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Character Analysis: Holly Blue Agate

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what were your thoughts on holly blue?

I’ll keep the introduction short for this post. Holly Blue is the second Homeworld character introduced affiliated with Homeworld and a specific Diamond. The first character was Peridot. While the Rubies openly talk about their service to Yellow Diamond, they don’t share the deep investment that Holly Blue and Peridot have shown in the story.

It’s interesting looking at her character knowing what we do about Peridot now. So let’s get right into it!

1. Gem Placement

Anonymous said:
What do you suppose Holly Blue Agate’s gem placement (the back of her head, at the base of her skull) symbolizes?

Going by anatomy, the back of the skull is where the occipital lobe of the brain is located. The occipital lobe functions not necessarily to let us see, but to help us make sense of what we’re seeing. That is, the occipital lobe helps us interpret and comprehend the images that our eyes are looking at.

And to me, there’s something interesting about every single moment we get to see Holly Blue’s gem in Gem Heist, when she’s first introduced. In those moments, she sees the CGs just as they’re doing something they’re not supposed to do, and each time, she misinterprets what happens and they don’t get caught.

The very first time we see her gem is when the CGs just arrive and try to convince the Amethysts of their credibility. That Sapphire isn’t a “disgraced” Homeworld defector and that she’s the leader of the entire operation bringing a new human for Blue Diamond’s Zoo. Holly Blue buys into this narrative completely and leads them exactly where they want to go.

The second time is immediately after Pearl is ordered to open the first door. Pearl makes a very un-Pearl face at Holly, who, with back turned, ignores it unknowingly, saving Pearl and Sapphire what could have been a heated questioning.

The third time, she and Sapphire walk in on the other CGs trying to destroy the door. And they look so obviously guilty, but Holly blames it on the Amethysts instead. 

Close to the end of the episode, we have one more shot of her gem as the Amethysts take Steven away and he’s very loudly resisting. We know that’s a sign of the upturn that Steven causes later on, but Holly interprets it as a sign that things are running smoothly and going to be fine.

Note that none of these circumstances immediately signal to Holly that things are going wrong. The Zoo is a far off outpost that has been very low-key. Working there must be very quiet, save the occasional visit from BD. Holly wouldn’t be expecting trouble and that tinges the way she processes what goes on around her.

I’d say on a normal day, the Famethyst pulls a few pranks, Holly makes them clean up and then they train for a while. Holly goes around inspecting everything. And it’s boring. So when a noble gem shows up, Holly wants things to be the best they can be.

It’s a point in how our contexts tinge how we interpret what our senses tell us. In experiencing the world, there is definitely going to be an element of subjectivity. No two people experience the same scenario the same way because just from a physical standpoint, they’re never really in the same place at the same time.

I think this is especially true for Holly. Her gem, which I’ve mentioned before gives us an idea of how gems interact with the world, is behind her. That means she wants to be on top of everything, but she doesn’t face things directly when interacting with them. She’s always just a little bit behind on what’s going on.

Additionally, we’ve already seen a discrepancy between what she sees and what she makes of it. It implies that she’s out of touch with what’s happening on the ground. Extending it further, she’s a bit out of touch with herself. Functioning at her best, I’d say she’d be very perceptive. But that “gut feeling” has to be cultivated.

And being out of touch is a very real phenomenon. Holly is in the middle of nowhere. She doesn’t get to interact with a lot of gems and the gems she does interact with are ones she’s been with for thousands of years from very early on in their lives.

I’d say that she’s amazing at telling what the Famethyst are up to. She’s always suspicious of them, and that’s maybe because they’ve given her a reason to believe something is always brewing. If the mischievous character of our own Amethyst is anything to go by, poking fun at Holly’s uptight nature is something they’d be doing very frequently, even before the CGs came. 

Holly can probably tell what the Famethyst are plotting even at a glance. She’s attuned to them, whether she wants to be or not. And that leads to the next point.

