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i would watch the fuck out of a benjamin sisko cooking show

Make This Place Your HomeWritten for the @blaineandersonbigbang and loosely based on the TV show, The Property Brothers. The Anderson brothers host a local TV show that helps clients buy fixer-uppers and turn them into dream homes. Blaine can’t help but take a special interest in working with their next client, Kurt Hummel. Unfortunately for Blaine, it seems like Kurt is pretty obviously into Cooper. 

A Blaine Anderson Big Bang submission, written by @luckiedee & @controlofwhatido, and illustrated by @magicalplaylist

Westworld AU

For @conduitstr; happy birthday, girl!  ❤️ ✨

  • The moment the old steam train stops in the station, Jim is quick to hop out. He doesn’t carry any luggage with him, he doesn’t plan to stay long. Just a quick look around the town; see if any of it is worth his time and his money. It smells like dry grass, grease, and the perfumes of different people mix together as other visitors depart the train now, too. Okay, Jim thinks to himself, time to go exploring.
  • Leaving the station, he arrives at the main street. It’s really a dirt road, old wooden and stone houses on either side of it. People walk by; some in awe of their surroundings, others walk around like they don’t know any better. It doesn’t take him long to find the local saloon. There’s piano music to lift up the atmosphere. People are sitting, chatting, playing card games together, or being approached by the local host girls. Jim, too, is approached by one. “Hey, handsome,” she says, and Jim’s lips curl into a smile when she reaches out to touch his arm, “how about you and I go and have some fun upstairs?” Tempting. Very tempting. But Jim shakes his head nonetheless. “No, thank you. Perhaps later,” he replies, and then buys a glass of bourbon at the bar.
  • He’s quietly chatting to the bartender, trying to figure out more about this town. After a couple minutes, though, there’s commotion outside, so Jim goes to check it out. A group of bandits has arrived and are actively creating havoc. Jim has to duck besides liquor filled barrels to avoid bullets flying his way. The same girl who tried to get him upstairs before tries to duck, too, but she gets shot before she gets the chance to. Jim forgets all about his own safety, jumping up to drag her to safety instead. “Are you okay? Where are you hurt?” he asks, though the red stain on her dress is indication enough. “I need… I need a doctor,” she breathes, looking at Jim through tear stained eyes, and Jim nods. “Of course.”
  • They have to wait until the shooting is over, and by then, Jim worries it’s too late for her. He’s used his knife to break open one of the barrels, and uses the clear liquid to clean up the wound in her side the best he can, while simultaneously trying to keep her quiet. Then, he carries her to the doctor’s office. It’s small and it’s dusty – fairly sure it doesn’t fit the health regulations. It’s also busy, all the wounded who are still alive are all sitting on available chairs or lying on the floor while a single guy works to fix them all. “Doctor?” Jim says, “I need a doctor.” “Get in line,” the guy replies. “Please,” Jim stresses, and the guy sighs. “Put her down, I’ll be right there.”
  • The work is slow and frustrating, and so Jim decides to help out. He uses alcohol, gently cleaning the wounds of the men and women who are hurt. He doesn’t really know how to bandage them up properly, but he does his best – messy as it looks. “Thanks,” the guy says, and Jim shrugs lightly. “It’s fine. Does this happen a lot?” “More often than I care to admit,” he replies, “I’d treat you to a glass of strong liquor, but you used most of it on the wounds of these people.”
  • Life here is just hard, it seems. The doctor works through the night while Jim sleeps in the local inn. Come morning, it’s mostly curiosity who brings him back. Leonard looks exhausted, perhaps a little frustrated. “Are you okay?” Jim asks. “I’m out of supplies,” Leonard says, “last night, I’ve been raided. Stole most of my bandages and medicine. I’m thinking about going on a supply run to the next town, but the road is long and dangerous.” “I’ll join you,” Jim shrugs. “Really?” “Sure, sounds fun,” Jim replies. “I’ll pay you,” Leonard says, and Jim simply shrugs to that. It’s not like he genuinely needs the money.
  • They leave after Leonard gets someone to look after the office while he’s out. Jim’s never been on a horse before, but the horse seems to immediately listen to whatever’s on Jim’s mind, and the start of the journey is pretty harmless. Leonard talks a little about his life. About how he lost his wife and kids to raiders when he lived on a small farm outside the town. How his parents were taken by a deadly illness that made him become a doctor. He speaks with such hurt in his voice, that Jim wonders why anyone would want to live in these outback towns. Sounds like it sucks.
  • They stop an hour before sunset, near a small river. Good, too, because Jim’s legs hurt, and his feet feel a little unstable after riding for so long. He ties the horses to a tree and searches for firewood while Leonard returns just before sunset with two dead rabbits. “You’re a doctor and a skilled hunter, you’re pretty good with your hands, huh?” Jim comments, and Leonard shoots him a small grin. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”
