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to say that jihyo has a sweet tooth would be one big understatement. as much as she’d love to satisfy her cravings with something off of the mcdonald’s dessert menu (given that she enjoyed the discount that came with being an employee), she often found herself growing tired of eating in the same place each and every single day of her life. there were times when a change was necessary, lest she risks growing tired of the food for good, thus making her employee discount meaningless.

and so she finds herself walking through the door of a local bakery, the delightful smell of the various sweet treats wafting through the air. it was enough to leave her cheeks tugging upward at the corners of her mouth, an extremely cheerful expression taking over each of her features. she inhales through her nose, savoring the moment, anticipating the sweets that would soon belong to her.

“hi!” she greets the employee, the same cheerful expression remaining present on her face. “i’ve never been here before, but it smells really good.” her eyes widen once she catches a glimpse of the treats, which in turn only causes her smile to grow wider. “and… it all looks really good too… i don’t even know where to begin.” she pauses before smiling up to the employee once more. “is this heaven? i think this is heaven.”


Netizens debate over yarn bombs in Shanghai

A couple of trees in Shanghai became a local delight after they were draped in yarn knittings last Thursday. However, the beauty and fame didn’t last long, as the Shanghai government removed the much adored accessories on Wednesday.

The phoenix trees on Nanchang road were “yarn bombed” by a group of expats, the Shanghai Daily reported. Yarn bombing, also known as graffiti knitting or “kniffiti,” is a kind of street art that uses colorful displays of knitted yarn on public facilities. The movement is believed to have originated in Texas, US, in 2005 after Magda Sayeg first covered the door handle of her boutique with a knitted cozy.

As the colorful outfits successfully stunned passersby the next morning, netizens also showed their admiration towards the creative works, saying “they added beauty to the city.”

However, on Wednesday, one week after the incident, the city government removed the outfits, citing concerns that they would cause harm to the trees’ healthy growth.

This decision has triggered heated discussions online. While some say the government made the right decision, others are arguing that the city should be more open to creative minds.

“I can understand the government’s concerns, but maybe they could have kept the decorations up longer. They made the street appear more dynamic,” commented @Shiqiangqiang.

“The sweaters that fit human bodies may not suit the trees as well,” argued @Yueluoxishanby.

if you ever visit me i will take you to:

  • in n out and you have to try the animal style fries (so good)
  • lolita’s taco shop for a california burrito (mmmmmm)
  • marukai for their amazing cheap deals from japan!!!!
  • mitsuwa for more snacks… and more shopping… this time for collectible toys n figures n stuff
  • book off which is an awesome japanese used book store w/used movies and games on top of books (i’ve found rare and discontinued artbooks here for hella cheap man)
  • chopstix too, where you can get chicken katsu curry for $6
  • the san diego zoo!!! LET’S GO SEE PANDAS! and flamingos there are a shit ton of flamingos at the SD zoo.
  • disney land * < * wear good shoes ok
  • balboa park cus it’s so pretty there
  • if it’s still runnin, cruisin’ grand in escondido - it’s a classic car show that happens every weekend during the warm months and there’s music and food and it’s super cool
  • downtown san diego… specifically little italy. let’s get some bomb ass gelato.
  • a delight of france. you NEED one of their almond croissants ok??

basically if you ever visit me… i’m going to make you gain like 20 lbs.

(also we could drive up to LA pretty easily too but that’d be a whole other list that’s just as long LMFAO)