2. Position on Homeworld

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The Bloody Red Baron’s traumatic brain injury,

 The issue of head trauma and brain injury has been in the spotlight a lot lately, especially when it comes to sports and athletic injury, as well as auto accidents, job accidents, and of course, soldiers returning home from war.  Perhaps one recently recognized case of traumatic brain injury in history is Manfred von Richthofen, also known as the “Red Baron”.  One of the greatest combat fighter pilots of all time, the German ace helped form the foundation of aerial dogfighting.  He wasn’t the most skilled pilot, but he utilized tactics which made him the most dangerous airman of World War I, earning him 80 kills, making him the highest scoring and most decorated pilot of the war. Richthofen’s incredible success was mostly due to his strict adherence to a set rules governing dogfighting called the “Boelcke Dictums”, written by German flying ace Oswald Boelcke.  Today the Boelcke Dictums are holy gospel among fighter pilots, still taught to trainees in air forces around the world.

On July 6th, 1917, Richthofen suffered a gunshot wound to the head, damaging the frontal lobe of his brain.  Amazingly, the wound didn’t kill him, and he was able to land in friendly territory. He had to undergo several operations to remove bone fragments from his damaged brain, and was temporarily blinded and paralyzed. Amazingly, Richthofen made a quick comeback, spending only three months convalescing and healing, attempting to return to active duty in August but finally returning to the air on October 23rd.

Richthofen wasn’t the same after his head injury, and modern medical professionals  have looked over his case and determined that he could have suffered from a serious traumatic brain injury. He become disinhibited and compulsive, often making snap judgments and irrational decisions.  He also had less control over his emotions, becoming moody and depressed.  In his journals, his writing became more simplistic, disorganized, and nonsensical.  In the air, he became more and more reckless, taking more dangerous risks and ignoring the Boelcke Dictums which he had rigidly adhered to before.  It is was quite clear that Richthofen was suffering from head trauma (and perhaps battle fatigue) resulting in decreased cognitive ability. It is a good possibility that the Bloody Red Baron had lost his edge due to his injury.

On April 21st, 1918 Richthofen broke formation with his squadron to chase an Allied plane.  Flying mere hundreds of feet above the ground, Richthofen pursued the fighter deep into enemy territory, totally oblivious of enemy fighters diving on his six and a mass of anti aircraft fire rising from the ground.  Neurologists call this “target fixation”, a habit common among those suffering brain injuries where a person will fixate on a particular object or thing while losing awareness of his or her surroundings.   Richthofen sustained a mortal gunshot wound to the chest, going down and crashing.  He was buried with honors by British forces.  Today, most medical and military experts agree that the Red Baron would have never been allowed to fly again in any modern air force.

I’m too lazy to check if I’ve already posted about this, but I’m always amused by Holly’s gem placement.

Not to get scientific or anything, but that’s where the occipital lobe of the brain is located, which is the part of the brain that lets you see. Because of this, she only believes what she sees without thinking any deeper than that.

Literally, she is the least perceptive gem! She’s sees absolutely nothing suspicious about this image here, she doesn’t even notice that Amethyst isn’t where she was told to be.

She sees a Sapphire: Ooh that’s the type of gem I need to impress!

Sapphire’s Pearl: Oh a servant. She is made to serve, moving on.

A Ruby guard: They’re dumb.

An Amethyst: Literal Earth trash, whatever.

She only realized she was being fooled when Steven and Greg were right there in front of her, and even then she still blamed it on the Amethysts being incompetent! She doesn’t see a band of rebels, even as they’re ushering these human captives onto their ship!

Unprompted Ferengi headcanon of the day: Those intense earrings female Ferengi wear (Ok, Ishka wears, because besides Pel she’s the only one we’ve got) are actually common, and one of the few forms of adornment female Ferengi wear. They stunt the growth of their lobes, keeping them small and feminine and attractive. (By fucked up Ferengi standards.)

anonymous asked:

Are there any existing cases where a person changes in behavior drastically after receiving a head injury? Like as big as a violent person becoming peaceful or as small as eating only when around people.

Typically head injuries make people more violent/agitated, not less. But yes, personality changes are a very common effect of a head injury.

The frontal lobe of the brain is the place that controls behavior, social concepts, etc. When that gets damaged, people tend to have less patience, and may not comprehend social rules or roles as well. They can get frustrated very easily, which can lead to lashing out. The injury doesn’t even have to be directly to the front of the head; if there’s bleeding inside the skull, it can put pressure on the frontal lobe and cause the changes.

