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How do you feel about the animation changes on Star Vs?

I like animation in season 2, a lot. Mercury Filmworks episodes’ had more details in the animation, and got a little bit crazier with the faces, but I like the way the characters are drawn in season 2 more, especially in Rough Draft Korea episodes.

This was the short answer. But you know that I always have to talk a fucking lot, so I’ll take this opportunity to make a short post about SVTFOE animation:

The show, so far, has been animate by four different studios:

- Mercury Filmwork, episode 1 to 5 season 1, animating completely digitally (in Toon Boom), using “puppets”.

- Toon City, episodes 6 to 13. Digital animation, but drawn frame by frame, without using puppets (except, maybe, for Lobster Claws, Fortune Cookies and Royal Pain. They look tweened)

- Rough Draft Korea, Blood Moon Ball (just some scenes), My New Wand, Ludo In The Wild, Mr. Candle Cares, Red Belt, Star on Wheels, Starstruck, Camping Trip, By the Book, Game of Flags, Girls Day Out, Friendenemies, Hungry Larry, Spider With a Top Hat.
Traditional animation on paper (then colored and edited digitally). This is my favorite style so far. The animation is not as detailed as Mercury Filmworks, but the characters are drawn in an adorable way, maybe closer to the original designs for the show compared to any other studio.

- Sugarcube, Fetch, Star Vs Echo Creek, Wand to Wand, Starsitting, On The Job, Goblin Dogs, Sleepover, Gift of the Card. Digital animation with “puppets”. Since it’s completely digital, just like Mercury, the models are extremely consistent from scene to scene. Outlines are a bit thinner, movements are very smooth with few smear frames. The characters usually have smaller and less round eyes, and look a younger compared to Sugarcube.

maybe you’ll find her (can you feel the tension on the wire)

title: maybe you’ll find her (can you feel the tension on the wire)

pairing: maya hart/lucas friar

word count: 5824

summary: It’s a simple progression, of feelings and relationships and things she’s not quite sure of, but Riley’s noticed. Acknowledgment of the developments between her two best friends turns out to be harder than she thought.

 ao3, ff.net

Growing up, most everyone she met who knew her family had at least one thing in common: they were utterly obsessed with the relationship her parents had. She can’t blame them—she’s spent more time with them than she has anyone (aside from Maya, maybe)—but it’s grating how much people will gush over them. While she may have worked out most of her insecurities, she still has to force a smile and a quick bob of the head when someone mentions them.

It doesn’t help that she’s resigned herself to never having a relationship that’s equal to them, ever since she noticed her thing with Lucas fading. Even if there remains a solitary butterfly that sometimes flutters in her stomach whenever he smiles at her, it doesn’t happen as often as it used to. Instead, to see his overwhelming grin she has to glance over her shoulder to her left.

She doesn’t quite know when it started.

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Hi, your Starco art is so sweet! And I wanted to start the episodes of Star vs Forces of Evil. Also I watched the first ep. and I really found Starco sooo cute! I wanted to ask you the first season has 19 episodes? Actually, if I be honest I really want to know some informations about the show from you. Can you explain some of them a little bit please? Thank you

A promising recruit, shipping Starco since the first episode. Excellent., and thank you! The first season has 13 episodes (that you can find here in direct download and hd quality). There are actually 22 eleven minutes segments and two full 20 minutes long episodes.
What do you mean with “informations”? Explanation about the setting and the show or opinion/reviews?

If you wanted opinions or a “what am I in for?”:

Possibly slight spoilers for season 1 ahead. Also, I’m writing this during a break so I’ll probably butcher the english language.

The Bad

-SVTFOE is a great show, but not a fantastic show, as I already said the episodes (it’s only my opinion, obviously) range from a 6/10 to a 9/10. There is a lot of wasted potential: there are issues with the jokes timing and some episodes, while still good, look like a 20 minutes episoded crammed in a 11 minutes one, like Mewberty.

