lobster skirt

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I gotta ask... could you please do a tutorial on how to draw Trinity Prime sorta like how you did with Volt Prime? I've been having the worst time trying to draw her (especially her skirt), and some pointers for would help!

Hello! I wouldn’t call it a tutorial, but I’ll try to make a little batch like that? X)

Again, some knowledge of human anatomy, simplification and references+more references.

I hadn’t really drawn fullbody of Trinity Prime before, so it’s kinda useful to me as well. She has lots of details, giving a bit of additional body bulk in form of armour/decorative pieces.

Sorry, the ref screens I’ve had are of my trinity with naberus shoulders, please ignore that.

some guidelines in red.
There used to be a codex glitch that was kinda handy in begin able to see how much her skirt/lobster butt adds to the figure.

it’s made of a few layers + golden dangles adding weight. I’m not entirely sure if they are attached to the lobster/insect carapace or to the fabric due to the clipping issues it has! It’s more likely part of the carapace, not like i drew it RIP. sorry for the error.

Her helmet has a lot of detail too, I chose to build it upon a base (red) then add the faceplate and the rest.

mmm sorry for not including some smaller details, she just has so much, it’d be quite a long post.

Hope that this helps ;u;