There’s a pretty good overview from brainline.org, from caregiver.org, and Psychology Today (note: I have no idea if this last one is a valid source).

I will say this…. docile or calmer behavior is almost never seen as a “bad thing,” so there’s definitely not as much written about how to “cope” with someone being calm.

I hope these references are helpful and help you make good stories!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Structure/function: The Parietal Lobe

Behold! Your parietal lobe! You can thank this lobe for your ability to slap yourself in the face! You’re welcome!

Because it allows you to know where in space your hand is, where in space your face is, and where they are in relation to each other. Congratulations! If you have parietal lobe issues, you might have issues slapping yourself in the face… among other issues but those are probably not relevant.

More specifically, the parietal lobe is split up into the above sections. First you have the somatosensory cortex

(This post was brought to you by me, figuring out how to “remove background” on an image and abusing this newfound power). So with the hand slapping thing, you will feel both your hand making contact with your face, and your face being slapped, thanks to this doohickey!

The superior and supramarginal cortices are visual, so it guides your movement to, say, pick up a water bottle. And slap yourself in the face, although you can do that with your eyes closed (go ahead, try it). That’s thanks to the posterior cingulate gyrus but we will get there later because it is a LOT. For now we have the friendly, simple

Angular Gyrus, which does what it says. So thinking about your place in space, where you want to go, where you’ve been, which way is north, which way is your house. Boom. Angular Gyrus. The Angular Gyrus and the Supramarginal Gyrus together make up the inferior parietal lobule (sub-lobe)

Now on the OTHER side of the parietal cortex (cut your brain in half, saggitally, to expose this part) (don’t cut, like, YOUR brain in half… couldn’t learn much then, could you) (actually) (we won’t go there). Episodic memory retrieval=who, what, when, where, and emotions of memories.Makes sense this is with visuo-spatial imagery. When you imagine up these memories, you envision the location of these memories and where these memories took place. Self-consciousness is also related to this area (but not exclusively located here. It’s pretty well understood that’s not located in one area but processed throughout the brain. NOW for the REAL doosy

Phew. Look at that. And such a small area. It is primarily known for its role in the Dorsal Stream in visual processing. A lot of its other roles kind of relate to this, as it is also known as the “where” stream. So spacial awareness, movements in space, mental rotation (that skill on IQ tests where they give you the shape and ask you to ID the shape from another angle), mental imagery, manipulation of visual imagery. So your understanding and manipulation of space. Interestingly (possibly connected) math and reading abilities are also highly related to this area. Spatial and non-spatial working memory (temporary memory holding, decision making), response inhibition, and task switching are all related to this area. Which is interesting because they are also all related to the medial prefrontal cortex. Pathway?? (Probably, I haven’t looked into it)

Not labeled here:

Medial Parietal-Pain processing and meditation

Intraparietal Sulcus-Saccadic eye movements, attention, reaching, grasping, tactile manipulation of objects, observing hand movements, passive tool use, object matching and object size and orientation discrimination. (aka REALLY relevant for slapping yourself)

So there you have it. The overall structures and their functions within the parietal lobe! 

Words are only that, words. They mean nothing if you can’t support it with action. I won’t tell you that I love you, because words are not enough. Let me dissect this heart of mines to show you how every vein and every artery has your name written on it. You will feel how much it aches for you. I will cut open my skull so that you can see how each lobe in my brain is consumed with thoughts of you. There’s not a moment where you don’t you don’t cross my mind.
—  I love you with every aching part of my body

book-fanatic  asked:

In my story, I was thinking about having a blind or semi-blind pony. I read somewhere that perlino or albino horses with pale eyes are more prone to blindness, so would that be logical? Would age be a factor in this pony's blindness?

Blue eyed horses are no more likely to develop vision problems than brown eyes horses, as found by a study our of Illinois in 2014. However, the Appaloosa breed is more prone to developing Equine Recurrent Uveitis (ERU) which is the most common cause of blindness in horses.

