lobsterdance productions

The Last Hope


50 Years of Guarding the Universe

An American Doujinshi by Matt Frank and Josh Bugosh

In the year 1965, from the depths of an arctic glacier, awoken by an accidental atomic explosion, came crawling the Friend of all Children, the Guardian of the Universe, the Terrible Terrapin of Tokyo, GAMERA. Sweeping the Japanese box office, and quickly becoming an pop culture icon in his own right, Gamera captured the hearts of kaiju fans the world over, both young and old. After 12 feature films, Gamera’s 50th anniversary is upon us in the year 2015…and any rumors of a celebratory film were quickly silenced. As the months march on, it seems less and less likely that the mighty reptile will recieve his due, even as the kaiju genre enjoys a resurgeance in popularity.
Ergo, kaiju artist Matt Frank, best known for his work on IDW Publishing’s various Godzilla comic series, has begun work on a standalone story, The Last Hope. Intended to be produced as a one-shot, self-published comic, The Last Hope is a purely fan-made, unauthorized celebration of the Gamera legacy.
Frank has also partnered with the fresh talent of Josh Bugosh, an up-and-coming writer with Lobsterdance Productions, who will be penning the story, based on a concept by Frank.

The Last Hope focuses on what may have transpired in the time before Gamera was known to the modern world - the great civilization that once thrived on Earth thanks to their alchemical command of Mana, the planet’s life energy. However, their decadence and complacency has given way to disaster, as monstrous serpents rise to wreak havoc on their world. To combat this threat, they create monsters of their own - winged beasts of war to wipe out their enemies. But will this savior give way to a new threat, one they cannot control? Will their hope lay in one last creation? Or will they fall to the shadow of evil?

Crafted in the style of classic Japanese manga, and penned with the flair of an epic poem, The Last Hope is PLANNED TO BE available online in its entirety in mid-July. It is also PLANNED TO BE available in printed form exclusively at conventions attended by Frank and will not be for sale online. The printed version will contain much more material, however, including concept art and testimonials from the team.
Everything here is subject to change, so stay tuned for more info!