“Together the group of women were very powerful,” Bari said. “There was a sense of sisterhood in that office.” There was some anxiety, but Bari said there “were also super-excited moments like when they received a supportive phone call from someone they admired.” Bari recalled a memorable moment when the women began singing “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston when they were in a meeting.

At the Watergate Hotel, the organizers were careful to keep their identities to themselves to prevent any threat to the event. There were some tense moments when they rode elevators alongside inauguration attendees dressed in ball gowns and met Trump supporters in the hotel lobby or bar.

On the day of the march, Bari started at 5 a.m., photographing early meetings and walk-throughs. She said, “Watching the marchers arrive during that three-hour period was phenomenal, incredibly emotional. … I’ve never seen anything like it.”

See more here: Never-before-seen photos behind the scenes at the Women’s March  

He Won’t Be Bothering You Anymore

Warnings- talks of fat/slut shaming, death

A/N- “I would really like a James Patrick March imagine where the reader is plus size. Maybe she’s at a bar hanging out with Liz Taylor(she’s queen) and a drunktard starts saying rude things about the reader and James pops out of nowhere . Maybe slits the guys throat… idk”

Requested by @lizardqueen123456

It’s about 1:00 A.M. and you’re having trouble sleeping. No matter how much you toss and turn you can’t seem to get comfortable. After about 30 minutes of pure annoyance you decide to get up and take a walk around the hotel. You stroll down to the lobby and pass the bar where you see Liz standing over the counter, reading a book, and tapping her red stiletto nails on the surface. You notice another man sitting across the way from Liz, seemingly drunk. Liz whistles at you to get your attention and motions you to a bar stool. You sit down and she pours a concoction of alcohols together. She slides it over the counter and you grip the cup. 

“So, what brings you down here so late?” Liz asks, looking over her reading glasses.

“Couldn’t sleep” you respond, taking a swig of your drink.

She hums in response and continues to read her novel. In the distance you hear a scoff, so you turn your attention to the direction from which it came from. You make eye contact with the man you noticed earlier. He snarls rudely and takes a long drink from his hard liquor. You raise an eyebrow in confusion and he slams his glass down, making you jolt. 

“You disgust me” the man slurs.

“Excuse me?” You retort.

He scoffs again and turns to face you.

“You’re a disgusting pig, I’ve never been more appalled in my life at such a sight. A woman ruining her body” he drawls, stumbling over to you, coming rather close to your face.

You look at him with wide eyes, completely flabbergasted at his repulsive comments. 

“And you’re dressed like a complete slut, your fat is overflowing from that clothing” he says, crinkling his nose.

Liz slams her book on the bar and points her manicured figure at him. “You listen here, you will not speak to her like that! Get out of my bar!” 

He looks at her with a raging scowl and ignores her demands. He points his finger sharply into your chest and breathes in your face. “You are a fat pig.”

Your eyes begin to water from a mixture of anger and hurt. Seeing you upset gives him pleasure and he laughs maniacally. Just then a blade glides straight over his throat. He chokes uncontrollably and drops to the floor, soaking in his own pool of blood. After he drops to the floor you see a tall man, slick black hair, mustache definite over his lip. He smiles widely at you and steps over the man. 

“He won’t be bothering you anymore, dear” he says in a dapper accent.

You nod, still in shock of what has taken place. 

“My name is James, James March. And you are?” He asks, presenting his hand.

“Y/N, Y/N L/N” you respond, accepting his hand.

“Pleasure to meet you Y/N, what do you say I buy you another refreshment?” he asks, gesturing towards Liz to make another beverage.

“Uh, sure, what about…” you say, pausing once you see the man’s dead corps on the ground.

“Not to worry dear, I’ll take care of that later.”

