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a few more fun easter eggs!

the lovely @ ifwethinkandwishandhopeandpray pointed out to me that this picture at 1:32 is of the gorgeous (and beautiful, amazing, incredible, iconic) Rihanna at Paris Fashion Week in March of this year!

the Rihanna association continues! (I’m not complaining!! keep it comin’!! haha)

also, as I pointed out, the article at 1:47 is a write-up about the new Broadway production of Young Frankenstein. A couple people have discussed the fact that one of the most famous numbers from that show is this little ditty:

that’s all! (for now)

Exert: In honor of Black History Month…

Born on November 9, 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio, Dorothy Dandridge sang at Harlem’s famed Cotton Club and Apollo Theatre and became the first African-American woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for best actress for her role in the 1954 block buster hit “Carmen Jones”.

Dorothy has been called “one of the most stunning women who ever lived.” But her vocal and acting talents were legendary as well. Dandridge was pushed into show business at a young age by her mother and performed with her sister Vivian until her teenage years. Although her later years were troubled and her life was cut short on September 8, 1965 at the age of 42, her body of work has been an inspiration to many. Her ability to break new ground for African American women in film has drawn comparisons between her and baseball great Jackie Robinson.

les mis modern au where les amis are a really dedicated group of thespians in a low budget city community theatre

the triumvirate being theatre nerd friends who all decide to try out for the play at the theatre and are shocked when they all get casted and eventually they grow as a group

feuilly joining because enjolras thought he’d be good at set/lighting design, and once bahorel shows him the ropes he’s awesome at it. When they work together they can make the stage look stunning even if all they have to work with is paint, paper clips and a cardboard box.

joly & bossuet love playing comedic relief roles, and they especially nail the Shakespearean ones. When they play the gravediggers in hamlet they bring down the house every night.

musichetta being the wonderful supportive gf that she is does everyones makeup

jehan makes all the costumes. there’s never a shortage of glitter. 

eponine is a local favorite as an actress and has a gift for playing complex characters. she also has a powerhouse singing voice, goddamn. also gav tagging along sometimes to help paint sets

courfeyrac bringing marius along because he knows marius needs something to do in his free time and also marius can definitely be Dramatique. no surprise when marius’s soliloquy delivery goes hard as hell.

cosette playing the piano accompaniment when they decide to do a musical

grantaire as the member who only ever played small background roles and was surprised the first time he was cast as a lead. they put on The Odd Couple and he and enj played oscar and felix. for reasons no one could name, they would repeatedly sneak backstage during rehearsals.


Poly Hamilsquad x Reader






You counted the number of soulmate tattoos that adorned your wrist. Small ones, they werent very showy and elaborate.

Polyamorus soulmates were rare, but they did come up. However, you hadn’t heard of anyone having 4 soulmates since the revolutionary war era.

Yet here you were. Four soulmate tattoos settled on the skin of your right wrist. They each had a special meaning from your soulmate.

One was a quill, another a sword. The third was a spool of thread and the fourth was a pistol.

Whoever these people were, they seemed like quite the bunch. You were very eager to meet them. You wondered what your tattoo was on their wrists.

Maybe some headphones or a music note. That was what a lot of people suggested. It made sense, you had been into music and theater since you were a child.

Speaking of which, you needed to get off to play practice. You would have to worry about it later.

Today was the first day of rehearsal for the new play that you would be staring in.



“Hey there Herc,” the stage manager called as the tailor entered the building.

“What’s up?” Hercules replied as he set down his bag at his sewing station. He was the costume designer for the new production at the theater in his local town.

“The actress playing Heather McNamara got here today. You can take her measurements whenever.”

Hercules nodded and grabbed his notebook.

“Do you know where I can find her?”

“Out in the lobby, warming up. She’s a little standoffish, but I think she’ll be nice. Good luck.”

The stage manager walked away and Hercules grabbed his notebook and measuring tape. He wandered out into the lobby trying to look for this new chick.

Suddenly, a burning sensation was felt on his right wrist. When he looked down he noticed that one of his soulmate tattoos was glowing. The treble clef tattoo.

He shot his head up, scouring the lobby to see if anyone else was experiencing the same situation as he was. They had to be around here somewhere!

