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Alright, this is what's going to happen:

My last post was not about quitting… it’s about trying to come up with a solution because ignoring hateful anons sometimes isn’t enough. And no, I don’t feel bad, I’m just fucking tired of fighting so we can all enjoy fiction. Alright, that’s over then. No more explanations. Whoever gets it, good… whoever doesn’t: blocked.

I’m going to tone it down next week. Some controversial requests might have to wait longer. And from now on, I’m going to add a million warnings to the imagines with strong content. If people still click on them and bitch, that’s their problem and they’ll only look like idiots. Also, hateful messages will be blocked or I might start answering with a childish gif. Childish asks will get childish answers.

I’m certainly not going to stop writing whatever the fuck I want because that’s not me but I’ll find the humor in this, as usual. I’m also not going to explain myself anymore. Send hate or stupid shit, and you’ll get blocked.

This is MY BLOG, and I’m done being nice. So to all of those out there trying to tell me what or what not to post, what’s right or what’s wrong in FICTION… guess what?


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Paul is doing everything he can to smear Dom’s name, going to extreme lengths to bully her and have everyone isolate her because he KNOWS she’s right about him.

He got what he wanted, she’s going home. Now it’s just him being desperate. He wants to erase any positive feeling anyone has toward Dominique by making everyone else have the same hateful hive mind against her.

These people are too stupid to realize that this kind of behavior is a clear sign that he’s guilty.

A wounded dog is gonna howl.