This Week At the Leviticus Lobby:  Duggars & Dipshits Edition

Right-wing hero, virulently antigay former child molester Josh Duggar addressing the hate group National Organization for Marriage’s annual ‘March for Marriage’ 

9 Times Josh Duggar Lectured People on Family Values Before He Admitted He Was A Child Molester

Arkansas Police Destroyed 2006 Report Against Josh Duggar; Read It Here

Dan Savage Blasts Michelle Duggar’s Hypocrisy:  She Demonized LGBT People After Covering Up For Her Son

Dan Savage & MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Uneasy About People Taking ‘Delight’ In Duggar Hypocrisy

Bob Gothard (left), founder of a chain of Christian ‘treatment’ centers to which Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar sent eldest so Josh (right) after confessing to molesting five girls, including his sisters

Founder of Josh Duggar’s ‘Treatment Center’ Left After ‘Sexually Grooming’ Teens & Young Women 

Watch Michelle Duggar Accept ‘Mother of the Year’ Award From Pastor Who Resigned for Adultery

What Is Quiverfull?  Here’s a Look Inside the Duggars’ Dangerous Christian Cult That Teaches Women To Submit to Men

GOP presidential hopeful, former Fox News pundit, and Southern Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee sought and received endorsement from the Duggar clan

Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Stands By Josh Duggar & Family 

Mike Huckabee’s Facebook Fans Rip His Ass for Defending Duggar; Huckabee Refers to ‘Blood-Thirsty Media’

People for the American Way’s Drew Courtney:  Huckabee Responds To Gays With Outrage, But Shows Compassion to Duggars?

7 Nauseating Ways Josh Duggar Fans Are Defending His Admitted Sexual ‘Sins’

‘Everybody Makes Mistakes’:  Furious Fans Threaten to Boycott TLC For Pulling ‘19 and Counting’

Michigan:  Antigay Mother’s Day Protester Is Met With Awesome Counter-Protesters

Michigan:  Six Transgender People File Federal Lawsuit Challenging State Driver’s License Policy

Louisiana:  GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal Hates Gays More Than He Hates Executive Orders

Louisiana:  GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal Ridiculously Says Protecting LGBT Rights Will HURT Businesses In the Long Run (audio)

Hate Group American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer:  Gay Boy Scout Leaders Will Sexually Molest and Recruit Boys Into Homosexuality (above)

Military:  Senators, 22 Dems & 1 GOP,  Tell Pentagon To Add Nondiscrimination Protections for Gays, Lesbians Now

U.S. Antigay Groups Warn Ireland  Marriage Equality Means ‘Homosexual Activists’ Will ‘Censor’ & ‘Punish Christians’

Human Life International’s Fr. Peter Weist:  Outcome of Ireland’s Same-Sex Marriage Referendum Could Destroy Family & Society

Texas:  Austin Nondenominational Church Reverses Decision, Will Permit Gay Dads to Have Dedication Ceremony for Son (video)

2016:  Jeb Bush’s War on Gay Adoption in Florida

Rejected by NFL, Gay Pro Michael Sam Signs With Canadian Football League

Hate Group Operation to Save America’s Flip Benham:  Legal Abortion Led to Baltimore Riots; Gays Must ‘Be Free of Homosexual Bondage’ (audio)

Hate Group Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins’ Desperation:  Gay Rights Encouraging ISIS, Pastors Will Be Dragged ‘Kicking & Screaming’ From Their Churches (above)

2016:  Antigay GOP Candidate Ben Carson Wins Republican Straw Poll In Oklahoma

Alabama’s Antigay Chief Justice Roy Moore to Hate Group Family Research Council’s ‘Watchmen On the Wall’ Event:  The ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ Means Following the Bible

Washington:  New Program Aims to Reduce Anti-LGBT Hate Crime In Seattle

Oregon:  Town Rallies Behind Teen Who Defied Antigay Protesters With Message of Love

Oregon:  Bisexual Gov. Kate Brown Emotionally Signs Conversion Therapy Ban Into Law

Girl Scouts Reject Hate Group American Family Association Campaign and Welcome Trans Girls

Fucknozzle Franklin Graham:  Gay Boy Scouts ‘Put Young, Innocent Boys at Risk’

Televangelist Rick Joyner Apologizes To Vladimir Putin & Islamists For America Becoming ‘A Gay Nation’ (above)

Pennsylvania:  Philly Gay Couple, One of Whom Adopted the Other, Has Adoption Vacated Now That They Can Marry

Hate Group American Family Association’s Sandy Rios & Fox ‘News’ Resident Histrionic Homophobe Todd Starnes:  Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, the Radical Gay Left Is Indoctrinating Everyone, Everywhere (audio)

Tiresome Tirade:  Antigay Wellington Boone To Hate Group Family Research Council’s ‘Watchmen on the Wall’ - Approval of Gay Rights Is a Sign of God’s Judgment on America (above)

Germany:  Agony Aunt Tells Dad Not To Take Kids to Brother’s Gay Wedding

Cuba:  Trans Advocate Says Government Seeks To ‘Destroy Us’

Northern Ireland:   Democratic Unionist Party Government Continues to Block All LGBT Rights Legislation Including Same-Sex Marriage

Switzerland:  Court Tules Gay Couple Can’t Both Be Registered As Fathers To Their Son

England & Wales:  Former Archbishop of Westminster Declares Gay Marriage Is Part of ‘Greatest Evil In Our Country’