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Fulani noblewoman with tattooed lips and gold earrings, from a large semi-nomadic pastoral settlement

Fulani (Peul, Fulbe, Fula) women of this region often tattoo their lips, gums and the area around the mouth before marriage, a painful aesthetic practice and rite of passage signifying marital status. The extravagant gold earrings or “kwottenai kanye” symbolize the wealth and prestige of a husband or family based largely on the ownership of cattle among the semi-nomadic pastoral Fulani of this region. The earrings are also an aesthetic symbol of cultural pride and identity. They are usually a gift from a husband to his wife or an heirloom passed on to a daughter on the death of her mother. The large earrings are made by local smiths or artisans concentrated mostly in the Mopti region of northern Mali. They are crafted from a 14-karat bar of gold that is first chiseled and heated over a fire, then hammered into thin blades and twisted into a four-lobe shape.

Location: Mopti, Mali

Photographer: David Schweitzer


❄️🌈 Even a video doesn’t do this specimen justice–the fabulous range of colors on this Ethiopian Opal will blow your mind! The opal itself is clear, with a double layer of golden shades along a fanned-out edge. The black background showcases the ridiculous flashes of color present on this opal–the white marble background displays a true likeness of this piece. Lustrous, bright, and super colorful small specimen, for Opal lovers or jewelry artisans! ❄️🌈 Locality: Ethiopia. 0.50" x 0.63" x 0.38", 1.99 g (0.071 oz, 9.4 cts)–$40 on PhenomenalGems.Etsy.com. #ethiopian #opals #opalporn #lime #lemon #citrus #golden #fire #flame #raw #natural #specimen #collection #display #healing #minerals #crystals #rocks #gems #nature #rainbow #wirewrap #jewelrysupply #phenomenalgems #etsy #etsysellersofinstagram

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I want to open a stationery store. Where you can buy cool writing paper by the sheet, and mix and match individual envelopes, and there are racks of pens to try out, and cool stamps, and stickers divided by type (kawaii, glitter, puffy, sarcastic, etc.) and you can get custom designed return labels. And I will contract with local artisans to teach classes on hand lettering and calligraphy and graphic designers can sell their cards in my store and it will be lovely and everything will smell like ink and paper.


Last night, I read a couple things about dating yourself. Today, I chose to treat myself to a lovely breakfast at a local Artisan Creperie. I haven’t felt this much joy in being completely alone, ever in my life. What a beautiful start in indulging in life, by myself.

Pacific Northwest Gothic II

- You are sitting in your Subaru Outback, stuck in traffic on the rain-blackened I-5. There has been an accident. The concrete curves of the Tacoma Dome rise up before you like the dismembered breast of a cancer-stricken earth-goddess. You turn on the radio. Magic’s “Rude” is playing on repeat, on every station. Eventually, traffic begins to move. As you slowly pull past the flashing lights of the emergency vehicles, you cannot help but stare at the offending blockage, a twisted hunk of metal and fiberglass, dragged to the side of the road to bleed out and die. It is also a Subaru Outback. From between the folds of the crushed, crumpled chassis, you swear you can hear Magic’s “Rude”. You turn off the radio.

- The darkness of your locally brewed artisan stout calls to the darkness inside you. You cannot help but bring them together.

- The ironic piece of driftwood and seashell kitsch you brought back from that sad little shop in that one dying seaside town on the peninsula was funny, until you started waking up every night with lungs full of seawater.

- When nobody is looking, the deer in the field behind your house walk on their hind legs. It would be funny, like the Far Side, except those deer didn’t have needle teeth, or pearly, luminescent eyes that peer through the blinds of the nursery while you are at work.

- You are sitting on a bench by the the pier, watching the tide come in. Two seagulls on the sidewalk are fighting over a human finger. You look down at your gluten-free scone, licking your lips nervously as your stomach growls. You’re trying to cut back, eat right, but some days are harder than others.   


