loc nar


You know what sucks? Cracking open an admittedly banged up old pulp magazine…and realizing that fifty years ago someone used it as an ashtray.


It does have a great Allen Anderson cover though, and a Ray Bradbury short called Death-by-Rain, so it’s not all bad:)

Honestly, at first i didn’t know what to write here other than “Sorry!” And then it came to me…

Did you ever see the movie Heavy Metal? Animated scifi anthology for mature viewers, where a malicious orb called The Loc-nar appears in each story, causing havoc & evil?

Well…what if the Loc-nar got into this magazine?? Look at those pages again! In the first story it causes war on Mars, then turns a humble alien plant into a carnivorous beast, why, in the final story it seems to burn a man’s heart out!

Not to mention the story titles, Moon of Treason? Suicide Command? Flowering Evil?!

Pure other-dimensional HATE.

Planet Stories, Summer, 1950.

The Cursed Pulp….or i got ripped off:)


Deities and Demigods: Loc-Nar (Heavy Metal Movie)

Titles: The Cosmic Death, Nyarlothotep, Eldritch Orb, The Devil, Great Evil.

Home: ????

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Portfolio:  Terror, Death, Madness, Corruption

Worshipers:  Power hungry madmen, psychotics, mutants, deranged and evil people.

Cleric Alignments: True Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil

Domains: Evil (Fear), Death (Murder), Madness (Nightmare), Destruction (Torture), Void (Dark Tapestry)

Favored Weapon: Battleaxe


No one is quite sure where The Great Evil came from, but its corrosive touch spans far into the universe.  It is said that its travels span several millennium across the spans of space itself.  Thanks to its eldritch power, several civilizations have destroyed others, while many have fallen from using the orb’s power itself.  While many loons worship this strange being, its presence in any nearby reality is a sign of the end times.