Then he noticed a girl sitting on the ground near the drinking fountains, staring at her wrist in shock. Her head shot up and their eyes met with Herc’s.

“Wow,” Hercules breathed.

“Wow to you too,” she breathed back.

Hercules extended a hand helped his soulmate up. Well, one of his soulmates.

The two of them stood their staring at eachother before Herc shot his hand out.

“Hi, I’m Hercules Mulligan. But you can call me Herc.”

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

Neither of them knew what to say otherwise.

“Well,” Y/N laughed nervously. “One down and three to go I guess.”


“John!” Lafayette called as he ran into the bedroom that he shared with one of his soulmates. The only one that he actually knew about though. They still had three more to find.

“What’s up?” John asked as he looked up from his book.

“I got us tickets to go see Heather’s when it opens at the nearby theater!”


Lafayette jumped up onto the bed and curled into John’s side.

“It’ll be the perfect night out.”

“It definitely will be,” John replied, giving Laf a small kiss on the lips.

“In two months.”


“Will I always be alone? My family gone, my soulmates nowhere to be found? Am I destined for a life of loneliness?” a sleep deprived writer sobbed softly at his desk.

“Don’t worry son. You’ll find them eventually,” an older gentleman told his young prodigy.

The man sniffled and lifted his head.

“Don’t call me son.”


“Are you ready cupcake?” Hercules asked Y/N as he made last minute fixes to her costume.

“I guess,” she replied, tugging the skirt down a little bit. She bit her lip, betraying her nervousness.

“You’re going to do great. I believe in you,” Hercules said, pressing a kiss to his soulmate’s cheek.

“Thank you Herc. I love you.”

“I love you too.”


“LET’S GO!” Lafayette yelled as he ran down the street towards the theater.

John chuckled. He watched his soulmate run away in excitement. Today was the first date that they had been on in a while.

And while they enjoyed each other’s presence while on these dates, there was always the hole where three other people were supposed to be. They couldn’t wait until they found their other significant others.

“I love you Lafayette.”

“I love you too John.”


“Have fun tonight!” Martha called to Alex as he walked out the front door.

He gave his mother figure a wave as he left to go to the theater. He was told to write an article about the opening of Heathers.

He sighed and made his way down the street. He glanced at the tattoos that adorned his wrists.

What he wouldn’t give to be able to go with someone else at this time. He didn’t think he’d ever been so lonely.


“That’s my girl!” Herc cheered from backstage as he watched Y/N take a bow.

As the curtains closed she ran over to him and jumped into his arms.

“You were amazing!” Hercules told her as he spun around. “Alright, now we gotta go to the lobby and greet everyone who came.”  

Y/N nodded and they walked out hand in hand.

As they were meeting everyone that came to the production, the rest of Y/N and Hercule’s tattoos began to glow.

They were all in the same room.

Both Y/N and Hercules rushed into the crowd looking for their soulmates.

They had to be here somewhere.

Y/N turned towards a young man behind her and noticed him staring at his wrist. Two more young men came rushing towards the already gathered trio, their wrists were glowing as well.

“Holy shit,” the freckled one said, looking at the group. The glowing of the tattoos started to go down.

“I found you guys. Oh my god, you guys… I’ve found you.”

Y/N, looked at the group, the love on everyone’s faces as they took everything in.

A smile crossed her face.

“I love you guys.”

They all looked back at her.

“We love you too.”

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SHINee’s Minho Brought Home a Special Award at Indonesian Television Awards 2017

Jakarta, 2017SHINee’s Minho surprised fans with his appearance at Indonesian Television Awards 2017, an annual celebration held by MNC, one of the biggest broadcasting and media companies in the country. Actor Jin Goo attended this event last year and this year, they invited Minho as a special guest star on September 20, 2017, gaining interest from his fans and to flock the building to catch a glimpse of the said idol.

Despite the rain, Minho walked on the black carpet in a dazzling black suit and greeted the MC of the event. He expressed his excitement to meet Indonesian fans, although it was not his first time visiting the country. Not only at the black carpet, he also interacted with fans during rehearsal and spread his brilliant smiles to those who screamed his name and waited patiently for him at the venue.