Fireworks, Music and Puppets in Flames: Welcome to Las Fallas

To see more of Juan Carlos’ photography, follow @jcarumu on Instagram. Discover inspiring moments from the festival in Valencia, Spain, by exploring #Fallas2016.

(This interview was conducted in Spanish.)

Giant wooden puppets, over-the-top gowns and a deafening storm of fire and gunpowder: welcome to Fallas, one of the biggest festivals in Spain, taking place this week in the Mediterranean city of Valencia. “There is smoke all over the streets from the fireworks,” Valencian student and Fallas lover Juan Carlos Ruiz (@jcarumu) says. “Thousands dance to the music of bands playing in every corner and stop at the traditional food stalls offering paella and churros con chocolate, a must during Fallas.” Local artisans spend months building the satiric ninots, puppets made of wood and papier-mâché that rise up to 98 feet (30 meters) tall. They will end up in flames during the night of La Cremà (which translates as “the burning”) to pay homage to the fire while welcoming the spring. “This is my favorite moment. It’s such a magical night,” Juan Carlos says. “The city is covered by the light of fireworks and flames.” #Fallas2016

from @dream_casa - ➖ @woodboxguesthouse ➖
Discover this darling #airbnb.
“The art on the walls, hand dyed pillowcases, the bed designed by a local artisan, and the soaps handcrafted down the street, we offer a handmade experience for your #Portland visit. Our home has been featured in Japanese magazines, and on Portlandia!”
🏠@woodboxguesthouse 🌿


In the Subaru route of the mpd x msb x psd crossover, Subaru bumps into Masashi and notices that Masashi bought some specialized cooking utensils in Kyoto.

Subaru: Are you some sort of chef?
Masashi: I am a doctor. Cooking is a hobby. I thought about buying the cooking utensils of the local artisans in this trip to Kyoto.
Subaru: Even as a hobby, this is the first time I’ve seen met someone interested in this kind of tool.
Masashi: This is the first time someone took interest in something I bought of this kind …
Subaru : ….
Masashi: ….

And a friendship is born … XD


Via Vice’s Munchies YouTube channel, a documentary about a cheesemaker in China:

The Cheesemaker Changing Chinese Food Culture

China may seem like the least likely place to find locally made artisanal cheeses—such as camembert, ricotta, and blue cheese—but Liu Yang, a Chinese cheesemaker, is changing that. Our host Nicola Davis visits Yang’s cheese shop in Beijing, tries his handcrafted cheeses, and visits the dairy farm where he sources his milk from. As Yang talks about the young dairy industry in China, he believes his “customers need to be educated so they can understand, and fall in love with cheese culture.”

The first licensed store with Clover and beer and wine, Ketchum Town Center is a unique and creative blending of our new Starbucks store with the existing visitor’s center. The objective was to create a community gathering place that would become a hub for locals and visitors alike. Local architect Susan Desko recruited an army of local artisans to volunteer time and materials to build out the visitor’s center and to transform the tired and dated building into a spectacular statement of community and partnership. Local legend Warren Miller’s historic photos are displayed throughout, and a donated photo of local Ernest Hemingway is featured in the meeting room – formerly a bank vault. This store is a true testament to resourcefulness, inventiveness and imagination.


Went to visit Studio Ghibli Exhibition in Taipei yesterday. It was scorching hot and unbelievably crowded! But I manged to hoard some nice stuff at the souvenir shop, including some local artisan’s items at the same location :)

Best hoard of the day is definitely the art book! The amazing concept art and character designs…. *~*  My half-broken phone no longer takes good pictures unfortunately.

send me one dollar on paypal and i'll send you a character trait that you can keep forever and use however you want

example: can’t stop thinking about the potato harvest; has literally never touched a fork in their entire lives; wants their first born child to look and behave exactly like dwight schrute

i will even give you a small blurb explaining why they have that trait

each one will be hand crafted by a local artisan (me) all proceeds go to a very prestigious art institution (me)

my paypal is enelson554@gmail.com and u gotta tell me where to send it (blog url, etc)