remember when I h*cking became friends with Pearls VA

forgot to post about the conversation we had so I’ll go ahead and do that now!!!

  • I met in her this hotel lobby bar & bistro place and it was v cute
  • we sat and talked for like 35-40 minutes or so just 1 on 1 my life is changed

we talked about all kinds of stuff including

  • her tour (she’s been touring with If/Then for like 7 months)
  • her career (this was technically her second VO gig but her first real thing)
  • her audition for Pearl. She told me about when she first read for the part, then in callbacks, they had them read in pairs (she saw people like Zach, Estelle and Michaela for the first time then)
  • her first record session for SU (she said they gelled really well and it was awesome, like magical!!!)
  • her path from musical theater to getting a voice acting agent for the first time and staring auditions (she had to do a ton of auditions before landing the role of Pearl. like hundreds)
  • my job at CN (I Play Video Games)
  • Comic Con!!
  • me starting out voice acting (doing my demos this year and then getting signed by a couple of agents in Atlanta)
  • how I make my videos (she really likes the Silent Night one I did)
  • we talked about Hamilton cuz I had a Hamilton t-shirt, and how i just saw it a couple weeks ago after buying tickets way back in December

Other stuff that happened:

  • I gave her a Pearl t-shirt that has the lyrics of Strong in the Real way on it. I chose that one because I was wearin the same design when I met her the first time and she was like “omg I love your shirt so much, how can I get one”
  • she introduced me to one of the leads of if/then (his name is Anthony) but I literally had no idea who he was at the time, cuz she just randomly saw him and was like “omg McKenzie want a picture with Anthony” and I was like “okay!!”
  • Clifton (her husband who I also am Pals with he’s cool) stopped by and was like “McKenzie!!!” and i was like “Clifton!!!” and hugs etc

we also talked about The Pearl Rap

  • I told her my planned ending for the Pearl rap series (she approved and thought it was hilarious, stay tuned yall)
  • she told me that as a result of the videos I made, the song itself got way more attention, which she was really happy about
  • she thinks they’re really funny and she’s a fan

we had to head our separate ways at about 6:30 because she had to go to the theater to get ready for the show at 7:30, but as I was walkin away she told me she was gonna put my name on The List for security to let me backstage through the stage door and i was like “What To Heck” so

I went backstage at her h*cking show

  • she ended up putting me down and let my three friends come with me too: @scampystuff​, @sharksocks​, and @lindalazuli
  • she gave us a mini backstage tour
  • at one point she showed us the prop closet and grabbed a glass that had prop alcohol in it and then turned it upside down to demonstrate it was not real, but there was a little bit of water in it and it fell on the floor and she was like “oh” and it was really funny
  • she took pictures with us on the stage and it was lit
  • she took this adorable video (I was the only one in the group who remembered the exact line so my obsessive pearl knowledge came in handy)
  • she also told us she did the Diamond salute during her bow and we didnt notice and Im going to regret this for the rest of my life

this ended up being a really long post but this was like actually the best day of my life so Im NoT EveN SoRRy


New York EDITION Hotel Artwork

Here is what has become of my Eagle Owl illustration, which I made in early March. Like my hotel artwork from last year, this is now decorating the bar of a hotel by EDITION – the boutique project from Ian Schrager and Marriott. In this case, the Lobby Bar at New York EDITION, which is now open in the old Met Life Insurance Tower overlooking Madison Square Park. (Mini-history: for 3 years after its completion in 1909 the tallest building in the world.)

My owl has been beautifully interpreted by the design folks at EDITION. First, for “Magic Owl Easy Blonde Ale,” as if sitting in a dim room, in low light, eyes glowing against what might be old-fashioned wallpaper. Then, for a coaster, against a background as dark as night.

As with all my other hotel-work samples, I’ve greedily collected and stored these in an acid-free archive box. Which probably seems ridiculous, but they are like treasures to me. The thrill of holding something in real life that you’ve helped create is – potent.


Never been to a Canadian Whiskey bar before, but the newest Delta Hotel in Toronto features Char No. 5 - a hotel lobby bar with legit Scotsmen and Irishmen working behind the wood, but serving up nothing by Canadian made whiskey. Who knew?

The Stalk & Barrel Single Malt anthe Glen Breton Rare were actually really good. Decent hotel lobby people watching too - although that might have been just because Bryan Adams was rocking the Air Canada Centre around the corner. 

Meet-up Info

We’re rapidly approaching DragonCon!

We have mostly finalized plans. The meet-up will be near the bar in the Hilton lobby, on Friday at 7. There will be pink balloons to tell you where we are. We’ve printed off color pages, and are bringing crayons. We’ve printed exactly 20 pages, so everyone can have one, but if you want to bring other of your own, please feel free. The pages we picked are from @jeusus.

If you have not yet filled out the form. It takes 2 minutes and gives us an idea of interest.​

Also, please follow us or the tag in case we have to make updates.

Again, Friday at 7, in the Hilton Lobby near the bar. Look for the pink balloons.

“This is just getting.. pretty ridiculous, huh? It seems what they are looking for isn’t in the lobby anywhere SO THEY ARE MOVING UP. Hmm.. if this keeps up Mary might have to do something about it…” 

“Mary still doesn’t know what they are looking for though, so that doesn’t help. Maybe their missing heads? Oh.. it seems… a few new guests have joined as well. Are they friends of the other guests? I suppose BLUE DOLLS are small enough to make looking at the inside of rooms easier, huh?” 


SIX new headless mannequins have appeared in the hotel lobby. Two near the bar, one in front of the game room, one next to the meeting room, and two next to the entrance to the stair case. On top of this, the ones near the door of Ann’s store, and the laundry room are now BLOCKING the doors. The two on the stage seem to be heading back DOWN it towards the ELEVATORS, while the one in front of the elevator IS NOW INSIDE OF IT. The mannequins by the library and kitchen now are also INSIDE OF THESE ROOMS

On top of this, 3 BLUE DOLLS are now outside the doors of @platinumverity @spottedcharms and @untiltheparty

Having drinks with @100hands and @violamilano at the Lobby bar of the @conservatoriumhotel in #amsterdam featuring the #miesvanderrohe day bed

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