  • They eat dinner, which is surprisingly good. It gets cold at night, so Jim is glad for the fire to keep them warm. They talk more while overlooking a sky full of stars; large mountains looming in the distance. The gentle stream of the water is soothing to Jim’s ears, and he finds himself just dozing off to sleep. The same thing happens the day after. They spend time together, and Jim grows rapidly closer to this handsome doctor, who stitches him up when Jim guides his horse through a bigger river and hurts his foot through a sharp rock that hits him through the sole of his boot. They run into a lone woman who cries for help because her family’s hurt in her farmhouse, and so Leonard decides to take a detour from his own quest to help them. They save a family’s life (or Leonard does, mostly), and Jim feels pretty awesome about that.
  • “How much further, Bones?” Jim asks, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “Bones?” “Seems a fitting nickname,” Jim says, “for all the patching up you do.” “We should be there in the afternoon,” Leonard replies. Jim watches the other’s back figure as he rides in front of him. It’s a good sight.
  • But it’s almost as if Leonard registers that feeling, or something. Because they arrive and get Leonard’s supplies, but come nightfall on their way back, Jim finds Leonard sitting closer to him than usual. Leonard teaches him how to hunt. Standing behind him with his arms around Jim’s shoulders, hands on Jim’s to make sure he aims properly. Really, it just makes Jim more distracted. When they get raided on the road, Leonard actively stands in front of Jim to try and protect him, though they make it out alright. Just with a few supplies less, because Leonard patches up the cut in Jim’s hand. “I wanted to thank you,” Leonard says, “for coming with me. In these lands, it’s hard to tell apart friend or foe. You’ve been good to me.” Jim smiles at that, reaching out to keep the other’s hand on his own a little longer. “Just a friend?” he asks with a smile, growing even wider when Leonard leans in to kiss him.
  • It just feels too good to be true. And it is. Because they get back to the town a few days later, and Jim feels oddly intimate to this man and just wants to be in his presence all the time. But he doesn’t get that lucky. They make it to the doctor’s office, and Bones gets to work immediately. But while he’s at work, a civilian comes in and demands he gives up some supplies. Jim gets up to help Leonard when the doctor refuses, but before Jim knows it, Leonard gets shot. Just like that. There’s a commotion while people flee, but Jim rushes towards the doctor instead. He kneels down next to him, grabbing his hand quickly. “Bones, please, tell me what I can do to help you,” he says, reaching out with his free hand to grab a hold of supplies. But there’s blood everywhere. “It’s okay,” Leonard breathes heavy, fingers tight in Jim’s grip, though rapidly weakening.
  • Leonard dies seconds later. Jim is devastated; staying by Leonard’s side for what feels like hours. In reality, though, it’s no more than twenty minutes before the men in the hazmat-like suits show up. They have to pry Leonard from his hands. They have to convince him it’s okay, because they’re going to fix up the broken skin tissue. They’re going to reset Leonard’s data. And they’re going to roll him back out. Leonard’s going to be okay.
  • “Do they suffer?” Jim asks, once he’s back in the real world. It feels surreal not to be in the wild west anymore. “They think they do,” his spokesperson says, “they think they feel pain. They feel terror, fear for their lives. They feel the pain from their written backstory, most of them tragic. Like Leonard and his wife and kids. It gives them character. Makes guests and potential buyers such as yourself more engaged.” Jim frowns at that, because somehow, that just seems wrong.
  • The moment the old steam train stops in the station, Jim is quick to hop out. He doesn’t carry any luggage with him, he doesn’t plan to stay long. But this time, he’s not here to look around. He’s not here to admire the life-like scents of the place. He’s not here to watch his surroundings in awe like other guests do, nor is he here to interact with those who don’t know any better. He passes the local saloon, and instead, heads straight for the doctor’s office. The bell rings when the door opens, and Leonard is there. Beautiful as ever. “You don’t look sick,” Leonard tells him after a quick scan from top to bottom. He doesn’t remember Jim, and that stings, “you need a patching up? I also have a good hangover cure.” “No, thank you,” Jim says, struggling to make sense as to why this thing, this robot in front of him, tugs at his heartstrings so much. “I can patch up nearly everything,” Leonard continues, “though I’m running real low on supplies these days-” sounds like a set up for a similar quest like the one Jim went on before. Suddenly, it all feels a little played out. “Bones,” Jim interrupts him, and just briefly, Jim witnesses the other narrow his eyes ever so lightly. Like the nickname is a very distant memory he’s trying to access. “Bones,” Jim continues, resting his hand on Leonard’s shoulder, “one of these days, I promise, I’m going to get you out of here.”

