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with texting and email and the rise of text-based over voice-based communication

we’ve gone back to the days of writing letters

I didn’t realize it until I was reblogging that last post and the commenter mentioned that, in their mom’s generation, the telephone had supplanted letter-writing so nobody had experience with conversational text forms

but now we do

old letters are full of exclamations, capitals, italics, underlining, and generally things we’re all taught not to do in formal writing but use when talking to each other to convey mood and tone

though text-based conversation is often now in real time, the problems we face and invent ways to overcome (of conveying through text the nuances of speech) are the same as those letter-writers of old dealt with

 and I never thought to notice because very old people are always harping on about how nobody in my generation knows how to send a letter anymore. I never made the connection

my gods. it’s such a fascinating thing. to think that we have more in common, in some ways, with people 150-200 years ago than with our own parents

So I’m going to take my crack at some bios for these new Ken dolls.

First there’s Jayveon. His friends call him Jay. He’s a star forward on the high school basketball team and has a new girlfriend every week but there are rumors that he might be lowkey gay.

Then there’s Mark. Huge Bernie Bro. He frequents the local artisan free trade coffee shop and drinks French press while blogging on his MacBook Pro.

Next up is Carlos. His talents include playing soccer and picking up girls. He loves to say dumb things in Spanish because most girls think it’s the sexiest thing they’ve ever heard.

Then we have Justin, lifeguard at the local pool. Major tool but he does have a girlfriend named Stephanie and he likes to hang out at her dad’s Lakehouse.

Dontaveous is a real enterprising type. Wears dress shirts and ties to class and sometimes glasses even though people say he doesn’t really need them. He dates a white girl.

And finally, Chad. He’s the essence of the basic white boy. His dad’s a lawyer and his mom is a socialite. His parents frequently leave for the weekend and he throws parties at his house that are absolutely the place to be. He doesn’t hold his liquor as well as he thinks.

something that really makes me sad is when artists feel pressured into doing things or when people make young artists feel bad because their skills may not seem up to par with other artists who are more popular. Let me tell you something,

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For the Love of My Life- Pt 2 (End)

Characters: reader x Bucky?, reader x Steve?, reader x Tony(but not really),     Wanda, Natasha, Sam (mentioned)

Summary: Modern AU. Reader is a young actress in her first big role when a man from her past offers a chance to fix her biggest regrets.

Song Inspiration: Cleopatra by The Lumineers

Warnings: sex mentions, fluff, heartbreak?, bit of angst.

Word Count: 4.6k (yeah, the splitting this to make it shorter thing didn’t work out so well. :D )

A/N: This story gripped me tight and wouldn’t let go from the instant I thought of the opening scene. It took on a life of its own and I’m kinda in love with how it’s turned out? I really hope you like it. Apologies that it took longer to post this part! Work and illness made it really difficult, but here it is! Please let me know what you think!! :)

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Steve paused before speaking, unsure how to proceed. “Y/N…is there any way…could I see you again before I leave?” he blurted the last part before he lost his nerve.

You smiled, “I’d like that.”

He sighed in relief, “Okay. I’ll be in touch. Good night, Y/N.”

“Good night, Steve,” you echoed as he pulled you into a lingering hug. He smelled amazing, like Old spice aftershave with an undertone of fresh linen. He watched you climb the stairs and step inside before walking away, your heart rate beginning to slow at last.  


You woke up the next morning alone, stretching spread-eagle across the full surface of the bed with a smile on your face. Last night was unexpected and while you still didn’t know what it all meant, you tried not to overthink things. Stepping out of the shower, you saw a few text notifications on your phone.

Bucky’s read:

Hey babe. Up for Ultimate Frisbee in the park and a few burgers?

then clicking over to Steve’s message:

Good morning, Y/N. Are you free this afternoon?

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Not the most doll related post, but I was visiting a gallery full of local artisans while on vacation in the Sierra mountains, and they had this message posted in their shop. They said I could repost it. I feel the message is a great reminder and is worth spreading around :)  and also I feel it applies to those who make our beloved BJDs (from the single artist to the ‘big’ companies who still use artists to make their sculpts). Not to mention faceup artists, seamstresses and modders. This is a hobby that would not exist without artists :)  

Minnesota-Made Artisanal Cheeses

Our cheese specialists are a remarkable group of experts found in each of our stores. They can help you build a great cheese plate, pick a perfect pairing or find a new, unique cheese to try – including many Minnesota-made options! Take a look at some of our cheese specialists’ favorite Minnesota-made cheeses. See you at the cheese counter!

