local gaurd

Want to buy? Let me Know. Help raise funding for a local gaurd.

the price of each item varries with the amount of people interested in them both items will be under 30$ but the more people who want the less they become.  

note: any guys interested, we are working on jackets with crossed flags. (no male gaurd art sorry its not us tho)


Cornered. (Privite RP with mrsb3ll3fr3nchg0ld)

No footsteps. No curses. No clanking of metal.

“I-I think we lost ‘em.” Link breathed out with a hint of relief.

His sister said nothing being too busy huffing for air. Both were quite good runners, but the amount of town they covered in the past fifteen minutes was rather impressive even by their standarts. 

Someone recognised them. Probably someone at the market, which twins visited earlier today. Damn his reckless desision that the peoples attention will be dispersed due to ongoing celebration. Link would probably skin the bastard who snitched about them to local gaurds alive, because less then half an hour ago they survived a very angry midnight raid to their inn room. Thank goodness none of them knew how serious siblings take their safety. What mess we left. But the guards screams woke up all the inn, so the next best thing was to flee in the window and not look back.

After escaping the brightly lit districs were the celebration was not stopping even in the hours of night they had to take a break in shadow of big, dark building. Here streets were empty and silent, however the echo of the festival still managed to reach their ears. The guards couldnt be very far behind. Perhaps the only thing that played to the favor was amount of people out of their homes, which partied and created the “saving chaos” which made the search for them all the more harder.

Link looked at his sister.

“We must get out.” despite her not-so-light-injuries Margarita begun to recover. “I left the map…Do you know which way-…oouff” She spat out a mouthful of blood, leaving the thread of crimson fluid dripping from her chin. “…-to head?”

Two pairs of grey eyes met, exchanging conserned, tired glance.

Things were looking to become pretty bad.