So speaking of the 8 projects mentioned in the last ask, ill show one of them xD

This is a project for Software Engineering subject we have.
So they told us to make a “Sellable Website Concept” So I had an idea to make something similar with Patreon. This is the mockup for it, Me in a group of 4 are going to try to make something like this xD so far the HTML is going well since im still learning how to code it

but yeah, this is what i’ve been up to if im not drawing x)

in other words, its patreon combined with ko-fe with added benefits and a private livestreaming area :D

and no we are not gonna make this a real website, we’re just gonna do a local host website xD (idk how to explain it in english lmao)

Ten Ways to Win at Job Fairs

Your school, town, or local organization might be hosting a job fair in the near future and it is the perfect opportunity for you to absolutely crush it with a hundred or more employers in one fell swoop. But you’re no amateur, so go in there ready to job hunt like a pro.

  1. Browse the list of employers present and make a plan for which employers you most want to see. Research those companies online before the event and be prepared to ask questions. Do your homework!
  2. Arrive as early as possible and make sure you have enough time to talk to all the companies you researched. This is not a “just drop in between classes” kind of thing. Invest your time.
  3. Dress like you would for an interview and make a good first impression. Remember, you are being judged! Plus, when you look great, you feel great.
  4. Come prepared. Put together a folder of supplies: at least 20 copies of your resume, business cards (if you have them), lists of questions to ask companies, pens, and paper to make notes. [Added tip: keep this folder and bring it to all your interviews, too.]
  5. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself and give a 30-second elevator speech about your qualifications. Market yourself!
  6. Network! Talk to business reps as well as others in line and connect with as many people as you can. Connect with local organizations to learn about their job hunting resources. If they’re present, they have something to offer, even if they don’t have any jobs available.
  7. Engage with the company reps. Don’t just drop off your resume and be done with it. Talk with them, ask questions, and tell them why you feel you are a good candidate. You need to actually make some human contact.
  8. Attend workshops. These workshops are an excellent way to learn new job hunting tricks, hone your skills, and network some more. Plus, hey, they’re free.
  9. Be polite and enthusiastic. It’s just manners. No one wants to hire a jerk.
  10. Send a brief thank you email to reps who took time to speak with you. This will make it clear to employers that you are truly interested in their company. Refer back to #9.
Just agreed to be a speaker

For our local early intervention agency, hosted at a super fancy country club. Media will be there. Totally unrelated to the other media event I was asked to do for my agency.

I’m glad people still think I’m competent after being a full time mom for a year. And glad my old skills I used for work are still being helpful. Sometimes I think I’ll never be employable again, and I need to remember being a mom doesn’t mean I completely lost my abilities.


Deputy Tank Grunt’s main responsibility is to provide for his younger brother, who seems to live with his head either up in the clouds or deep in his own ass.

Ripp moved out right after the general’s disappearance, and now hosts the local radio’s night show. His at least biweekly specialty is a bitter shout out to their parents who, he’s convinced, just dumped them in the desert.