Ike Wagner
Cheese Specialist, Lunds & Byerlys Northeast Minneapolis

Shepherd’s Way Farms | Nerstrand, MN
When you’re looking for the finest quality locally made artisan cheeses, Shepherd’s Way Farms quickly comes to mind! Steven and Jodi Ohlsen Read use fresh sheep’s milk and world-renowned sustainable farming practices to hand-craft many of Minnesota’s most well-known (and super delicious) farmstead cheeses! From the rich, grassy wood tones of their signature Friesago, to the deep, bold tangy bite of their Big Woods Blue cheese, any of Shepherd’s Way Farms’ family crafted cheeses can add a distinctly Minnesota flair to your meals.

Michael Brantl ACS CCP
Cheese Specialist, Lunds & Byerlys Downtown Minneapolis

Capra Nera Creamery | Altura, MN
I’m pleased to introduce this new Minnesota gem – Contadina goat cheese – from Capra Nera Creamery. I first met Katie Wiste, owner of Capra Nera, last year when she visited my cheese counter. After chatting, she invited our cheese specialists to visit her operation and get our hands in the curd. As a result, we now carry her cheese in five of our stores and we’re lucky to be the exclusive retailer to offer this product in the Twin Cities market. The unpasteurized goat’s milk cheese reminds me of some of the Spanish cheeses of the Basque region. And, did I mention that we got to play with the baby goats on her farm? Welcome, Contadina goat cheese!

Renee Pitman ACS CCP
Cheese Specialist, Lunds & Byerlys Downtown St. Paul

Caves of Faribault | Faribault, MN
The Caves of Faribault are made of St. Peter sandstone, which is uniquely well suited for aging cheese. We sell three cheeses from the caves – Fini Cheddar, St. Pete’s Select Blue and Jeff’s Select Gouda. Fini Cheddar has a nice creaminess-to-sharpness ratio with a hint of mineral in the finish. It’s young enough to melt, but old enough to pack a punch. Use it for mac & cheese or sandwiches. St. Pete’s Select Blue is my go-to all-purpose blue. It’s equally at home on a cheese board or crumbled over a salad. I suggest pairing with candied nuts or anything bacon. And Jeff’s Select Gouda is their newest offering, and it’s a real standout. Its bright orange rind is edible and funky, encasing a paste that’s complex and intense with waves of sweet caramel and salty bouillon flavor and abundant crystallization. This will be the most memorable cheese on your platter. Pair it with fresh berries or chocolate, or my favorite – serve with an artisan summer sausage for an all-out umami bomb!

Lori Yunger ACS CCP
Cheese Specialist, Lunds & Byerlys Roseville

Redhead Creamery | Brooten, MN
Family, passion and happy cows all add up to create a delicious variety of cheeses created by the Redhead Creamery in Brooten, Minnesota. Lunds & Byerlys is proud to carry the wonderful artisanal cheeses from this strong, supportive Minnesota family. One of their signature cheeses – “Little Lucy” – is named after the cheesemaker’s daughter. The smooth, creamy Brie is perfect for 2 to 3 people as an appetizer paired with our L&B pepper jellies. Come in and sample any of their fabulous cheeses at our cheese counter!

Justin Pitman ACS CCP
Cheese Specialist, Lunds & Byerlys St. Louis Park 

Alemar Cheese Company | Mankato, MN
One of my favorite cheeses is Alemar Cheese Company’s Good Thunder. The cheese experts at Alemar start with a beautiful, classic French-style Reblochon (a cheese washed in salt water and cultures) and make the recipe a truly local treat by adding Bender beer – the famous American oatmeal brown ale from Surly. The wash creates a magical mix of pasteurized grass-fed organic milk, cheese making artistry and beer-engineered microbial alchemy resulting in a delectable cheese with a delicate funkiness.

Alicia Baldwin ACS CCP
Lunds & Byerlys Deli Category Specialist 

Stickney Hill Dairy | Rockville, MN
When you step up to a Lunds & Byerlys cheese counter, the endless choices can be intimidating. Our cheese specialists are there to help make the choice easier by introducing you to new finds and their favorites. My local favorite is Stickney Hill Chevre, which comes plain or flavored (honey, herbs or spices). Stickney Hill started locally in 1999 and is now an internationally known manufacturer of goat’s milk cheeses. Last summer our cheese team was invited to visit their new state-of-the-art facility in Rockville and get a behind-the-scenes look at this award-winning operation. We’re very excited to have this amazing artisanal cheesemaker right here in Minnesota. See you at the cheese counter!  

Sao Miguel dos Milagres - Brazil

Located on the North Coast of Brazil, in the state of Alagoas, Sao Miguel dos Milagres is a hidden gem. Still fairly untouched by mass tourism, the area provides long sandy beaches, shaded by coconut palms. Coral reefs are just off shore, creating rockpools and lagoons. Most of the lodgings are locally run B&B’s, many of which face onto the beach. 