Not only from fans, the local actors and actresses attending the event were also bedazzled by his charm when he entered the venue and joined them. They asked him to take a few selfies together, and female artists also gushed over how handsome he was up close. No doubt, the rapper of SHINee stole the entire spotlight of that night’s event.

Indonesian Television Awards is held annually as a form of appreciation to the programs and entertainers that fill the entertainment industry with quality contents. Various awards are presented, such as ‘The Most Popular Morning Program’, ‘The Most Popular Drama Program’, ‘The Most Popular Non-drama Program’, and ‘The Most Popular Program Host’. Through this grand event, they hope to boost the productivity and quality in television broadcasting industries and keep inspiring younger generations in the country to reach their goals and achievements.

Minho got up on the stage to announce ‘The Most Popular Prime Time Drama Program’ and personally handed the trophy to the winner. He also received a special award for his vigorous efforts and active presence in the entertainment industry for 9 years, especially in various Korean dramas such as ‘To the Beautiful You’, ‘Hwarang’, and ‘Somehow 18’. “Thank you for the enormous welcome (for me). I feel grateful for receiving this precious award, thank you,” said Minho when he delivered his acceptance speech.

We would like to thank MNC Corporation and Indonesian Television Awards for the invitation to cover this event.

Article: Tsurayya
Photo by: AF & AA

So it seems that a lot of fans don’t like Kaede’s english ‘no, that’s wrong!’

I wouldn’t know at first - having played the demo and gotten to know and love the characters with their Japanese voices - but I just looked it up on Youtube…

… I mean, it’s not bad but I feel like it lacks any fire. It’s more Kyoko than Ann, I guess?

Any opinions on this? I would love to talk about this and see what people think of the line in English ^^

(for those of you who are curious, in the Japanese version, Kaede is more polite and says it in the same tone as Makoto did in the first game ^^)

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(( I haven’t considered their regionality etc. okay, basta as long as their looks are almost similar, or identical, I take it //slapped ))

(( Swerte nalang yung same sila ng city or region based, eheheh //slapped ))

(( So I know for the Philippines, lots of peeps commented on Coco Martin as similar to Philippines and stuff, but idk, I saw the likeness more in Zanjoe Marudo -ALSO THE HEIGHT, THO ZANJOE IS 6'0’’ WHILE EMILIO’S LIKE 5'10’’ YEAH- .))

(( I actually asked the Local Actor/Actress experts in the house to help me because I DON’T REALLY KNOW THE NAMES, ONLY FACES OF ACTORS HHAHAHAHAHAHA I’M NOT A big watcher of local shows nowadays orz ))

-PAULO AVELINO (Manila): why not //slapped hard ANYWAY, I saw the likeness in the semi-messiness of hair, and how he played this boss I forgot the series, but yeah, and he wore them glasses nicely. Then the smirk and poses. Very Manila for me.

-EULA CABALLERO (Cebu): Face shape and the cutesy smile, also she’s not too white like other actresses ahashdflkdlk j. AND I GOT TOLD THAT SHE’S A CEBUANA SO I WAS LIKE WOOHOO BONUS POINTS //kicked.

-DIEGO LOYZAGA (Davao): THE SMILEEEEEEEEEE. And luckily, the hair he sports in most shows! :D ! Skin tone is hecka fine too tho. And he’s a really nice guy from what I heard.


-SHAINA MAGDAYAO (Luzon): HOLY, WHEN I SAW HER IN GLASSES I JUST, THAT’S LUZON RIGHERE!!!! XDD And she has raven hair then basta. Pang-Luzon talaga hahah h

-JC DE VERA (Visayas): ACTUALLY THE LONGEST TO LOOK FOR A LOOK-ALIKE WAS VISAYAS’ CUZ, IT’S HARD TO LOOK FOR BABY-FACE-ISH brown tone Filipino actors, with more round/almond eyes. I don’t know, I just found it in him, the likeness. AND THEY HAVE ALMOST SAME HEIGHTS. Visayas being 5'5’’ while JC is 5'6’’-ish



-ZANJOE MARUDO (The Philippines): C'MON. I CRIED WHILE LOOKING FOR EMILIO’S LOOK-ALIKES. OTL Then I rememebered him from several shows, I actually followed this actor back then, he’s a really flexible actor. So nice nice. He’s also a lil chubby on the sides but still rocking them abs so yep. THAT’S VERY EMILIO, was what I shouted in my mind. And he makes funny faces. His roles are not too serious. AHHHH AND THE HEIGHT YES. ok I’m done. //kicked out


“Thomas” - [ Tom H. - October/Halloween one shot ].

