local coordination committees

Syria's (Internal) Activist Network, Local Coordination Committees, and its choice of Nonviolence principle

In August 2011, LCCSyria declared that it understands the calls for internal armed opposition to the Syrian government and international military intervention, but opposes both. It said that militarisation would reduce popular support for the opposition, reduce the opposition’s moral superiority, and put “the Revolution in an arena where the regime has a distinct advantage”. The network said that peaceful demonstrations would make it easier to develop democracy following a revolution, while militarisation would make it “virtually impossible to establish a legitimate foundation for a proud future Syria.”


We need more - real focus on this.

  1. Which is smarter? Promoting/encouraging defection or creating the atmosphere of ‘head-on’ collision between Syria’s national military and oppositions. 
  2. Pushing for more violent/armed conflict - how that could affect sectarian sentiment (inside of Syria) ? [*and then, far wider regional sectarian sentiment]
  3. If LCC’s vision, nonviolence strategy has potential, how that could be fostered, esp in terms of 'popping up’ - un-unified all those armed rebel militias? 


Or do we have to conclude that the situation passed into the stage where serious consideration on these items already makes no sense. 

(LCC or its members’ own takes - I can’t find it on the web yet.)