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Lying is the Worst Thing a Man Can Do

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our Hell”

- Oscar Wilde

Heavy feet trudged tiredly up the stairs, pace decreasing the higher they got. At the final step was a stumble, looking like the feet were about to collapse, but composure was regained minimally, and carried on.

Twenty steps to get up the stairs, twenty four to make it to his bedroom. Six from the threshold to the bed. One step of closing his eyes, and he was done. He could do this.

No, he couldn’t. He couldn’t do this anymore. It was just too much. The expectations and tolls of the free world, the citizens of the world’s superpower, the standards held by other nations all rested on his shoulders. Too much. He couldn’t keep doing this, but his feet had set to autopilot long ago, and just carried him on.

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Physical Motivation

Red Velvet Pancakes/Veggie Burgers

Rating is basically PG, but it does have profanity

“I’m not doing this,” a gruff, somewhat monotonous voice stated. Additionally, he gave his brother a raised eyebrow and the beginning of a glare from his tired-looking eyes. Matt’s brother had been giving him a shit-eating grin with nothing to say for a solid minute, occasionally wiggling his own dark brows. Matt had been doing what he could to use his height and look past him and onto the football field, but it did no good.

Especially considering there was an adorable blond Canadian stretching his long, graceful dancer’s limbs straight ahead.

Which was most likely why his brother, Tommy, was looking at him like that.

“You have to. It’s mandatory,” Tommy informed Matt. “Pass er fail.”

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