Summary: Thomas was born in 1851. He died in 1886 but continued to walk the earth as something other than human. This is him telling his story.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Fun fact: I wrote this story in High School for my Literature class. It was originally called “Alistair”. It’s been changed for this blog. 

Notes: Horror.




Another day ends and its overwhelming light dies as the sun sets. Night time comes, an eternal cycle, for me at least.

I was born in London, 1851. My mother was a local theater actress, and my father was the pianist of the plays she starred in.  They married young but he was 3 years older than her. Father taught me how to play, and after living with them for 20 years, I finally decided it was time to leave the nest, and travel so I could discover what I wanted in life.

I was in Mexico and Brazil before I went back to Europe to visit Italy, Rome, Greece, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany. I didn’t go back to London until I was 23 years old, and I ended up charging for piano lessons at home. Throughout the years, I discovered that nothing truly satisfied me more than music… that was until I met her.

Elizabeth was a student of mine. She was a breathtakingly beautiful 18-year-old girl, and a much more talented pianist than I was. I was beyond mesmerized… I felt as if my heart would jump out of my chest every time I looked at her. I was 15 years older than her. 33-year-old-me courted her of course. We went on promenades on most evenings, we dined every now and then, until I confessed my love and she reciprocated.

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This actress here, who is on screen doing an absolutely brilliant job, she was a local actress that I hired, I believe she lives in Dallas, her name is Melissa McBride and she did such a great job in this scene playing this to everyone who’s watching - I mean look at the crowd she’s playing to. In between takes I had my most experienced actors coming up to me and whispering in my ear saying, ‘wow, this woman is awesome where did you find her?’ Well, it was really just luck because she was on the tape auditions given to us by the local casting director, one of many, and she had come in to read for a one or two line little part, but I thought she was so good I asked them to have her back to read for this part to see how she would do, and she really nailed it, the audition was thrilling, but what she did on set was even more thrilling. Everyone was just so captivated by her work that when she was done, when we were done with this part of the scene and I called a cut, everybody, the whole store burst into applause. The cast, the crew, extras… sustained applause. Melissa was very moved… It was a great moment because it was just an outpouring of approval and affection for someone who had done such a good job and it was a very spontaneous gesture as well.
—  Frank Darabont - Commentary on ‘The Mist’ about Melissa McBride.
Celebrity encounters

So I met a celebrity tonight.

I attended a ticketed Democrat fundraiser tonight at the home of a local party bigwig with actress Kristin Davis (from Sex and City, which I have never watched). I was kind of relieved it wasn’t someone I was super fangirly about because then I’d be…well, super fangirly. I was mostly interested in meeting local people in the Democratic party.

First of all there were about 30 people there in this amazing home in a very posh (but quirky) part of town and all but like 3 were women. A whole crowd of women of varying ages and backgrounds talking politics and being awesome. I knew nobody but everybody seemed super open to just chatting with new people so that’s what I did. I talked to a woman who’s a regional finance chair for the campaign, and a few of the campaign staffers who were there for the event, as well as some local women there for the same reason as me.

Kristin Davis arrived not long after the event began. She was very nice and made sure to get around and meet everyone there. She was very engaged with our political purpose. I didn’t impose, I was chatting with a lot of people - and frankly, while I know who she is, I never really watched SATC so I didn’t feel a lot of urgency. Near the end of the night she ended up chatting with two women I had been talking to. Midway through she said to me “We haven’t met yet! I think you’re the only person I haven’t met!” We chatted for about ten minutes about voter registration and  what we all did for a living and I’m currently having that thing where I look back and wonder if I was being totally conversation-dominating but there’s nothing for it now, heh. We also talked about Christian Siriano a little. Kristin was saying that she had a few dresses from Ivanka’s line and she wasn’t going to wear them anymore, I said “Christian Siriano!” and she went on about Michelle Obama’s dress at the DNC.

