Last Call Reminder!

So, just to remind everyone, Dragon Con is this weekend. And our meet up is planned for Friday at 7 in the Hilton by the lobby bar. There will be pink balloons to tell you where we are. Here is a picture if you want to know what you’re looking for.

It’s also not too late to fill out the form. Just gives us an idea of who will be coming.

Also, we are going to have coloring pages from @jeusus. We have 20 pages. If you’d like to print out your own you can find them here and here and here and here and here.

We look forward to seeing you! 


Although it doesn’t look like the full Paleyfest session is available to view on demand here’s our SAG Foundation Panel from this past Tuesday night for your viewing pleasure.

External image


Converted from a department store and theater, the 200-room QT Sydney hotel tapped two designers—Nic Graham (public spaces) and Shelley Indyk (guest rooms)—to achieve its quirky eccentricity: public spaces feature high-impact LED wall art and intriguing artifacts from around the world paired with modern-vintage rooms awash in saturated hues of red, orange and yellow. Photography by Design Hotels.


New York EDITION Hotel Artwork

Here is what has become of my Eagle Owl illustration, which I made in early March. Like my hotel artwork from last year, this is now decorating the bar of a hotel by EDITION – the boutique project from Ian Schrager and Marriott. In this case, the Lobby Bar at New York EDITION, which is now open in the old Met Life Insurance Tower overlooking Madison Square Park. (Mini-history: for 3 years after its completion in 1909 the tallest building in the world.)

My owl has been beautifully interpreted by the design folks at EDITION. First, for “Magic Owl Easy Blonde Ale,” as if sitting in a dim room, in low light, eyes glowing against what might be old-fashioned wallpaper. Then, for a coaster, against a background as dark as night.

As with all my other hotel-work samples, I’ve greedily collected and stored these in an acid-free archive box. Which probably seems ridiculous, but they are like treasures to me. The thrill of holding something in real life that you’ve helped create is – potent.


Never been to a Canadian Whiskey bar before, but the newest Delta Hotel in Toronto features Char No. 5 - a hotel lobby bar with legit Scotsmen and Irishmen working behind the wood, but serving up nothing by Canadian made whiskey. Who knew?

The Stalk & Barrel Single Malt anthe Glen Breton Rare were actually really good. Decent hotel lobby people watching too - although that might have been just because Bryan Adams was rocking the Air Canada Centre around the corner. 

Evening Bar, NYC

Chef Andrew Carmellini’s new Little Park restaurant in the renovated Smyth hotel is getting all kinds of well-deserved acclaim, but its sister establishment, Evening Bar, is just across the lobby and often overlooked. With an amazing seasonal cocktail menu, and bar bites coming out of Little Park’s kitchen, Evening Bar is definitely worth checking out!I kicked things off with the Old Aldobar, made with Hayman’s Old Tom gin, Nux Alpina walnut liqueur, lemon, egg white and beet powder…

We started with an order of the crudité served in an ice bowl with peanut hummus…

Not just carrots and celery here, the selection of fresh vegetables was fantastic!

Andrew’s burger was up next…

A simple grass-def beef burger with Vermont cheddar and fried onions, it’s one of the better burgers I have had in NYC in recent memory…

If you do want to eat, I recommend sitting at one of Evening Bar’s bigger tables with proper chairs, rather than at one of the lounge locations. Our table was too small for food and drinks and we ended up feeling a bit cramped. But that would be my only nitpicky complaint. The staff was just wonderful, the space is warm and inviting, and Evening Bar is exactly the kid of place I’d like to spend more of my evenings.


The Smyth 

85 W. Broadway

New York, NY 10007


Meet-up Info

We’re rapidly approaching DragonCon!

We have mostly finalized plans. The meet-up will be near the bar in the Hilton lobby, on Friday at 7. There will be pink balloons to tell you where we are. We’ve printed off color pages, and are bringing crayons. We’ve printed exactly 20 pages, so everyone can have one, but if you want to bring other of your own, please feel free. The pages we picked are from @jeusus.

If you have not yet filled out the form. It takes 2 minutes and gives us an idea of interest.​

Also, please follow us or the tag in case we have to make updates.

Again, Friday at 7, in the Hilton Lobby near the bar. Look for the pink balloons.

I’m currently drunk in the lobby of a karaoke bar watching someone watch an extremely climactic scene of stranger things while a dubstep remix of uptown funk plays and omg


Dinner (or large snacks) was at the cocktail bar in our hotel on the 27th floor. Amazingly the normal elevator opens straight onto the bar, no lobby area even, people milling around and a bartender a few feet away!