20.03.17- Day 79

got to the worksite at 7am to learn that the contractors wouldn’t let us work

suggested the plan of walking to the village and shopping

walked to the village to buy a sim card so i could keep up with y'all and the vodafone cell company had crashed

brendo found a trailer/booth that would trade out sim cards and we got connection 🤘🏼❤

never missed verizon more in my life

facetimed my fam back home 💕

watched the most beautiful sunset of this trip so far

loaded up in a rental bus and drove 15 minutes north to a local SDA church to host vbs for roughly 60 kids.. so inspiring and entertaining

came home and crashed. the days here feel 10x longer than the days back home

Fic: Make This Place Your Home (Klaine; NC-17)

Title: Make This Place Your Home
Authors: @luckiedee & @controlofwhatido
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 23k 
Summary: Written for the @blaineandersonbigbang and loosely based on the TV show, The Property Brothers. The Anderson brothers host a local TV show that helps clients buy fixer-uppers and turn them into dream homes. Blaine can’t help but take a special interest in working with their next client, Kurt Hummel. Unfortunately for Blaine, it seems like Kurt is pretty obviously into Cooper. 
Warnings: Brief mentions of past Kurt/Elliott & unrequited Kurt/Cooper, teeny-tiny mention of blood (finger injury), oral, rimming, barebacking, and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it comeplay. Also, fluff. Lots of fluff.
Author’s Notes:You do not need to have seen Property Brothers to read this fic. Title is from “Home” by Phillip Phillips. We had so much fun writing together, hope everyone enjoys!

Gorgeous art by @magicalplaylist here!

Ao3 link

there'sa local radio station hosting a comp to meet bastille and get access to merch and get front row tickets and meet them and i entered like 8 times and im so nervous and ik im not gonna win but like,,,what if i do


I was thirsty. The solar glare bouncing off the outlet windows blurred my eyes. The wind whipped through this polar desert of deals and out of state license plates. I scanned the horizon, and thought I was being tricked by the wizardry of a wintery mirage, when I saw what once was a Maine-themed gift shop had transformed into a brewery oasis! Like a Phoenix, Woodland Farms has risen……Maybe that’s the Double IPA talking, but this beer is good! Check out Kittery’s Newest Brewery, Woodland Farms! Located at 306 rte 1, adjacent to The Weathervane. Open Thursday-Sunday, serving lagers, ales, sours and more. They host local songwriters on Thursday night. You need to swing by and have a taste. Oh yeah, free popcorn!

Here's a possibly groundbreaking idea:

Instead of having bands going on almost 24/7 live tours and exhausting musicians/artists to the point of debating/actually using drugs to be energized, why don’t we take a page from Vocaloid hologram concerts and have bands located at, like, a headquarters in tour cities and give “virtual” performances so that they can tour at a slower pace? Every city has a community center that can be used for these things, right?

Think of the skyrocket in revenue for artists through the ticket sales. Think of the people unable to travel long distances to see concerts lighting up because their local community center is hosting a hologram concert.

I mean, I know that it wouldn’t be the same, but I’m not saying to stop live tours - just take them slower, and broadcast footage of the tour performances via a hologram screen like they do at Vocaloid tours.

Hell, we could even start hosting anime idol group concerts (Vocaloids, otome idols, ect), K-pop concerts, and the like all around the world with this kind of stuff thanks to the internet. Performers would get a further reach, and possibly increased popularity. People in foreign countries on business/visiting family wouldn’t have to miss that concert they wanted to see just because they’re out of country. American teens could watch their fav K-pop groups perform “in person” and meet other fans without spending a fortune flying to Korea. See where I’m going with this?

Can we make this happen?

Welcome to Night Vale as an Example of Unreliable Narration

The podcast Welcome to Night Vale gives a view of the titular town inaccessible through other formats because of its unique narrator and format. The narrator, the character Cecil Palmer, presents the town through his personal biases and through the lens of his position as a local radio host. The podcast is the local news for the dystopian town of Night Vale, within which frequent unexplained supernatural events are accepted as normal. 

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Earlier tonight I posted a picture of my Adric costume on my facebook page, which prompted my mother to send me a bunch of pictures of Adric I didn’t know she had!

I made this costume exclusively to wear to the Night at the Museum event my local museum was hosting, where guests could come to meet, take pictures with, and get autographs from different characters both from history as well as science fiction. It was a ton of fun getting to hang out with some of my Doctor Who friends, plus the TARDIS was parked right beside one of the large dinosaur skeletons which, I FEEL, totally helped me get into character, haha.

Special appearance by redscarfmina as River Song <3