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Concept: an RPG about keeping a great evil sealed away, except the great evil in question is basically a cross between Cthulhu and Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss, so the containment procedure is less about maintaining magical seals and more about falsifying paperwork to convince him that he already rules the world and his bidding is being done, when in reality he just rules the one castle and his minions spend most of their time slacking off and playing table tennis.

(Your party members could be the great evil’s Dark Generals, who are really just a bunch of local villagers in dungeonpunk cosplay. One of the subplots involves the fact that the current Master of Destruction is a single mom and is having scheduling conflicts with her daughter’s extracurriculars, culminating in a very unconventional Take Your Daughter To Work Day.)


aka how I imagine Episode Ignis will play out: Ignis trains with Aranea and the bros are terrible at being wingmen

It’s been a while since I posted some Ignis x Aranea art! Someone requested some angsty blind!Ignis a while back but I can’t draw angst comics to save my life so…have this terrible joke I got from a local movie

ALSO DAT COSPLAY BY @moderatelyokaycosplay HNG MY HART

PS since Adam approves of this ship that makes it kiiiiinda canon? Y/Y???


Vintage Loser is so excited to attend this year’s Mini-Mini Con! 💖 Come by the Wonderland of Americas in San Antonio, TX on Saturday, May 6th to see local artists, cosplay, panels, & more. I’ll have new items, rings, hair clips, necklaces, crystals, earrings, & goodie bags! I can’t wait to see everyone again~

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Hey look, another cosplay tutorial by me! This is a video talking about how to make that woven armor tunic… thing Raguna wears. I know that not many people cosplay Raguna, but I thought this would help a lot of people who don’t know how to achieve that woven effect for other characters.

(P.S. to the Rune Factory fandom- I’ve been here since I’m 9. I know who you are. I just don’t participate because… *flashbacks to middle school* that’s a story…)

Good afternoon!

I cant say good morning cuz’ it”s not morning anymore! but I’ve been busy on cosplay all day so I guess I have a valid reason for being gone!

also updated my GB collection pic!!

I’ll be getting a better looking one later on! the blueberry one is going to my friend whos doing a US sans cosplay!

error concept (he doesn't actually have blasters, it was  challenge from my friend) - @loverofpiggies / crayon queen

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underswap - fandom (?)

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