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이건 막내랑 같이 밥 먹었던 곳에서

This is at the place where I ate with the maknae

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I Lost It (Part 2 of 3)

Summary: We follow Bucky as he describes the three times in his life where he has ‘lost it’ with you.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader (from Bucky’s POV)

Warnings: none? kinda sad? Idk

Word Count: 1,000ish

A/N: So, instead of quitting, I’m gonna to post instead. This is tiny, little, mini-series to dip my toes back into the water. I’d LOVE to get some feedback and be re-inspired to create once again. P.s. SORRY about this one.


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We’d finally settled into our daily routine as husband and wife, which meant a race to the bathroom in the morning. Per usual, I’d beat her down the hall and inevitably give into her puppy dog eyes when she begged to get a shower first.

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Idea for season 7 of OUAT based on Emilie’s comments that rumbelle should move to Hawaii.

Some crazy shit’s happening in Storybrooke every episode, and every episode someone sighs.

“Ok, who’s going to call Rumpelstiltskin?”

They draw names out of a hat and some unlucky person has to go and make a call to hawaii. 

Bobby is in every episode, even if only for a short while, answering the call and telling them what they need to do to macguffin their way out of whatever thing has befallen them. He’s always either lying on the beach in a Hawaiian shirt or in bed. If Emilie doesn’t renew for S7 then her absence is explained by her having gone swimming/shopping/working in local Hawaii library/being under the covers distracting Rumpel whilst he’s trying to sort out the Storybrooke folks.

I would start watching again if that happened.