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i always got confused when people said qld was full of bogans because i didn't think it was strictly accurate then i realised. im 102% bogan

You are the one true bogan. You shall lead your people on a great pilgrimage to maccas and the local servo for durries. Hop into the ute of destiny mate. It’s bloody time to step up.


Gatecreeper. New Old School Death Metal with a pinch of hardcore spice.
I’m in the Phoenix AZ area, so these guys are locals. They hopped on the Entombed wagon with that buzzy sound, and added a bit of Bolt Thrower and hardcore grove for an interesting mix. Fans of Black Breath should love it.

@celioplusplus ❤’d for a starter, what a dweeb

Touya let out an aggravated grunt at his game. He had been sitting in the lobby of a Pokemon Center, waiting to be serviced (there was some problem with the Box System someway somehow that caused a delay, and a backlog of people built up in the Center).

So, the young man decided to whip out his handheld while he waited and play a bit of Real Animals: Light/Dark (he owned a copy of Light, because he totally dug the lion). Hopping on local wi-fi, he wound up playing a Real Animal match against some rando. And… he was summarily beat. Undaunted, Touya requested a rematch. And he was summarily beat again! Now Touya was irked.

There was absolutely no way this other person’s team could move so fast! They had to be cheating or, like, like, using hacked Real Animals. Touya looked around the Center, eyes scanning the amassed crowd. Being local wi-fi, it meant whoever Touya was playing against was somewhere around here. And all Touya had to do was track them down… and get to the bottom of this hax.

He began creeping around, looking for anyone else with a portable handheld multimedia entertainment device.