Perlino, American Albino and blue eyed, white faced horses are more prone to Squamous Cell Carcinoma, an aggressive cancer. This is the only eye problem that they’re more prone to.

There are lots of different ways a horse can have vision impairment. These include but are not limited to: Cataracts, severe corneal ulceration, Equine Recurrent Uveitis (ERU) and head trauma. Any of these might be useful in creating your equine character.

Cataracts can occur at any age, including from birth. While most foals with congenital cataracts are treatable with surgery there are costs involved which means not every foal will have that done.

Corneal ulceration, either due to trauma, bacterial or fungal infection can cause permanent scarring or even blindness. If the ulcer becomes severe enough to rupture the eye, the horse may even need to have its eye surgically removed.

Head Trauma is a dramatic way to give any horse blindness. The occipital lobe of the brain (which processes visual input from the eyes) is located at the back of the skull. Any trauma to this area can result in an injury to the brain and partial or complete loss of vision. Usually this happens either by a horse rearing and striking its head against a beam/branch, or my rearing and falling over backwards to slam its head against the ground. A well-placed kick from another horse could potentially do this too, but it would be an unusual spot for one horse to manage to kick another.

Equine Recurrent Uveitis can occur in any breed but is known to have a genetic predisposition in the Appaloosa. It’s not totally clear what causes this condition, whether it’s a hypersensitivity to a nutritional or infectious cause, but once a horse has it they’re not really ‘cured’ just ‘managed’. These horses typically have multiple episodes of the acute flare up (hence recurrent) and the whole eye can be inflamed. Over time this will cause damage to the retina at the back of the eye. Blindness may be partial or patchy at first, but will progress over time. Therefore a horse that has had this condition for a longer time, or with more acute flareups, will have less vision. This is the most common cause of blindness in the horse.

( ERU photo from NC State College of Veterinary Medicine)

Perhaps somewhere in my mind

I had thought that after months of heart break

and endless days




the broken pieces of my shattered soul,

the glass shards of memory that would pierce the frontal lobe of my brain,

I had assumed that you’d be the last thought

to ever come trickling back into my amygdala

ever again.

but how I was wrong.

most of the time spent thinking

is wasted away

consumed in fragmented images of

your eyes

and disheveled recollections of

your arms wrapped around me,

and I how I wish i could forget them.

and although it is true that the agony that I once felt whenever I saw your face lessens day by day,

it would not be just to say that I don’t feel even the slightest twinge of hankering

or even hope

upon beholding you.

of course,

the pain is bearable now.

I don’t feel at all

what I once did for you

but it seems,

my dear,

that there is something within myself that I feel

cannot be replaced

quite so soon.

not even the past month

has been enough time to wallow away the longing that is now found




deep inside the pit of my stomach


between the vessels that pump in my heart.

blood that once rushed

at the sound of your voice,

at the sight of your smile,

still courses steadily through my hollow veins.

I suppose that betwixt all of this

suppressed emotion


unresolved yearning

there is still one thing that holds true—

I am still in love with the prospect of what could have been

with you.

I am still glad that I met you.

so, if I dig deep enough,

perhaps I might be able to find

a trace of gratitude,

and I may even discover

a small parcel of relief

and even


in the idea of no longer being bound

to the rope that hangs from your wrist and used to yank at the fibers of the muscles in my body— yes.

that is a chord that I have long since detached from my anatomy;


that allotment of respite

grows larger every day.

I still taste something of

a tinge of wistfulness when I see you now,

but mostly I feel


when I see you,

and I think,


might be the best I have ever felt

since the day you broke my heart.

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Everything we used to be

‘How we were’
Day 1


“Wake up, Soldier.”

The voice is high, female, and it grates against his sensitive ears. The air reeks of bleach and the metallic sting of machinery. Jack flexes against the restraints holding him to a chair of some sort, wrists bound to the arms, calves to the legs, neck to the headrest.

He can’t see much without the visor. He notes that his entire faceplate is missing and two hazy figures hover before him in a highly florescent room. The lights burn his ruined retinas but the smell is the worst.

“Hello Soldier 76.” Another voice, this one male and on his left.

“Talon.” Jack grunts.

