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Seagull to Sirius 

This broad, beautiful mosaic spans almost 20 degrees across planet Earth’s sky. The nebula-rich region lies near the edge of the Orion-Eridanus superbubble, filled with looping, expanding shells of gas and dust embedded in molecular clouds near the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. Recognizable at the left is the expansive Seagull Nebula, composed of emission nebula NGC 2327, seen as the seagull’s head, with the more diffuse IC 2177 as the wings and body. Some 3,800 light-years away, the wings of the Seagull Nebula spread about 240 light-years, still within our local spiral arm.

The bluish light of Sirius, alpha star of Canis Major and brightest star in the night, easily dominates the scene at right but shines from a distance of only 8.6 light-years. Study the big picture and you should also be rewarded with star cluster Messier 41, also known as NGC 2287, not to mention the mighty Thor’s Helmet.

Rebirth of Chen An: Chapter 20

‘To my knowledge, Lao Zi has not made an appearance for many years.’

Inside the cabin, a small lean man spoke in authentic Cantonese whilst he smoked a cigarette as he cracked opened the crate Chen An bought in for inspection. 

This dark-skinned petite man is named Ah Wei and he is one of Tiger King’s subordinate. He is also the person in charge of carrying out the transaction with Chen An. Although Ah Wei had been active in the Southeast Asian region for several years, but it is not easy to gain the trust of local arm dealers in the various Southeast Asian countries. 

In times like these, they frequently require a middleman with an established reputation in the trade such as Chen An to act as a go-between to make the transaction. 

Tiger King is a mafia boss based in Guangzhou. He was born with the name Wang Guo Wei and started out as a hooligan in his youth. Eventually, with his exceptional intelligence and viciousness, he carved out a name for himself to become the Tiger King he is known today.  

Back in the day, Chen An had used the pseudonym 'Lao Zi’ to conduct business with Tiger King. But as his own business grew, he stopped concerning himself with such small dealings and instead, focused his attentions to Africa and the Middle East. 

'Please help me pass on a message to Master Tiger: If an opportunity ever arises, I would personally pay a visit to him.’

Chen An eyed the open crate of weapons. 'Are there any problems?’

Even though this is Vietnam, it is still wiser to close such business dealings as soon as possible instead of chitchatting and dawdling. 

'I will pass on your message to the boss.’ Ah Wei then gestured to the side and a person soon stepped forward with a small pouch that An Wei tossed towards Chen An.

Bouncing the pouch lightly in his hands, Chen An smiled thinly as he tucked it into his pocket.

Observing this act, Ah Wei asked, 'Aren’t you going to open it?’

'I trust Master Wang’s honor.’

Ah Wei instantly broke into a grin when he heard those words. 'You are doubt Lao Zi’s man. Let’s work together often in the future.’

'Of course.’

After he left the cargo boat, Chen An appeared barely any different from when he had first arrived in Vietnam.  Like a stereotypical tourist, he went about taking photos while he waited at the pier for the ship back to Shanghai.

