This is a well preserved fossil lobster of the species Eryma modestiformis from the Upper Jurassic Solnhofen Limestone in Germany.  The Sonhofen limetones is a famous Lagerstätte in Germany that offer amazing preservation of Upper Jurassic fossils. The fine grained limestone makes excellent building materials which has let to heavy quarrying over the past two centuries.  The fossils that are actually quite rare in the formation are found as a by product of the stone quarrying.

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As if there weren’t enough reasons already to hate this vile little man:

Leading chef Gordon Ramsey explains exactly how to kill live lobsters and how it makes him feel. “You always feel better after killing something. I do… stab the head off a lobster. You feel all the better for it… God knows how many I’ve killed… plunge them into boiling court bouillon, and their tails flip up and they scream and you can hear their claws scraping on the sides, and I got great pleasure out of that.” (The Independent Magazine, 12th October 2003).