lobsters are red

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I can't believe niriall aka the meta is actually a red lobster cheddar biscuit hiding as a Olive Garden bread stick.

That’s kind of insulting considering Olive Garden bread sticks are superior….


In case you need somewhere to go today/tonight:

  • The Melting Pot
    • Christmas Eve menus and hours change by location.
  • Waffle House
    • Open every day of the year at every hour
  • IHOP
    • Open 24/7, it’s never a bad time to stuff your face with seasonal dark chocolate peppermint pancakes.
  • Olive Garden
    • Closing hours will vary by location.
  • Benihana
    • Check with your local restaurant for hours.
  • Ruth’s Chris Steak House
    • Starting at 2 p.m., Ruth’s Chris will be sizzling up steaks, sides and sweets for Christmas Eve.
  • Cheesecake Factory
    • Hours will change by location, and a company representative recommends calling your local restaurant for hours.
  • Chipotle
    • Chipotle representative confirmed that Chipotle restaurants will be open on December 24, but close at 3 p.m. in their respective time zones. Chipotle will be closed Christmas Day.
  • Red Lobster
    • A representative for Red Lobster confirmed that the restaurant will be open on Christmas Eve, but closed Christmas Day.
  • Starbucks 

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your art is really cute!! i wish i could draw people that well! so in the doodle of nursey and dex where dex is eating biscuits from red lobster, is that an intentional reference to the beyonce lyrics about taking a guy to red lobster? because that's where my mind went straight away (and then to dex's back story with fishing etc) and it just made me laugh and brightened my day a little because nurseydex is so good and it'd be so funny


they get kicked out like 10 min later bc nursey cant stop singing the song but thats ok bc dex snags the biscuits

inspired by this post!


Damn INCM back at it again with the RT related shitposts