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Lobby card for Night Butterflies (三人の女 夜の蝶), 1971, directed by Saito Mitsumasa (斎藤光正) and starring Meiko Kaji (梶芽衣子), Tatsuya Fuji (藤竜也) and Chieko Matsubara (松原智恵子). 

Scanned by me.


Rusty Nail’s Recipes

Dear Drinkers,

If you haven’t heard by now, @askrustynail​ has past on.  For more details you can go to @technomod​ or @cardsforrusty.

I first met Rusty at one of the con’s a few years ago and I commissioned an out of work derpy themed drink recipe and he did a tarot card reading for me too!  I don’t remember what the outcome of the tarot card reading was but it was a fun time.  

However I really became friends with Rusty during last year’s Trotcon.  We ended up being roommates and we were both on the tumblr panel.  He was a really chill guy to hang with, and was a super supportive guy.  I remember him really supporting @theghostlymuse​ when someone broke one of her home made statuettes.  One of my favorite parts of the con was staying up super late in the lobby of the last night of the con talking about Dungeons and Dragons and other nerdy stuff with him and a bunch of other bronies and tumblrpon mods.  

And if you haven’t heard he makes some pretty mean booze! :3  He brought a bunch of handmade drinks for everyone who roomed with him and the Honey Vanilla Infused Vodka he gave me was the tastiest drink I’ve ever had!  

One thing I really do regret is that we talked about the Out of Work Derpy drink recipe he made for me and he asked for me to forward it to him so he could make a proper Rusty Nail Post on his blog for it and I just never got around to digging through my old Con scrap book and finding it… Till now. :/

But in the little time I knew Rusty I think he’d want this recipe shared! 

So without further ado;  

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s Out of Work Derpy

Normally Rusty Uses the best high end ingredients and liquors when making a Themed drink.  But he knew the moment I told him about the theme of the blog that only the cheap stuff would suffice! 

An Out of Work Derpy


  1. 1oz Smirinoff Blueberry 
  2. 1oz Smirinoff Vanilla
  3. 2oz Pinapple Juice
  4. Ice
  5. Chilled Martini Glass
  6. Cocktail Shaker
  7. Blue Curacao 

Special Equipment:

A strainer.

Making an Out of Work Derpy.

  1. Chill a Martini glass; Rinse the martini glass. Do not dry it. Simply place it inside the freezer and wait 10 to 15 minutes for the glass to freeze. The post-rinse water surroundings will help make the glass freeze more quickly.
  2. Add Ice, both Vodkas and pineapple juice to cocktail shaker.
  3. Shake well!
  4. Remove martini glass from freezer 
  5. Strain shaker into the martini glass
  6. Slowly add splash of curacao.
  7. Drink!

You’ve just finished making an Out of Work Derpy

Welp, hopefully I did rusty’s style justice! According to Rusty this drink should taste like you are actually eating a blueberry muffin :3  I’ve yet to try it out irl cause I literally just refound the recipe and I don’t have the supplies yet, but rest assured I’m gonna make this drink this weekend in honor of Rusty!  

Oh and here is what the original recipe card I got from Rusty looks like:

My condolences to @technomod and Rusty’s family

And Rusty… Stay thirsty my friend! 

“We would stay up late (Hotel Bristol’s lobby) into the night, along with Eleanor Parker and Pamela Danova and Dee Dee Wood and other members of the cast and crew, and the many locals whom Chris had befriended…. Chris taught us how to drink… I still have the bottle of ‘William’s Pear’ I bought in Salzburg in 1964. I take it out every now and then and have a little sip, and it always makes me think of Chris Plummer and staying up late into the night at the Bristol Hotel…

…To me, Chris Plummer was tremendous fun. He was outrageous and complicated and always made me laugh. We were only thirteen years apart in age, and he was terribly handsome and dashing, and as flirtatious with me as I was with him…

…I loved working with Chris. He was acerbic and sarcastic but always humorously so. Without him, the long days of filming would have been dreary. He added so much liveliness to the days on location. And he made a conscious effort to do so.

…Julie would be in Salzburg for the entire time, as would the children and I. But Chris Plummer was not. He finished in mid-June, and one day he was simply gone. Salzburg wasn’t the same after he left. Of Course, we would see him again when filming resumed in Los Angeles. But spending time with Chris Plummer was, like dark chocolate, one of my favorite memories of those days in Salzburg.” 