Chicago Freestyle Places

Here is the list of places to freestyle in Chicago:

• HUB 51/SUB 51: 51 W Hubbard St ( athletes spotted)
• CHICAGO CUT: 300 N LaSalle Blvd ( athletes and celeb)
• STUDIO PARIS: 59 West Hubbard St (athletes spotted)
• JOES SEAFOOD, PRIME STEAK, & STONE CRAB: 60 E Grand Ave. ( dress to impress)
• PUBLIC HOUSE: 400 N. State Street ( sport bar)
• Drumbar
• Maude’s Liquor Bar
• Three Dots and a Dash
• Nellcôte
• RM champagne
• Cindy’s at athletic association
• the Office
• the Berkshire Room
• CH Distillery
• the Bedford
• The charcoal bar ( dinner have first only inmate 12 seating)
• Roof of the Wit

If you have good places in Chicago to freestyle, feel free to add!

Meet me in Bucharest next week!

Cristian Anghel, Casa de licitații GoldArt și Pullman Bucharest vă provoacă la un joc al luminii și întunericului, al culorilor și umbrelor, al inocenței și senzualității. Acceptați invitația noastră într-o aventură a curiozității, misterului și descoperirii, prin universul creativ a doi artiști contemporani români:

Crina Prida și Sorin Dumitrescu Mihăești.

Marți, 1 noiembrie, ora 19:00 | Pullman Bucharest lobby și bar L’Arpège

Piața Montreal nr. 10, Sector 1, București

Faking For You

  Mini drabble extended with many thanks to @thetourguidebarbie




“Just dinner,” the blonde seems to warn him.

Klaus smirks, “Surely a kiss will be involved,” he prods.

“No more than three seconds,” Caroline answers caution in her tone.

Fake dating to get your cheating ex-boyfriend away from you in a small busybody of a town was not easy. Especially considering that Klaus and she were that couple that never managed to get together in high school. Now he was helping her out with this just like he’d helped her get a job as a fact checker working with him two years ago.

“We’ve only just been reunited,” he says pulling her out of her back story to the lie they’d told.

Just that moment Tyler pops his head into the lobby bar of their hotel most likely looking for her, “Fine, five seconds,” she compromised.

“Caroline…” Tyler calls as she’s surprised by Klaus mouth on hers making the planets align.

“That was more than five seconds,” she managed as she fixed her lip gloss and her eyes met Tyler’s shocked ones.

“I just wanted to see how you were after what just happened,” Tyler says in excuse for his presence.

Klaus doesn’t bother hiding his disdain or disbelief for that matter leading Caroline to kick him under the table, “I’m fine. Klaus made sure of that,” she tells him with feline smile.

“I take good care of what’s mine,” Klaus adds with a hand over her own on the table, the innuendo not lost on even the waiter passing by.

“I thought you guys just reconnected,” Tyler says quickly and Caroline kicks Klaus again.

“Mate it’s bloody Caroline Forbes,” he says with a smirk like she’s a rare commodity and to Klaus, she is.

But she is not a possession, no, she only possesses you he thought so anyway, “No one let’s her go,” he says as he kisses her softly.

“Save for present company,” Klaus replies smugly as Caroline squeezes his hand tightly he was doing so well.

“So Caroline mentioned-” Tyler began to ask as Klaus nodded dropping his napkin over his plate.

“That you and she were a little something once,” he belittles the former relationship because Klaus was the one to pick up the pieces when Caroline was left distraught and blindsided.

“The best men win in the end,” Klaus says as he gathers his coat and her own, “Early morning.” He says in way of excuse.

“Of course,” Tyler agrees managing his anger in check as he watches Caroline cling to Klaus’ side.

“Good night Tyler,” Caroline mumbles as she feels Klaus’ hand at the small of her back.

“Bloody entitled pric-” Klaus mutters under his breath when he hears Caroline snicker beside him.

“He’s not worth it Klaus, honestly I think you took him cheating on me a lot harder than I did,” Caroline observes of him.

Klaus looks like he’s never been accused of such a thing, “You’re strong Caroline, beautiful,” he utters softly as he nudges her into the corner of the elevator.

“So full of light,” he whispers as his finger curls around a wavy strand of her hair making Caroline gasp.

“Did you have more to drink than I did?” she asked him by ways of rebuff.

“No, but I might be tired and eager to share my innermost thoughts. Careful Sweetheart,” he murmurs just over her lips.

She feels an all over chill, “If this is your way of getting me to go up on the five second rule…” she trails off as his lips meet the slope of her neck.