“Correct.” The woman states, “You were surprisingly easy to catch.”
That was a lie. He had known Reaper was there. Could feel Widowmaker’s eyes on him from wherever her web was hidden. He had let them take him.

“I see the S.E.P’s serum did little to stop the aging process.” The woman snorts, “Or heal the most basic of scars.” The cold tip of her finger runs along the scar marring his face and ends where his mouth is burned and mangled from the explosion.

“He’s also blind.” The man notes and Jack can hear him scribbling on a clipboard.

“Is extracting the information even worth it?” The woman asks, “The serum was supposed to create the perfect soldier. Look at him. One small explosion and it didn’t even take care of the wounds.”

“We can perfect it once we have what we need.” The man shrugs.


Gabriel hates computers, always has. It’s even more frustrating when your body doesn’t stay solid long enough to even press the keys. He scowls at the double monitors in front of him and hates technology with a burning passion.

“Looking for something?” Ameile’s thick accent inquiries from behind him, her legs thrown over the arm of a recliner.

“No.” He grunts.

“Perhaps the interrogation of one, Soldier 76?” She grins.
He turns to scowl at her, “No.”

Her long legs slip from the arm and as she stands her grin is practically predatory, “I take point on the next payload extraction and I’ll get you in.”

He scowls from her to the computer and back, “Fine.”

She does some fancy finger work on the keyboard and the screens flash once. One is blue and the other shows the Soldier bound to a chair with two of the head Talon scientists hovering before him.

Something hitches in Gabriel’s chest at the mangled warzone of Jack Morrison’s face. His nose is bleeding, eyes staring straight up at the ceiling. The chairs he’s in has some version of a neural headdress hanging above the white hair and a blue screen beside it.

Here’s what’s going to happen, Soldier. This is a neural interface that can extract potent memories from the medial temporal lobe of your brain. We will get to see and hear them.” The man states automatically, waving his pen at the blue screen.

And the point of all this?” Jack scoffs.

You were a Commander, Soldier. Somewhere in that ancient brain of yours is the secret to the Enhancement serum.” The man rambles on, “We are going to find it and duplicate it.” He gives Jack a disgusted once over, “Hopefully with better results than your sad outcome.

Gabriel glances down at his hand as it dissolves into smoke then forms back into a hand. Barely old, no wrinkles.

You really think they told me what was in it?” Jack laughs.

Only one way to find out.” The woman reaches over and attaches the headdress to keys points along Jack’s hairline and temples. The man walks up to the blue screen and pulls a keyboard from beneath it.

Let’s start with….your first day of the program, shall we?

The man presses a button and Jack’s shoulders tense-eyes squeezing shut against a pain Gabriel can’t feel.

The blue screen to his left flashes once, twice and then it’s like seeing the world from Jack’s eyes. He’s shaking hands with their Colonel as the older man welcomes all the new subjects to the program.

Gabriel can see himself out of the corner of Jack’s eyes, because, hell, the man IS looking at him.

Another.” The man clicks again.

This memory is familiar, Gabriel welcoming Jack into the rec room where all the older wave of recruits are lounging and playing video games.

This is where we wind down.” Memory Gabe waves and Jack nods.

Get a lot of downtime?

Memory Gabe shrugs, “No.

The memory fades and a few more flash through. So many memories that Gabriel remembers as Jack does. Longing looks, claps on the back. The horrific hangovers after injection day. Some days they both collapsed on the couch and didn’t move from each others sides.

Then the first mission they did together hovers before him. Easy extraction of hostages. Memory Gabe is leading them through a mangled building, Jack right on his tail, gun up and eyes scanning every nook and cranny of the rooms they enter. Gabe remembers being so confident going in. Jack at his six, Ana with a sniper atop the adjoining building.

The memory before Jacks eyes explode, debris and the force of the explosion send them back against a wall. The speakers on Gabe’s monitor echo Ana’s voice asking if they are okay. Status. Status.

Memory Jack glances over and presses his fingers to Memory Gabe’s throat, searching for a pulse and whispering unintelligible words.

Reyes is unconscious. What was that Amari?” Memory Jack hisses.

Must have been hidden charges in the room ahead. They just put a canyon between you two and the hostages.

