a fair amount of blushing). He was interested, at least. That was enough encouragement for Ronan; throughout the following week he gently wheedled and whined, preaching to Adam his deep interest in the subject and stoically enduring Adam’s refusals: You know I’ll visit often. What if Noah or Gansey sees it? You don’t even know how to use a tv, Ronan.

But he hadn’t yet said no.

It was Thursday night. Gansey and Blue had gone with Henry to a drive-in movie the local library was hosting, the invitation to which Ronan had turned down with an amount of scorn so lethal Gansey had banned him from being within ten feet of Henry until the foreign add-on recovered. Opal was sleeping over with Noah at Monmouth and Adam was working late, so Ronan spent the evening leisurely and lovingly doing his chores around the barns while Chainsaw flapped around him and he later fell asleep on the worn couch in the dusty moon-lit living room.

He woke to a text from Adam. You up? Ronan’s glaring phone screen told him it was just after eleven.

Ronan propped his elbows and chin on a pillow and typed out a reply with some difficulty, as his brain was still sleep stupid and his eyes unfocused. Always. you coming to the barns?

Adam’s reply was instantaneous. do you have that camera with you?

Ronan’s heart surged. Yes, he had the camera.

Adam must have assumed, because Ronan’s phone chimed again before he could type a reply. I’m on the way over

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💡💡💡 Here are seven grants black women business owners should consider:


The InnovateHER Innovating for Women Business Challenge is sponsored by the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Women’s Business Ownership. Three winners are awarded $30,000 in prize money for businesses with products and services that have an impact on the lives of women and their families.

Intuit “Love A Local Business” Competition

Intuit host a competition that gives away $25,000 small business grants to businesses based on votes. The average award is $5,000, but there are larger grand prizes depending on each year’s focus. The program has given away over $1 million since inception. Check the site frequently to see when is the next round.

FedEx Opportunity Knocks — Small Business Grant

Share your small-business story and enter for a chance to win the top prize—$25,000. There’s also one $15,000 winner and eight $7,500 winners. Part of the judging involves the general public voting for the finalists, so participants may promote their businesses while garnering votes.

Miller Lite Tap the Future

This business plan competition is a great way for new entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to win capital for their companies in the form of prizes ranging from $5,000 to as much as $200,000 or more. This competition is aimed especially at minority entrepreneurs and is sponsored by MillerCoors.

Minority Business Development Agency

The MBDA is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce that assists minorities and women in establishing and growing their businesses. On its site, you can research grants and access links to state agencies that work with women-owned businesses for funding opportunities.

National Association for the Self-Employed Growth Grants

This program allows business owners to apply for financing a particular small business need. Worth up to $4,000 each, past recipients used their growth grants to purchase computers, hire part-time help, and create marketing materials.

The Amber Grant Foundation

Awards $500 to a different women-owned business every month. SOURCE: BLACK ENTERPRISE

Austin Nights Part 2

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: 3070

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly. Part 1 After abruptly leaving the party, the reader hopes to run into Jay again.

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors.


Saturdays were your favorite days. No school, no kids, and you especially appreciated no alarm clocks. You woke up a bit later than usual considering you had not been able to fall asleep easily as you replayed the rush of last night over and over again in your head. The sun peaked through the blinds and you stretched in bed. You could hear Angie in the other room dealing with what sounded like a pretty awful hangover.

As your feet hit the floor, a sense of urgency hit you. You wanted to see him again and the only way to do that would be to scale the streets of Austin. No. You tried to repress the feeling. One, there is no way he would even remember you. Two, he probably found some other chick as there as probably a line of willing subjects after you ditched the fire. Three, even if he did remember you, there was no way you were just going to run into him by chance. But it would be nice to get out and do something anyways you compromised as an excuse.

After you got ready fairly quickly, you went to find Angie who seemed to be recovering just fine.

“Hey.” You chirped. “Up for bloody marys and brunch?”

“Um, yes! That’s the best idea you ever had.” She instantly jumped up and grabbed her purse.

At brunch, Angie gushed over Jared and how unbelievably nice he was. You tired to play it cool but threw in a question every now and then about how to find them or if she knew anything about how long they would be here. She was just as clueless as you. The two of you walked up and down SoCo window shopping and trying to get ideas of how to redecorate the apartment. You couldn’t help but feel you were only half involved in the process as you kept scanning the crowds for a glimpse of someone familiar.

Angie tired out quickly and abandoned you to take a nap in preparation for her plans tonight which you knew meant she wanted to do something but had no idea what. You headed downtown and picked up some records at Waterloo and settled down at BookPeople. You wasted a couple of hours browsing through books and worked a bit on creating a few therapy based activities for some of the children at the school.

