lobsters are red

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OMFG, another T'Challa vs. Erik idea that popped in my head: So, T'Challa is a BILLIONAIRE, but...where/how has Erik been making bank since he was exiled? I betchu he'll be out on a date w/his gal and say some shit like, "Bae, I'm sorry it's McDonalds again. We COULDA done Red Lobster, but SOMEONE stole the throne from me. Imma fix that, tho..."


When I was in highschool, my culinary teacher gave me the greatest gift of all- the actual recipe from red lobster, he worked there for a little bit. I haven’t made a batch in forever but I’m excited.


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And thus begins when the gal leaves Erik for T'Challa. She gets Red Lobster, better head, and better MAN like she deserves. Before yet another fight w/T'Challa, Erik asks, "Does he REALLY do you better than me? Huh?" She just turns to him and asks right back: "Do you see me walking this fine morning? No, you do not."

Why are you like this? Like why you doin this to me, sis? It’s gotta be to tell this other people what the deal is. Because I already know T’Challa is the well rounded man that I need.

We gotta get these other people on the right track.

~Mod Lillian

I feel like if Kara Danvers ran up to me on the street and asked me to do something outrageous, I wouldn’t even question it. She could give me a handful of lobsters and tell me I had to help her free them and I would without a doubt take them and ignore the nearby red lobster with the yelling employee. I wouldn’t hesitate. If she wants the lobsters freed, then damn it, the lobsters will be freed.

coming out to strangers (starkid edition)

today i was at red lobster (with my grandma) and i just randomly started singing


and our waitress comes up and literally screams:


and me and this 24 year old waitress bonded over avpm in 30 seconds. she shared her love on darren criss and i told her i was more of a lauren lopez type of person….

i literally told someone i was gay in front of my grandma (whom i am very not out to) in starkid language…

props to me!

Sana’s ability to play it cool when she talks to Yousef equally matched by his complete inability to play anything cool when he is in the general vicinity of her.