Memory Jack cusses and the memory fades to a blue screen.

Gabe flicks his gaze to Jack, who seizes against the chair, inhaling sharply in pain. The woman is monitoring his vitals from another computer.

Give him a second or you’ll fry the stem.” She snorts.

Gabe’s fingers curl into a fist against his thigh at the blatant disregard they seem to have for Jack’s wellbeing. Jack’s chest is heaving and his eyes are shut tight in agony.

Gabe’s cold heart twists at the expression. There had been a time where that look put him to his knees before the man, whispering comfort and promises he never kept.

Again.” The man says.

The blue screen flickers black. It hovers there silent like death with no light. Gabe wonders for a second if they really did damage something. Then the world floods with light and Memory Jack is sitting up in his bedroom, arm raised against the burning light above him.

Memory Gabe is standing in the doorway, wearing his dark blue hoodie, arms crossed over his chest.

What the fuck was that, Morrison?

I apologized already, Gabriel. I’m sorry. I didn’t-.

You don’t fucking kiss a guy like that and leave him standing like a cabrón in the hall!

You’re not mad?” Memory Jack inquires.

Memory Gabe moves across the small room with a purpose in his stride and takes a seat beside him on the bed. Gabe watches himself reach forward, remembering that first soul burning kiss, as he put his hand behind Jacks head and dragged him forward into another one.

The memory blinks out and Gabe watches as Jack hisses at the male scientist.

That’s private!” He snarls.

Nothing is private anymore, Soldier.” The man sneers, “At least we know how you got so high up on the totem pole.

The scar across Jack’s face turns his angry expression ugly as he strains against the bonds, trying to take a swing at the smirking man handling his brain. Gabe feels a similar anger at his own privacy being breached.

“Explains quite a bit, mon cher.“ Amelie mutters from behind him.

“Don’t.” Gabe growls.

Fast forward.” The woman groans, “I don’t want to see them fucking.

Gabe does.

Jack’s eyes go wide as the machine buzzes to life and the screen lights up with fairy lights.

A mirror is on a wall across from a large bed, where Memory Gabe is fucking Jack from behind, blonde hair in his grip and tugging it back so Jack can see. The sounds of a party drift in from the window. A festival in Gabriel’s home town, where he had insisted on taking Jack for the weekend.

The weekend before everything went to shit.

Look at yourself, mi sol. So beautiful for me.” Memory Gabe whispers into Jack’s ear, the grunting and the whimpering from the pale man so close, yet so far away in time.

Gabe swallows around the acid that burns into his throat. The man shuts off the computer and Jack slumps into the chair, head shaking side to side, eyes closed once more.

We are getting closer.” The man laughs, “How did a fag end up a strike commander anyhow?

Jack doesn’t answer.

The machine whirls back to life and this memory is their team standing before the Colonel as he names Jack Morrison Strike Team Commander.

Everyone around them cheers but Jack’s eyes go to Gabriel first, who is standing at attention and giving away nothing. Not the anger. Not the disappointment.

The memory snaps off.

Stop.” Jack whispers, “They never told me. I’ve spent the last six years-.

The man angrily presses another button and Jack throws his head back against the chair’s head rest as the blue screen sizzles before them all.
Gabriel would never forget this memory.

Him and Jack standing in the middle of the building, shouting at each other. Screaming, fists clenched. Jack pleading with him, Gabriel not listening. So blinded by his hatred and his resentment. Jack trying to apologize.
Then the entire memory goes up in flames.

It’s too far ahead!” The woman shouts, “This is after the explosion!

It won’t go BACK.” The man snaps back at her.

The screen blinks back on. It’s hazy, he can barely see Jacks hand as it reaches out through the broken cement and brick. He rubs his hand down his faces and it comes away bloody, but the vision is wavering. Flickering hazy and clear in quick, dizzying moments.

Gabe?!” Jack shouts, “Gabriel?!” He’s shoving aside debris, crawling from the mess around him. Vision fading.

Memory Jack spots something blurry ahead and he crawls for it, reaching out, whispering apologies.

Gabe doesn’t remember this.

He had been dead already.

Seeing it is nauseating.