When you finally made it back home you couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed but tried to remind yourself of what you had concluded earlier. Angie was lounging about.

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On Meeting Other Writers

Anonymous asked: “I have no writing friends- and where I live, not many people my age are interested in writing. What should I do?”

Now take my advice with a grain of salt. Writing friends do not need to be your age or at your stage of life. The grain of salt - obviously there are some age differences that will matter, especially for the under 18 crowd, but for the most part, trust me, it doesn’t. Just always remember to be safe when meeting new people. 

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Liam Payne and Niall Horan Have One Direction Reunion in Indiana
British Boy banders meet up in the Midweest

British boybanders Liam Payne and Niall Horan, had a One Direction reunion last night—in Indiana of all places last night. The superstar singers met up at a concert in Indianapolis, and of course, both shared the Instagram-worthy moment on Insta.

The duo, who met in the most unlikely of places, were in the Midwest for the ZPL Birthday Bash, a concert hosted by local radio station WZPL. Flo Rida, Fifth Harmony, James Arthur and Aaron Carter all performed at the star-studded concert.

In two cute videos on Horan and Payne’s Instagram stories, the singers posed back to back and said “look who I found” and showed the other one. Horan jokes that he and his pal “Payno” are actually at the “horse show” as well, showing the horse track, which is backstage at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum.

A lot of happened since the boys took a break from 1D but it’s clear these two are still experts at horsing around together!

fumblingemotions  asked:

I apologize for the trouble! And free feel to ignore, I know you're busy. But as a followup question, would it still help you out if I buy used books from a local store? And how does buying from local stores help authors out long term? Thank your for your patience!

I want to preface this by saying that I love used bookstores, I love used books, and part of why I continue to read physically rather than electronically is so the books that don’t work for me can find a new life and a second chance at love in the used bookstore economy.  Okay?  Okay.  So:

No.  Buying used books does not help the author in any financial way, although it can (as with a giveaway, as with libraries) help them to reach new readers who may not have been in a position to buy the books at full price.  This is because of a thing called the doctrine of first sale.

The doctrine of first sale says, broadly, that once you buy a thing, it is your thing, and you can do with it as you please.  This is why, say, people on Etsy can buy books and turn them into jewelry.  This is why doll customization exists.  This is why you can eat your pizza.  Once it’s yours, no one gets to tell you what to do with that specific physical object.

(I stress “specific physical object” because the doctrine applies only to the item, and not to the ownership of its contents.  So, say, buying a comic and cutting it up for upcycled jewelry is legal, because you’re transforming what you paid for.  Reproducing its contents and becoming an art mill is not legal, because that is the idea, not the item as it stands.  Replication is where the doctrine draws a line.)

Thing is, though, once you have paid for and hence own an item, it is no longer part of the standard chain of commerce, meaning that you, as the book’s owner, do not have to pay me, the author, a royalty if/when you sell it.  Neither does the used bookstore.  If you want to support an author directly, you need to buy new.  If you want to support your local used bookstore–which is an absolutely vital and important thing–buy from them.  I prefer a mix.  I buy authors I want to support from the new bookstore, and I buy everything else at the used.

Buying from local stores helps authors in the long term because local stores host events, hand-sell books, engage readers, and help to inspire the literary community around them.  My local is Borderlands Books in San Francisco, CA, and I’m pretty sure that one store is 20% of my West Coast sales.  They love me and I love them, and I will always point people at them, to support my local store, and keep them hand-selling my work.

Make This Place Your HomeWritten for the @blaineandersonbigbang and loosely based on the TV show, The Property Brothers. The Anderson brothers host a local TV show that helps clients buy fixer-uppers and turn them into dream homes. Blaine can’t help but take a special interest in working with their next client, Kurt Hummel. Unfortunately for Blaine, it seems like Kurt is pretty obviously into Cooper. 

A Blaine Anderson Big Bang submission, written by @luckiedee & @controlofwhatido, and illustrated by @magicalplaylist

My dream for the next 10-20 years is to find a small, pleasant city where Ben and I can buy a cozy house to fix up and raise some children. Meanwhile, I’ll write a couple of books, and eventually open a used bookstore that also sells local art and hosts occasional community events.

I’ll have frequent dinner parties with close friends and candlelight that last well into the night after the kids are asleep upstairs. I’ll keep learning to bake, maybe take up the piano, but never seriously. I’ll learn to garden and maybe to quilt. I’ll have a little library for my books, and low shelves so my children can reach their favorites. I’ll have an enormous, friendly, lazy dog and a magical-looking cat.