“I can be persuaded,” she finishes as her hand grip his shoulders and the elevator doors swing open.

“Ten seconds,” he asks as he pushes the close button and the doors shut behind them.

“Twenty,” she counters as the doors swing open again because they forgot to push a number.

“I can hold my breath for longer than that,” he says making her flush, a coiling heat burning to her core.

“Klaus,” she purrs her eyes half lidded as she twists, “We’re only faking,” she reminds him with a real tone of wanton.

“I haven’t been,” Klaus confesses, “Have you?” he asks her as he grips her hips rolling his hips against hers.

“No,” she responds, “At first… the idea,” everything she says is drowned out by the feeling of his lips sucking on her collarbone.

“Room Caroline,” Klaus says, “No falsies’ tonight,” he entreats, “If you want me harder, ask. Longer, slower, say so.”

“Yes,” she cries sounding like a cat in heat as they make it through their hotel door.

Klaus pushed her against the door his arms wrapped around her protecting her head. Her light jacket dropped revealing the small but accentuating dress she word as his hand caressed her back finding her ass. Her leg rose to his waist wrapping it around him to rub herself against him as his hand pushed up her dress so he could see the lace though she wore.

His finger tugged the lace of her thong back making the fabric rub delectably against her clit making her head fall forward on his shoulder. Klaus fisted the fabric pulling it away with a tear as he nibbled behind her ear. Her dress followed after leaving Caroline bare to his hungry eyes.

“You’re still dressed,” she moaned in complaint as he touched her skin lighting her up as he gripped her thighs lifting her into his arms.

“You’ll take care of that, won’t you Love?” he asked as he carried her to the lone bed they had flipped a coin for earlier.

She smiled as he pressed her into the mattress with his body the weight of him making her writhe under him needing more. Her eyes locked on his as she unbuttoned his shirt pushing it away from his muscled arms. As she flipped him on his back and undid his button only to languidly drag down his zipper.

“Pocket,” he said as she kissed his chest her arms at his back squeezing his ass as she found his wallet and pulled the condom packet free.

She sighed harshly as she bit the packet ripping it open before giving him the distinct pleasure rolling it on him. The feeling of her hands on his cock overwhelming him so much he almost came from the contact. Klaus watched her lift her hips as he gripped himself feeling her arousal coat the crown of his head before sinking him inside of her.

Groaning in relief the two paused daring one another to look away as she slowly began to rock her hips as he sat up changing the angle she rode him in. Rubbing her clit with every move driving her higher the feel of his hands on her ass, her breasts bouncing against his chest took her breath away. Made her see stars as she kissed him over and over until she was whimpering his name.

“Klaus,” she cried one last time coming as he kept rocking his hips up into her making sure to draw out her pleasure before his balls tightened and he spilled inside of her.

They lay on the bed, Caroline acting as the duvet over his chest his warm arms cradled her against him after he had removed the used condom.

“What happens when we go back to work next week?” Caroline asks him, her breath touching the scruffy hairs along his jaw.

“Not what happens tomorrow?” he asks excitedly as he feels his cock stir against her thigh.

“It’s already tomorrow,” she say pointing to the alarm clock as he flips her on her back watching Klaus take a peaked breast into his mouth sucking.

Ymagis' CinemaNext Unveils New Premium Cinema Model

CinemaNext, the exhibitor services unit of France-based Ymagis, is introducing a new premium cinema model next week at CinemaCon.

Dubbed Sphera, it combines Ymagis’ high dynamic range cinema projection system EclairColor (which also supports 4K and 3D), a wall-to wall screen, immersive sound based on Dolby Atmos technology, as well as a lobby area, bar area and an Eames-inspired seat design, covered with material to reduce light reflection. The plan also involves a lighting system that can be programmed to reflect content or mood.

With Sphera, Ymagis becomes the latest company to introduce a branded cinema model such as Dolby Cinema.

