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Suggestions for “First day at work” troupe

Okay, I don’t think that it’s as common in fanfic as other troupes are, but here are some things that happened to me during my first week in an office job:

  • training
  • so much training
  • I didn’t even get to log onto my computer yet because I don’t have an ID card yet
  • accidentally fell asleep in a meeting because I’m not used to real-life schedule.
  • deciding to get some instant coffee that night because clearly tea isn’t cutting it right now.
  • that time I walked away from my desk and a mountain of office supplies suddenly appeared
  • casually mentioning stuff that I realize after the fact indicate that I’m not actually qualified for this job
  • did I mention training?
  • and forms
  • I asked pretty much everyone where I could find local honey because did you know it can help people adjust to local allergens?
  • That time my boss asked me to come to work at 6:30 in the morning to go out to a job site.
  • “well, I’m always willing to learn”
  • “Why did you want to apply to this job?” “Honestly, I was applying everywhere.”
  • left my coffee at home, and made a mess trying to figure out the personal coffeemaker in the break-room
  • got lost in 6-room building
  • walked into a neighbor’s cubicle, realized that it wasn’t my stuff and slowly backed away
  • 5 minutes before I plan on leaving for the day, I go it to tell my boss I may come in late next Monday. Somehow, he ends up teaching me how to use a program I don’t have access to yet for a solid hour.
  • *sees me working on a training he hadn’t explicitly told me to do yet* “I like that you’re taking the initiative” “Well, its either do this or compare medical insurance plans”

I may thin of more but here, everyone has permission to use these.