I’ll be slightly eccentric, but warm, and friendly, and my kitchen will smell like bread and tomato sauce and onion soup, something always wafting from the oven. Ben will play his horn in the community band, and maybe even march in the local parades, where the kids and I will come and cheer for him.

At Christmas time, we’ll make fires and hot chocolate, mulled wine, cinnamon buns drizzled with icing. I’ll abandon my book that needs finishing to take the kids sledding and snow angel-making. I’ll buy too many presents like I always do.

When my hair goes gray I’ll wear it long and wild. I’ll write poetry and put it in letters to friends. I’ll take trips alone to visit the ocean and take long walks on the cold beach. I’ll take beautiful photographs and hang them in frames among the art I’ve accumulated from friends and thrift shops.

I’ll try to stay curious and hopeful and kind. I’ll try to show my children how to manage this, too. At night, in bed, Ben and I will make each other laugh, and fall asleep holding hands, like we do now.

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Idea based on Teen Titans episode 'Troq' basically the paladins meet this stranded alien guy, whose part of this secret resistance and hey their the paladins we should totally work together. Then he finds out that Keith is part Galra, and starts being pretty racist towards him. He even calls Keith a slur meant for Galras infront of the others who have no idea what it means. Then one of them (probably Lance or Hunk) accidentally calls Keith the slur because they don't know better and think its a


(This is post Galra reveal for Keith)

-It begins with a distress beacon that goes off, bringing Allura to stop the ship at a seemingly deserted planet only to find there is another individual already there fighting a mass of Galran drones that had followed him through space. 

-It is quite the impressive battle, and when it finally comes to an end all the paladins immediately go up to him and start asking questions, of which Allura and Coran encourage because it shows they are eager to learn. 

-So this individual, I’m going to call him Val Yor (since that’s the name from TT) has been fighting the Galra for years and has become quite accustomed to their ways, so learning that Voltron is free and active once more he instantly teams up with them.

-He tells them there is a local planet that hosts one of Zarkon’s larger drone armies, and he has a bomb that could completely wipe them out. 

-It’s as soon as Val Yor enters the ship as they take off that someone mentions that Keith is part Galra. They all miss it except Keith when Val Yor turns to give him a disgusted glare.

-Val Yor is complimenting by the thousands everyone on the ship, Pidge’s tech skills, Allura’s leadership, Shiro’s bond with his lion, Hunk’s strength and engineering and Lance’s aim.

-But he makes absolutely no comment towards Keith direction, he doesn’t even acknowledge his presence. 

-On the way to the planet they get bombarded with more Galra ships, and Val Yor takes command, issuing everyone jobs except Keith. But Keith, obviously just wants to help, goes after them. Only to accidentally push a Galra drone into the bomb nearly activating it when trying to step in. 

-Val Yor is livid and calls Keith a very derogatory slur. No one blinks twice, but Keith is very aware of the term, having been called the term before and he shuts down immediately. 

-Throughout the debriefing mission, he gives the other paladins nicknames further making it harder for the others to realize he’s calling Keith a slur. But Coran gets suspicious, he’s almost certain he’s heard the word before. 

-Lance keeps trying to joke, cause he can tell something’s up with Keith but he doesn’t know what, and therefore making the situation worse. 

-They finally arrive at the planet but there is Galra tech everywhere and Val Yor practically snaps at Keith he’s finally useful and to go out there and get them in. 

-Keith manages it, but when he gets back Hunk smacks him hard on the back and calls him the slur and Keith freezes, turning to him not only angry but hurt. And very quietly tells Hunk that it’s not a fun nickname, it’s a horrible term that basically calls him a mutt or a half breed. 

-Hunk is pure rage and wants to confront the guy immediately, but Keith just shakes his head saying getting angry would only prove to him that he’s no better than what Val Yor thinks. 

-Hunk goes to Coran who had figured it out and slowly and quietly they go around to the other paladins to tell them what’s going on, and Keith can literally watch the anger rise in their eyes.

-They end up going on the mission and Keith stubbornly follows Val Yor, against his wishes and ends up helping him set the bomb. Accept Val Yor gets trapped and Keith risks his life to go in and help him out through the Galra tech. 

-When they finally return, Allura and Shiro immediately turn cold on Val Yor and force him to thank Keith for saving his life and to apologize for how he has treated Keith.

-Except Val Yor just keeps finding round about ways to still insert backhanded insults and at this point Lance and Pidge snap at him to leave because his words still sound derogatory. 

-Keith is grateful, but he explains to them that it’s going to be something he has to live with, but that doesn’t mean he’s taking these words to heart, cause their opinions mean more to him than the others. 


This is such an important Teen Titan episode and I love the message, I’m so glad you asked for this anon. Voltron has the potential to address these kinds of issues too and I really hope they continue to do so!!