The business model and costs were not included in the initial announcement of Sphera, but Ymagis indicated that it aims to support auditoriums of all sizes. “It is our ambition to provide exhibitors - whether they operate small, medium or large-size cinema complexes - with a new turnkey solution that will help them dramatically enhance the audience experience with impressive cinematic visuals, immersive audio and state-of-the-art contemporary design,” said Jean Mizrahi, founder and CEO of Ymagis Group.

The HDR system EclairColor began to roll out last year and is currently offered in about a dozen cinemas in France and Germany; Ymagis aims to expand the format into the U.S market.


Cool Hotels: THE OLD CLARE HOTEL, Sydney

Situated along Kensington Street, in the re-developed Chippendale district,  which has become the home of choice for dozens of art galleries, production houses, graphic and fashion design studios, plus Sydney’s most exciting new restaurants, cafés and bars, The Old Clare Hotel is housed in two heritage-listed buildings: the Clare Hotel and Carlton United Administration buildings, joined by a monumental glass and steel structure. Renovated respecting the buildings’ original architectural elements, by local architecture practice Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, the hotel has designed to become both a cool place for visitors to stay and a hip hub for locals, with its three new restaurants from esteemed chefs Sam Miller, Clayton Wells and Jason Atherton, The Clare Bar, that serves as the hotel lobby bar,  and the soon-opening spa.

ghosts of manhattan

there’s a lady in this hotel that looks so much like a dead friend of mine I’m certain i’ve creeped her out by staring. I can’t stop myself. I’m sorry. I’m sorry lady. I got so excited. I got SO excited. I was going to get to tell her about my daughter, my son, my wife, my life. I almost said her name — my friend’s name — out loud, right as she passed me but didn’t for fear of… of the entire lobby, the coffeeshop, the bar, turning to me in unison and saying no, stupid, she’s dead, she’s been dead. ten years ago i worked two blocks from here and she was dead then; it’s almost twenty years now how could she be in this part of town, this hotel, this coffeeshop, how could that cafe au lait be hers, even with the cinnamon floating on top, surely that’s just coincidence, that’s just one of those things. i even checked the second her back was turned and i could stop looking— yes, she’s dead, she died, I didn’t imagine it or misremember or misread. One of the obituaries even had her picture and I got the shivers all over again — jesus, this woman, it’s stunning, it’s weird.

I dont know why I’m writing this and not the script I’m supposed to be finishing. I don’t know why I’m posting this — no, that’s not true. I didn’t know until I typed that last sentence. I am writing this because I still remember you and you are not forgotten you have not faded and there is a woman in manhattan this afternoon that looks so much like you it hurts. I am writing this because maybe as long as we’re remembered we live forever and I wish very much you were here.

you would have loved tallulah


The Hoxton Amsterdam

…“it houses 111 rooms spread across 5 floors with plenty of quirks including some monumental ceilings and lots of canal views. Downstairs there’s the restaurant Lotti’s run in partnership with Soho House & Co, Up Top there’s a mezzanine coffee and cocktail den, lobby bar and The Apartment, the meeting and event space which doubles up as a home to Hoxtown”…


New York EDITION Hotel Artwork

Here is what has become of my Eagle Owl illustration, which I made in early March. Like my hotel artwork from last year, this is now decorating the bar of a hotel by EDITION – the boutique project from Ian Schrager and Marriott. In this case, the Lobby Bar at New York EDITION, which is now open in the old Met Life Insurance Tower overlooking Madison Square Park. (Mini-history: for 3 years after its completion in 1909 the tallest building in the world.)

My owl has been beautifully interpreted by the design folks at EDITION. First, for “Magic Owl Easy Blonde Ale,” as if sitting in a dim room, in low light, eyes glowing against what might be old-fashioned wallpaper. Then, for a coaster, against a background as dark as night.

As with all my other hotel-work samples, I’ve greedily collected and stored these in an acid-free archive box. Which probably seems ridiculous, but they are like treasures to me. The thrill of holding something in real life that you’ve helped create is – potent.


The Pointe at Undella! This beach resort has been my latest survival project and I am absolutely pleased with the end result! All materials were gathered and placed by hand. It features 15 fully furnished guest rooms, a ballroom, a spacious lobby, an outstanding bar and grill, and more! Plan your beach vacation on the tmb core server today!