TAVROS: Oh-uh, hi, Terezi! Hi, Lemonsnout.
LEMONSNOUT: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TEREZI: Hey! Have you seen Karkat anywhere? He was supposed to meet me somewhere like an hour ago and my eyes only have eyes for you!
TAVROS: Ah, he, he’s right there.

TAVROS: Right way, way, way over there. Just barely out of, uh, earshot.
TEREZI: Is he coming over here?
TAVROS: No, he’s just standing there. And sweating a lot. Uh, yeah. Vibrating, a little. Won’t budge. Breathing kinda loud.
TAVROS: I asked him. What his problem was, uh, a while ago, and, and he just… Just gritted his teeth and said,
TAVROS: Like that, sort of.

TAVROS: Hemophiliacs sure are weird.

loboluchia  asked:

Do you have an mp3 player or iPod or something?? Im lookin for one and i trust your opinions, you'd seem like an audio expert, the audio wiz kid

tbh i actually know very little about digital audio as far as like, clarity and bitrates and compression and loss and all that goes… But every single day I use the same ipod Classic i’ve had since my junior year of high school, it’s been going strong for 6+ years now and we share a very strong and highly personal bond, that ipod and I.  I love it dearly and hold it close to my heart.  In fact, my ipod contains the only remaining evidence of an album I made back in February of 2014 (back when I was making music under the alias Nunchuck Gun) called Early Childhood+.  The album was so completely terrible that I don’t even include it in my archive reserved for patreon/bandcamp supporters, and if it ever gets deleted from this ipod, it will cease to exist entirely.  

no one will ever know its horrors but me.

loboluchia  asked:

We need more Smiley Solluxes, we should start a bandwagon.

ii can make you 2miile two iif you know what ii mean.

ii mean obviiou2ly you probably know what ii mean becau2e iim doiing the whole brow waggliing thiing and that2 liike the uniiver2al 2ymbol for fliirtiing and 2hiit and

ugh FUCK ii am really 2crewiing thii2 over nevermiind forget ii 2aiid anythiing.