Overwatch: downtime activities headcanon edition
  • GENJI: meditation, high performance cybernetics magazines, working out the human bits he has left, gay thoughts, secretly keeping Hanzo out of trouble
  • MCCREE: shooting things, calling people 'little lady'(especially large men), shitty beer, tuning his robot arm, talking with genji about tuning his robot arm
  • PHARAH: local bakeries, flying(jet packs OR airplanes), improv theatre(helps her adjust to civilian life),
  • REAPER: field stripping yet another shotgun, plotting revenge
  • SOLDIER 76: if he did have free time, it would involve phrases like 'kids these days' and 'back in my day', also alcoholism.
  • TRACER: pranks, heroism, references to obscure sonic the hedgehog lore, bottling up trauma, LGBT and Omnic Rights activism, seeing what it's like to be a gorilla in VR
  • BASTION: birdwatching, going through car washes, getting repaired, beeping at children
  • HANZO: practicing his archery, angst, vigilante justice, dealing poorly with mental illness
  • JUNKRAT: building things, writing terrible poetry, fighting for australia's future, making people smile, making robots frown(or explode)
  • MEI: puns, tracking down her old scientist friends to see if they're still around, volunteering(heroism isn't all action you know), trying to lose weight
  • TORBJORN: building robots, arguing on the internet about how to build robots, calling his grandchildren on skype(they wish he'd use something more modern), destroying poorly built robots(both physically and verbally), planning ways that Omnics could be made to be useful robots to help humans
  • WIDOWMAKER: well made tea, crossword puzzles, planning her next kill
  • D.VA: starcraft, pretending to have feelings for her fans, being idolized, worrying if people think she's cool, video game addiction
  • REINHARDT: craft beer, protecting the innocent, fashion magazines, driving really fast, being reckless
  • ROADHOG: blowing up robots, telling people why they should be vegan, breaking and entering
  • WINSTON: peanut butter, programming in obscure languages with no practical applications, animals rights activism
  • ZARYA: obscure metal subgenres you've never heard of, weightlifting, girls,
  • LUCIO: music of all sorts, chilling with fans, parkour, audio technology
  • MERCY: landscape painting, cutting things, tinkering with the human body as if it were a machine to be upgraded(she has so many tattoos and piercings and little cosmetic cybernetic enhancements)
  • SYMMETRA: interior design, catfishing losers on dating apps, exotic holographic pornography, optimizing corporate paradigms to promote synergy
  • ZENYATTA: hanging out with children, jokes based on really obscure theological concepts, cold robotic hugs

I want to go different places. I want to go somewhere I can lay on the beach and have the sand burn my skin, to realize that even the most enjoyable things will sting.

I want to go to different places. I want to go somewhere I can walk into a pub and some local wraps an arm around my shoulders and orders me a drink. Some liquid encouragement, because God knows we always need that.

I want to go to different places. I want to go somewhere I can walk in the ocean and see my toes the whole time, where the water is as clear as what I want in life, and as calm as my disposition.

I want to go to different places. I want to go somewhere I can walk into an off-brand coffee shop and smell the different blends on a scale from sweet to bitter, because everyone needs to learn that there would be no sweetness to life if we didn’t know the bitter.

I want to let these places into my mind, I want my mind to travel with me. I want to take in what I feel and how I feel it, I want to be changed. I want to be the bird that strays from the flock, and gains all its knowledge by their own experiences and mistakes.


A Poem I Wrote



I felt an urge to step into the Way Back Machine for a visit to 1981 – the year that fashion forgot – where young Peter in his Han Solo shirt makes his acting (”acting”) debut in front of the moving picture camera.*

His first appearance in his first scene in his first film.  And his very first lines?  Are sung and not spoken and yes the Bowie vocals are in full effect.

But has he ever said one word about this film since?  As far as I know, no.  The official story is still that Local Hero is where it all started and although this irrefutable exists, it still remains unacknowledged. 

(Of course if that has changed since this resurfaced in 2013 and Peter has gone on the record about Joe Edwards, I would love to be updated!) 

*That is until something earlier shows up.  I don’t know that there is anything earlier; but hey, I like to keep my options open.

          this man is battle   -   softened.     one might ask if that is even POSSIBLE,     only to be presented with BEN SOLO.     the light had long dissipated from behind honeyed hues,     an deep gauge running the DIAGONAL length across defined features.     dark rings could be mistaken for ruptured capillaries,     heightening the seeming DEATH that clung to him.     he has only been home a WEEK     &     finds difficulty in sliding back into a normal life     ;     finds it hard to close his EYES without reliving each instant over again like a scratched disc.     sure,     the VA had bestowed the veteran with a service dog,     but he still found himself awake in the late hours of the NIGHT. 

           HENCE WHY     ben chooses to stride warily to the local coffee shop,     arm through the loop of UPSILON’S leash.     settling at the counter,     the veteran CANNOT bring himself to look upward,     in fear that he’d catch wind of the revolting remarks made about him behind his back.     instead,     he fiddles with the BRIGHTLY COLORED bandages encasing slender fingers,     in which covered measly paper cuts     &     scuffs     ———-     the lesions of WAR left uncovered.