• Aries: Yes! Finally! I can now use that gun I've always wanted to use! *gets their gun our from under their pillow* *smiles*
  • Taurus: I KNOW HOW I CAN PROTECT MYSELF! *gathers all their favorite food from the kitchen* donuts? yep! Pizza? Yep! Cake? Yep! No way an Alien can resist this! Or get through *points at themselves* this! *hair flick*
  • Gemini: *updates every social networking site ever* hmm now time for a prank call. *dials good friends number* "omg omg get to my -* holds in giggle*- house now! There's omg and alien here! *exaggerated scream and hangs up* *evil laugh*
  • Cancer: *looks at their teddy placed next to them* you know what this means Mr snuggles... It has begun *dramatic look* *opens jacket to show a hell load of knives in there* I'm ready!
  • Leo: THIS.IS.MY.PLANET! HOW DARE THEY! *calls all their friends* Peasants we must protect this puney planet of ours, to headquarter now! *quieter voice* that's my shed btw.
  • Virgo: *takes out their check list* I knew this would happen one day! All my reading as trained me for this day! *starts finding things written on their check list* *loads their gun* I'm ready!
  • Libra: gasp! I must get ready first! *goes and changes into their combo pants and shit* *does their hair in the mirror* I'm ready! *gets their phone and bag and leaves the house*
  • Scorpio: *looks up from their book of world destruction* I knew this would happen, why else would their be so many books about world destruction , like please *stands up and rips of outer clothing to reveal cloths appropriate for the occupation (a bit like libras)* *pulls out gun from their boots* *walks out*
  • Sagittarius: ooohhhh yea! *goes to the kitchen and hides anything they think would be good, knifes, butter knifes, a few forks, some spray* that should be good *goes gets their bag* *kicks and punches the air* *shouts* I'm ready, come at me you suckers
  • Capricorn: *calls all their friends* at leos place now! *gets all their supplies, food, water, knifes, guns, a few maths revision guides* I must protect these weaklings *smiles* and myself. *walks out*
  • Aquarius: *looks up from their little lab* oh I told everyone this would happen, but no one believed me about this. *gets various alien comics, books and their ready made survival kit* I was born ready!
  • Pisces: *hugs everyone in the room and all their stuffed animals and cries* *walks up to their room* *smiles* *wipes away their tears* oh these silly people think I'm all weak is that it? *opens one of their many stuffed animals to pull out a gun* time to show these little people who the real Pisces is *war cries and runs out of the house holding a broom stick* (they're hidding the gun for later)

I finally finished this! It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted because I’ve been really stressed lately but here it is! I tried to keep true to most of their colors and to keep the designs from their masks on the skulls. I figured Kobra’s clothes would be a little warmer since it’s colder at night in the desert (even if he is a spirit). I thought it would be neat if they each had a spear too to fight off negative spirits and stuff.

This is based on mcrdeviantclub’s awesome headcanon where Poison and Kobra become spirits like the Phoenix Witch when they die, escorting the dead to the afterlife.

mcrdeviantclub has a drawing of them as well.

 Here's party-poisoning’s interpretation (and the sketch)

ribbon-meister drew one too, but I couldn’t find it again

gingerard-way wrote a wonderful ficlet

EDIT: Here is ribbon-meister’s drawing.