Anyway. Of course I had to get a photo.

Frogman News

I’ve been doing okay. My health wobbled for a minute there, but I think I am still doing better now that I have the SAD lamp. I also added some medication to the mix that is helping with my depression. 

Money is a big worry at the moment. With BarkBox dropping the sponsorship I may have to do something I haven’t done before. Pay late. I’ve been managing a low income for decades. I even figured out how to buy some nice things through doing odd jobs and saving strategies. And I also have been able to pay my bills on time. I have been pretty proud of that. I have a substantial amount of medical debt. And I haven’t really paid off any of it in years. But I make the minimum payments every month–on time. 

That may have to change for a while. I can’t seem to get very many photography clients, as I am still just starting out, and I don’t know if I am going to have enough to pay for food AND pay my medical bills. 

It will probably only be for a month or two and honestly it isn’t the end of the world. But, like I said, I was proud to have never made a late payment. Like, even though I have been through all this shit and could have easily headed toward bankruptcy over the years… I figured it out and did at least ONE adult thing. I payed my bills on time. 

In other news… I AM GOING TO A PLAY! My very good friend is a local actress and I have been wanting to see her perform sooo much. I finally decided that snow or shine, good health or bad health, I am going to go see my friend. Car rides are hard. Not being able to lie down for several hours is hard. Keeping my attention and concentration intact is hard. But the decision to go see my friend perform… that was easy. The play is Thursday and I can’t wait. I’m going to turn off my little world of problems and enjoy life for a bit. 

I’m trying to add more cosplay to my portfolio. I don’t quite have enough yet. If you have a costume and are near St. Louis, I would consider shooting you for free. It has to be a badass costume though. 

I am going to do a cosplay myself. I am working on a cool Finn costume. I’m going to try custom making a sword. Cold Steel makes these practice swords and it turns out it looks a helluva lot like Finn’s yellow sword. I made a wishlist for the items I need. If any of you want to help see the Finn cosplay come to life. I am going to do some cool things photographically. And Otis will be my canine companion. 

I feel like I sort of missed the mark on my last two Frog Shorts comics. I am sorry about that. I try to make sure my writing is of a certain quality and I was having a really bad health week when I wrote those. I promise that the future ones will be a lot funnier. I think my batting average is pretty good, and it is really hard not to make a stinker every once in a while. I just wish they hadn’t been back to back like that. 

My assistant is coming to visit in March. We are going to work on starting a Patreon. While I could probably just do one to keep the site going, I am going to try and make it a little more ambitious. We want to fund two new comics. Redesign the site. And we want to hire a person to help us find better content. Fresher content. Maybe make brand new gifs. If people are willing to give us a little each month, I am going to do my damnedest to give them the best website we can produce. If we get enough funding, I promise that we will have a positive, fun, happy place with tons of original content and freshly found content from around the internet. We’ve been working so hard to build the infrastructure for this new version of thefrogman.me. We are nearly ready to start acting on some of our goals. It’s going to be exciting. And I promise folks are going to love it. 

And of course we are working hard on the pin-up photoshoot. We are making costumes and shopping at thrift stores. I am designing lighting schemes and coming up with battleplans. We shoot March 7-8 and I cannot wait. I am going to do everything in my power to make these the most fantastic photos I have ever taken. 

anonymous asked:

The ask you answered yesterday about Colin leaving the show if he feared for his family gave me the creeps because of the CS mention. I don't like CS or Hook but by no means would I want that character to be written away because Colin feels his family is in danger and has to leave Vancouver. I would rather continue seeing Hook every Sunday night than have that happen and I hope most SQers feel the same way.

I think that feeling is pretty wide spread.  Colin is a real person and his family are real people and for the most part I think the SQ community is fond of him as a person.  It’s really not an issue about a ship war, but about humanity.  The friend who I passed on information about a (probably not serious) death threat to told me that they ended up having to call another studio because a fan was threatening to poison an actress’ shampoo.  

Now that obviously sounds like a crazy plan but it’s specific and the person local to the actress and so security had to be contacted.  And that poor woman likely wont ever look at shampoo the same way again.