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How did you manage to get behind the scenes of SU?

It’s funny because when I think about all the things that ended up putting me there this summer, it goes so much further back than I realized. Pretty much everything I’ve done since graduating high school has sort of been a domino effect that helped carry me here (shouts out 2 my dreams for coming true?? tf)

I worked as an unpaid intern at a local graphics design company, then started a YouTube channel, then worked at CN games as an intern, then got to know the voice cast of SU, then worked freelance for CN social media part time.. it wasn’t any particular step, but all of the things together that lead to a big network of connections of people within CN from the games department, the social media department, and the voice cast. The network of people who believed in me, liked me, and would vouch for me helped me get my name in the back of people’s minds at CN. So when the opportunity arose this summer and they needed someone, they ended up thinking of me!!

my situation is weird, but if there’s any takeaway, it’s this: every step of the way contributes to what you do next, even if you don’t see it right away. So start doing what you wanna do now, even if it’s just for fun. And don’t burn bridges–just be a nice person and that alone will take you a long way. 

anyways I’m 20 i dont know how to live yet but its been pretty wild so far lemme just tell u right now !

local graphic design student here saying the rebranding to love sick is cool but the black/red is way too sharp, the other variant is better. it would be cool if he would keep some sort of light colour scheme. one of yansim’s somewhat appealing qualities is the lighthearted, soft colour scheme that contrasts against the darker theme of the game. having a dark game theme/dark logo or whatever makes it somewhat boring. it’s the juxtaposition that is eye-catching.

I know a lot of time has passed since the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, but I would like to bring y'all’s attention to this comic book I picked up at my local comic shop. This graphic novel is an anthology made by several authors and illustrators across IDW Publishing and DC Comics. It is all art, poems, and short stories that express the love, bravery, challenges, and solidarity of the LGBT+ community as well as some of the stories, sentiments, and grief created by the Pulse Shooting. It is very well done and very beautiful and emotional. It’s also daily cheap for a graphic novel, only $10. Best of all, all of the proceeds go to the victims, survivors, and families of the shooting via the charity Equality Florida. If you like comics or just support the LGBT+ community I suggest you go pick it up. I was a little dissapointed when the clerk at my comic store, a friend of mine, told me that I was the only one to buy it so far. So please check it out and enjoy it, knowing its for a good cause.

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Hi where can ı read catbat comics ?


Thanks to technology you can read them virtually anywhere. I know that buying comic books is an expensive luxury that not everyone can afford so I will give my best advice on where to buy comics as well as where to find batcat related comics.

First things first the two best eras for romantic batcat are the 1980s (pre crisis) and 2000s (pre flashpoint). For Pre Crisis stories look for Len Wein and Doug Moench in particular. Most of Len Wein’s batcat stories are collected in Tales of the Batman: Len Wein (it’s a godsend). 90s batcat was more of a flirtation, but things really took off around ~2003, so anything from Batman: Hush up until the reboot (2011-) is a pretty safe bet. thebatandthecat.tumblr.com compiled a really thorough list of batcat stories so I recommend giving it a look.

Honestly the best batcat stories after the reboot are from Injustice: Gods Among Us Years 1-3 (which isn’t canon) and Earth 2.

  • Batman/Superman #2
  • Batman/Superman #4
  • Worlds’ Finest (starring batkitten Helena Wayne) Annual #1
  • Worlds’ Finest #0
  • Worlds’ Finest #8
  • Worlds’ Finest #29
  • Secret Origins #7- Huntress
  • Earth-2 Annual #2 (but just a glimpse)

I’m not going to lie I have very, very strong feelings about the status of their relationship since the reboot (since the ship has essentially been obliterated) but it isn’t for me to decide for others what they will or will not like, so if you’re interested in Nu52 batcat they can be found in:

  • Catwoman (v4) #1
  • Catwoman (v4) #2
  • Catwoman (v4) #18
  • Catwoman (v4) #29
  • Detective Comics (v2) #27-29 “Gothtopia”
  • Forever Evil #4
  • Batman and Robin #22
  • Young Romance: A Valentine’s Day Special

Where to read/buy comics

Local Comic Book Store: Chances are you have a comic book store somewhere near where you live. If your are able to get there it’s important to support your LCS as much as possible. Get to know the staff and familiarize yourself with their sales and frequent buyer policies. My LCS has a program where for every $10 you spend you get a sticker and 10 stickers= $5 off. It’s not much but it adds up.

Digital Comic Stores: a la Comixology and Google Play. If you aren’t partial to buying print series than buying digital is the way to go. It’s a lot cheaper than buying print and comics cost on average $1.99-2.99. You can even find virtually every issue of almost any comic, even the really old stuff. As a bonus digital first series get published digitally before they go to print and you won’t have to worry about avoiding spoilers. Digitals also helped to save the comic book industry and made comic books more accessible. For iPad, tablet, and e-reader users comics can be downloaded directly to your device (I believe most devices use Amazon, but don’t quote me).

Online Warehouses: Mycomicshop.com is great for buying back issues at reasonable prices and they have flat rate shipping (warning shipping is pretty slow and on average takes about 6 days). Things From Another World and Midtown Comics are both good for finding newly released comics. Discount Comic Book Service has good rates on trades.

Ebay and Amazon: I’m pretty sure every single Pre Crisis comic I have I bought on ebay. A lot of sellers sell full collections too. Heads up though I would say on average you’ll pay $7-10 for every comic including shipping, sometimes more. Some advice for ebay buying: check out the seller before you buy and make sure you know what kind of condition the comic is in. Get to know the comic book grade scale.

Library: More than likely your local library has a graphic novel section, but their collections vary of course. Still it’s worth looking into and a lot of libraries have digital copies as well.

Cons: If you find yourself at a con I would be shocked and appalled if there weren’t dozens of vendors selling cheap ass comics and trades.

Youtube: A lot of youtubers have published motion comics on youtube. If you just want to read a story it gets the job done.

Advice for buying comics:

  1. Take your time. Buying comics can be a very addicting hobby and sometimes it feels very urgent that you need to get every comic and trade all at once. You don’t. They aren’t going anywhere, trust me.
  2. Set a budget and stick to it. I admit I am very bad at sticking to my budget but again the comics aren’t going anywhere and there will always be a way for you find them. Please don’t spend all of your rent money on comic books.
  3. Don’t be a snob about buying used. You can find a lot of used trades in near perfect condition. Don’t let DC trick you into thinking you need to buy the more expensive newer editions; it’s the same story on lamenated paper.
  4. Borrow from your friends. If you have any comic book reading friends ask to read their comics.

That’s what I’ve got. I hope it was helpful. If you were looking for something more specific just drop me an ask.