-The first 5 episodes, ‘till “Brittney’s Party”, have been animated by Mercury Filmworks. Just when they started to get really good (the first 2-3 episodes had a little bit to much tweening, Disney said “No! Mercury must work on our new Lion King animated series. Find another studio!” and we got Toon City. So starting with episode 6 the animation and drawing style changes a little. It doesn’t actually get that worse (safe for some episodes like Fortune Cookies and Lobster Claws), but the character design gets less consistent, often changing in the same episode from scene to scene:

(not the best example, it’s the first one that came to my mind)

and the whole show becomes less… bouncy, with fewer over the top facial expressions.

- While I liked the season finale a lot, it felt a little bit rushed (I don’t want to spoiler, let’s say that the whole horse-scene would have worked better in the next season). Maybe that’s a good thing though, otherwise the season would have endend on a HUGE cliffhanger, instead of a big one. And waiting would have been even harder.

- Jackie, as other secondary characters, gets too little screen time. The show is VS FORCES OF EVIL, obviously, but a little more high school life could have been noice. They are definetely going to fix this in season 2 though, both Daron and Marco VA said so.

The Good (again, mostly personal opinions)

- The design. I love the visuals of this show, from the awesome character design for almost every character to the backgrounds and the light effects.

- I said how many jokes fall flat, but many do not, and sometimes are hilarious, expecially all the black humor ones.

- I often joke about my “shipping craze”, but I honestly think that Marco and Star relationship is one of the best I’ve ever seen in a cartoon. It’s well developed, they are rubbing they personalities and quirks on eachother in an almost realistic way (as far as cartoons go, obviously). The hug progression theory shows how they are getting closer and closer. Should they really become romantically involved it wouldn’t be an out of the blue from best friends to lovers trope.

- Toffee. He is introduce in the second part of episode 8. He doesn’t appear much until the season finale, but boy do they give importance to every smile, look and movement he does. Top tier villain here (fantastic voice, too).

- The heavier plot. We only have hints, for now, but with Miss Heinous, the strange St. O’s room, Toffee and the wand we are probably getting a lore heavy season 2. It’s not comfirmed, but veeeeery likely.

So, to recap and put it in a few words:
Super comfy -makes-you-happy show with decent to great episodes, awesome design, good while inconsistent animation, stellar voice acting, an overarching plot that’s taking shape and that will surely get explored in the next season, andfantastic chemistry between the protagonists. If you like shipping you are in for a treat, otherwise just enjoy a super cute friendship.
Objectively a 7.5/10, a 9 in my heart. Potential to improve a lot. WATCH IT.

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The lines in s2 are thick than in s1

Yeah, and I like it a lot! Most scenes in Toon City’s episodes in season 1 felt a bit “flat”, not bouncy enough, with thin outlines without different thickness.

By the way, since I’ve seen some posts about the animation in the new season, some infos about it (not much though, looks like Disney hates giving behind the scenes and technical informations…)

Mercury Filmworks did episodes 1-5 for season one, all in digital, with the Toon Boom softwares, using flash models, not hand drawing every frame. So the animation was bouncier, and always in-model, with thicker outlines, at the cost of having some tweened, less smooth movements.

Toon City did the rest of the first season, hand drawing it (maybe Lobster Claws, Fortune Cookies and Royal Pain were done using flash models? The animation looks weird in those episodes. No official word on it, though)

Season 2 has been animated by Sugarcube Korea and Rough Draft Korea (the studio already worked on some scenes in Blood Moon Ball. According to Daron RDK should work on the second half of the season, but it’s credited as the studio working on the episodes airing right now…


I finished my first 3D Printing project this week! It was pretty fun, if not really stressful due to all the new technology and tight deadlines. We had to design a cookie cutter, vectorize it in Illustrator, 3D model the .ai path in Maxon 4D Cinema, export it to Makerbot, Print it, and then finally use it to make cookies. There were some issues like a couple of print errors and poor design on my part, but overall it made some fun, lobster themed cookies. I want make a better version, but probably won’t have time. Still it was awesome to actually 3D print something, and I’m looking forward to making more things.