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✨Summer Commission Time!✨

🌙Now that I have more free time, I want to create more in depth digital (or traditional!) work! This includes prints, portraits, shirt designs, or digital files.

🌙Most works start at only $10 and increase based on number of figures, whether or not you’d like a physical copy, or if you’d like to purchase a clothing item!

🌙Message me for more info!

I know a lot of time has passed since the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, but I would like to bring y'all’s attention to this comic book I picked up at my local comic shop. This graphic novel is an anthology made by several authors and illustrators across IDW Publishing and DC Comics. It is all art, poems, and short stories that express the love, bravery, challenges, and solidarity of the LGBT+ community as well as some of the stories, sentiments, and grief created by the Pulse Shooting. It is very well done and very beautiful and emotional. It’s also daily cheap for a graphic novel, only $10. Best of all, all of the proceeds go to the victims, survivors, and families of the shooting via the charity Equality Florida. If you like comics or just support the LGBT+ community I suggest you go pick it up. I was a little dissapointed when the clerk at my comic store, a friend of mine, told me that I was the only one to buy it so far. So please check it out and enjoy it, knowing its for a good cause.