A high pitched whine starts as Jack’s fingers curl into Gabriel’s blackwatch uniform. The cry is ugly and demented.

Gabriel can’t tell if it’s coming from Memory Jack or the one seated in an interrogation room fifty feet below him.

The machine shuts down and the scientists stand there hands hovering above keyboards, staring at the shaking man in the chair before them.

Gabriel snarls and dissolves his body into a wraith, descending through the floors in a matter of seconds. He reforms in front of Jack and the two morons scream on either side of him.

“Reaper this is a private session!” The woman shouts.

He forms a shotgun and points it at her nose, making her go cross-eyed. “Get out of my sight.” The man starts to say something, “NOW!”

They vacate the room in a rush of lab coats and curses, threats to go to the highers. Gabe doesn’t care. He kneels before the soldier setting a smoking hand on his thigh.

Jack tenses and his eyes snap open, the once blue now a milky sheen.

“Are you blind?” Gabriel asks quietly as he bends to start unhooking Jack’s feet and hands from the bindings.

Jack doesn’t say anything at first, “Gabriel?”

Si, mi luna.” Gabe mutters.

Once Jack’s hands are free he reaches out desperately and traces the lines of Gabriel’s face. The demented edges and the smoking tendrils that feel like oil slick sometimes, he traces them reverently.

“Ugly, aren’t I?”

“Alive.” Jack whispers.

“No.” Gabe tilts his head into Jacks right hand, “But somewhere in between.”

Gabe leans forward and releases the buckle that holds Jack’s head in place. Jack runs his hands down Gabe’s neck and brings his head forward until their foreheads are touching.

“Alive.” He mutters again.

Gabriel doesn’t correct him again.

Renegade (pt. 1)

Originally posted by daenso

Another wolf-finds-his-mate story, but I kicked it up a notch and created a whole new world around it.

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Supernatural (EXO as wolves, but more species involved in the storyline)

Word count: 4540 words

Warning: curse-words and sex references

ATTENTION! Read the prologue here: Prologue
This is crucial to be able to follow the storyline as it develops, even in future chapters. Things might not make sense otherwise.

Part 1

Chanyeol took another sip from his coffee whilst he studied the markings in the syllabus in front of him and cliqued his tongue as he set down the cup on the desk. Something was wrong with the coffee since five minutes ago. It tasted different, which was odd, considering it was still the same cup he drank from ten minutes ago. He lifted his nose in the air, staring at the door that led to the lecture hall where he would be giving the first lecture of Introduction to neuroscience.

Whilst last year he only gave lectures of Neuroscience and behaviour, he was now allowed to teach the Introduction to neuroscience lecture as well. Not that that could be described as a gift. Temporary lecturers like himself were expected to accept teaching assignments just weeks before term started because all material was pre-prepared, which made the job even harder as he had to effortlessly assimilate the work of another mind. He was not allowed to make any changes to the material, not even to the messy PowerPoints he had issues with understanding himself. Why was he doing this again, he wandered off in his mind, then nodding as he remembered how he liked to shower himself with gifts from time to time that were way too expensive. His parents were still paying for the PhD program, but the pocket money he had to earn for himself.

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So I got a request to do a close up of my review sheets and maybe a mini how-to so let’s see how this goes.

My review sheets are for my AP Psychology class, and each sheet corresponds with a chapter of the textbook we’ve done so far. 

As for the mini how-to, for each sheet I make a list of the important topics for each chapter. I’ll use my third sheet as an example:

  • Neurons - structure and function
  • Neurotransmitters - names and functions
  • The Nervous System - breakdown of structures
  • The Brain - Lobes and functions, parts and their functions
  • The Endocrine System - function and parts

After I have a rough idea of what needs to go on the sheet, I space out where the different categories go on the sheet and then I just write. If there isn’t enough room on the paper for all of the information, I attach a sticky note over top of the section to finish it off. 

Sometimes if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll try and draw a sketch of a structure or draw a picture for the section (albeit poorly). 

That’s basically what I do for each review sheet, I don’t know if this is helpful for anyone at all, I don’t really think about what I’m doing when it comes to making my review material. 

Anyways I hope this is helpful to someone out there , and I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Katie <3