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The Mechanics of Poetry

Me, Friday morning: Hah, I know what I’m going to do! I’m gonna write a short 1k story about how Dex figures out Nursey doesn’t know how to drive.
Me, Friday night: Ha, but wouldn’t it be funny if I extended it? And it got weird into unrequited love and mild angst and family problems and then Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were there and –
Me, Tuesday afternoon: …fuck.
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Nursey’s first instinct is to avoid Dex. The last three hours from Portland to Dex’s house are filled with Dex arguing about why it’s essential that Nursey know how to drive, even if he doesn’t get a licence while Nursey argues about how monumentally stupid it would be for a person with his proclivities to have working knowledge of a car. His argument of “Bro, there’s a reason there’s Nursey Patrol at every Haus party” is circumvented by Dex pointing out that starting in August they’ll both be living in the Haus anyway. His additional point of, “I’m so clumsy I accidentally hit someone on the other side of an empty room once,” is met with the calm assertion that as long as he thinks of it like he does skating, he’ll be fine. “But brah, there are body checks and we’re d-men. It’s actually encouraged for me to run into people on the rink.”

The problem is, both Nursey and Dex are stubborn. Nursey might be good at avoiding doing things he doesn’t want to, but Dex is probably even more stubborn than he is. But if he can avoid Dex entirely, then surely he’ll get out of this impromptu driver’s ed.

He quickly realises this is an absolutely stupid plan as soon as they drive up to the Poindexter house. Dex’s grandma is waiting for them on the front porch and she pulls Dex into a tight hug, tells him he’s too skinny, and then hugs Nursey. He can’t remember the last time an authority figure hugged him unless he counts his hockey captains, and it’s a little weird. Even Granny Poindexter doesn’t really deter Nursey from his initial plan to avoid Dex. What does is the fact Nursey’s going to be crashing in Dex’s room for the foreseeable future.

“I’m top bunk,” Dex says, dropping his bag and stretching his hands over his head.

“Cool,” Nursey says, dropping his bag on the bottom bunk. He’s pretty sure it used to belong to one of Dex’s older brothers who has since moved to somewhere more civilised.

“William! The refrigerator is making the noises again!” Granny Poindexter calls from downstairs.

“Better go help, William,” Nursey says, smirking at him.

Dex narrows his eyes and heads out of the room.

That’s the other problem with his plan to avoid Dex in order to get out of driver’s ed – he doesn’t actually want to avoid him.

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