local goverment

agile goverment

when i think about managing a country that really scares me a lot because of it’s size and complexity. there are too many things to do, to many responsible people, too many risks in doing the jobs. combining all of these aspects brings too much complexity.

i think the best way to deal with complexity is to work in small chunks. this actually is like the old roman general principal of concurring; divide and rule. let’s look at this situation from a rulers perpective; consider we have a huge country to improve and lead centrally. all kinds of decisions must be made in the centric place which means some of the decisions should wait. furthermore, some of the high priority decisions, if not seen as life critical, that will create value for the whole country may lose out. 

we all know that; waiting for decisions and actions makes us loose a lot.

when we apply our enemies strategy(divide&rule) to our situation in which case the enemy is the size&complexity, then we wil have localized units, which makes their decisions on their own. actually these units make the best decisions because the decision makers are those really living in that local area. only decisions that affects the whole country should go to the centre. this way, it’s much easier for the country to reach fast responded state. in other words, the country will be much more flexible, agile for the danger/risk/change adaptation need outside.

finally, the smaller and more self-organized the locals, the power the whole.