At the beach, you can snorkel, dive, kayak, or do just about any other water sport you could image. Alternatively, a short bike ride away, there are many smaller villages to explore nearby, where you can appreciate the arts and crafts of local artisans. 


Moni, belle aux lacs dormants

Angi nous accueille, au milieu des rizières de ses voisins. La vue est belle au petit matin. 4h30, nuit noire. Deux ojek nous font grimper le mont Kelimutu, l'un deux s'appelle Bernard. Il enseigne la religion aux enfants de Moni. On finit à pied le chemin jusqu'au sommet, juste à temps. Le voilà qui s'éveille. Il s'étire en bon empereur, se cache un peu, se découvre. Il tire en s'élevant le manteau gris de la nuit. Les voici : le vert des montagnes, le bleu du lac, le brun de la terre, et l'ocre de la pierre. L'aurore a mille couleurs.

Lorsque le jour illumine enfin les lacs, nous repartons vers Moni.

Nous traversons des cultures, croisons des hommes et des femmes les bras chargés d'eau et de nourriture. Le plus jeune a 4 ans, la plus veille 84. Les dents brunies par le gingembre rouge, la nuque cassée en deux.

“Mister Mister ! Coffee ?” Alfelinus nous invite. Nous présente sa fille, Erylin. Nous sert de son café local, artisanal. Celui qu'il a récolté aux champs, séché, moulu. Il nous habille d'ikat, de sarong. Rigole en nous déguisant. Ses mains tremblent, il a 50 ans, et son corps est épuisé par sa vie de paysan. Des touristes, il en croise de temps en temps. Il leur demande d'écrire quelques mots sur un bout de papier, d'envoyer les photos. Pour remplir sa boîte à trésors. 2014, 2010, 2008. On remonte avec lui le temps, on revit ses rencontres. On lui demande son adresse, et à notre tour, on lui fait des promesses.

“Mister Mister ! Visit the school !” Le professeur nous ouvre les portes de son école. Une vingtaine d'enfants, entre 7 et 10 ans, chemise blanche, bermuda et jupe jaune. 20 sourires timides. Ils entament une chanson, on danse ensemble au rythme des battements de leur pieds. Et c'est mon coeur qui bat avec celui de l'humanité. On prend des claques aujourd'hui. On voit l'effort, la pauvreté, la beauté, la bonté, la générosité, la curiosité. On partage, des regards, des sourires, des pensées. Le temps s'arrête, parmi ces gens qui n'ont rien et qui donnent tout.

MAR ADENTRO:  Located in San José del Cabo on the outer rim of Baja California Sur, built by the skilled hands of local artisans, Mar Adentro forms part of the Mexican desert where physically and psychologically, water is our most precious natural resource. An architecture of sumptuous austerity boasts features that coexist harmoniously with nature. Designed on a human scale, this resort privileges two elements above all else: the horizon and the ocean.  - photography: ©Joe Fletcher

architects: Miguel Angel Aragonés - location: San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico - project year: 2016

I’m about to piss myself laughing i walked into this local Hawaiian artisan shop that does customizable jewelry and there were these two haole girls from ohio or something. they had just sat down to get measured and the artist sprayed her tools to clean them and the girls were like “oh wow what’s that spray?? :0” and the artist was like “this is mist water from mauna kea blessed by local priests” and the girls were SHOOK like “that’s AMAZING!!!! REALLY??” with the most genuine awe and the artist was just like “nah it’s Windex

anonymous asked:

I work in a small gift shop of mostly handcrafted goods made by local artisans and craftspeople. Almost every day I get people people pointing at things saying "hey you could make that yourself!" or taking pictures of things to replicate it themselves. As someone who knows the artists that make these products, it really pisses me off and if I weren't the shop clerk I'd go slap the phone outta their hands and give them a lecture about the value of time, materials, and the necessary skill sets

Jesus Christ that’s what instagram and DIY sites are for. Not places where people are trying to sell their work. That is so damn disrespectful. -Abby


   In a city filled with cold, harsh stone, one section offers stark contrast to the rest of the prison many called home. Filled with trees and foliage, it is beautiful in it’s nature and serenity. In a clearing on the edge of sector six, among all the trees, is a tall structures that do not belong. Mushrooms, hundred times their normal height, tower tall over all those who are brave enough to venture close. There are many of them, all of them meeting in a broken circle. The gap between two rather large mushrooms however isn’t a failed design or empty placeholder for more shrubbery, but an entranceway. A large wooden sign welcomes many others who freely walk into the fairy ring, embraced by the sounds of laughter, wonderful smells, and the colors of spring…

             Welcome to the Flower Festival

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When you buy handcrafted bracelets, you are supporting local artisans from Mexico.
She is Veronica, one of our talented artisan partners 👐🏽💜
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