- Forever Liesl: A Memoir of The Sound of Music by Charmian Carr with Jean A. S. Strauss 


Ahkmenrah is extremely curious.

This is both a great thing and a terrible thing. You see, more often than not, his curiosity wins out over his common sense.

This has led to:

- Rexy bucking him off in the middle of the lobby during night visiting hours because a little girl asked if he could sit on the dinosaurs head and still ride him. The answer was no.

- Sacagawea having to save him from the civil soldiers, twice.

- Larry finding Ahk using a catapult from the Roman display to see how far the miniatures could be thrown. (He made sure to put down soft padding first of course)

- Ahk receiving several minor burns and multiple minor cuts from the Mayans when he decided to try to talk to them

Anna bounced about excitedly, a bag over her shoulder. She was ready and she’d wait in the lobby all night if she had to. She was ready for her day outside and nothing could bring her down. “The best thing about Halloween is looking totally normal no matter what you do.”

“Ovechkin, who missed out on the car Friday night after lobbying to be picked last in the 2015 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft Presented by DraftKings, was given the key to a new Honda after the game Sunday.

He is donating the new wheels to Nova Cool Cats Special Hockey Inc., which is based in Northern Virginia.

Ovechkin’s connection with the Cool Cats program includes his friendship with Ann Schaub, a 10-year-old girl with Down Syndrome who went on a sushi dinner date with Ovechkin in September.

"It means a lot,” Ovechkin told NHL.com. “Honda connected with my agent and they just gave me a car, so I’m going to donate to Cool Cats and that sweet little girl.”

Ovechkin’s quiet plan all along was to win the car Friday so he could donate it to Cool Cats. He told nobody and was going to announce it if he was indeed one of the last two picks in the draft. He was picked third to last in the draft.“


Originally inspired by this prompt by otpprompts. Did I have way too much fun with this? Yes. Will I ever stop writing for brat!hun? Nope. Hope you enjoy.~

You lugged your suitcase through the glass doors of the resort, exhaling forcefully in exhaustion. On top of your flight getting delayed, there had been major traffic on the highway due to an accident, and now all you wanted to do was check-in to your room and crash for the night. The lobby was filled to the brim with people, as it was every holiday season, and you were lucky you had even managed to book a room before the resort closed reservations. As you made your way to the line of people, you accidentally bumped into a tall figure, causing him to stumble forwards.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” you called.

He turned around and you were met with a distasteful expression radiating off of his sharp features. “Geez, watch where you’re going next time.”

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Drive-thru fast food

Kingsport, TN, USA

I work graveyard shift at a popular restaurant chain that sells donuts, coffee, and sandwiches, and since my store is located across the street of a hospital we get a lot of nurses as well as EMT’s at night. The EMT’s can’t drive their truck through the drive-thru because it’s too big, so they usually park it in front and walk to the window since our lobby is closed at night. One night I was working and an elderly EMT gentleman came up to the window to order. I was having a pretty rough night, but still I smiled and took his order, and since he wanted a sandwich I told him it would take me just a moment to make his food. Just as I was about to make it, he stopped me.

EMT: Ma'am, can I have some napkins please?

Me: (A little surprised, but I nodded and gave him a few napkins.) Here you go, sir. I’ll be right back with your order.

I went and made his food, and returned to the window, where he was patiently waiting.

Me: Here you go, sir. Enjoy your meal!

EMT: (Takes the bag I gave him, then hands the napkins I gave him…folded up to look like a rose.) Thank you, ma'am!

(That definitely made my night, and I still have that rose. It’s a pleasant reminder that some customers can surprise you, and no matter how rough a night I’m having there can always be something good about it.)


Every Monday this month, we hand over the lobby at Ace Hotel New York to The Oracle DJs — Diamond Terrifier/Terrible Records — to celebrate the release of five different mixtapes. Last night, special guest Patrick Higgins joined in to celebrate Zs SCORE Remixed, a recent release from Northern Spy. Next week, Representing NYC presents the Zulu P It’s About Music mixtape, and the local hip hop outfit's first public show in Manhattan.

Up Next:
12/16 - Representing NYC presents a live performance by Zulu P and ‘It’s About Music’ Mixtape release party

12/23 - Diamond Terrifier — Psycho Tropical Cancer Dutty Artz Mixtape release party

12/30 - Diamond Terrifier — Co La’s ‘The Subtle Body Wears A Shadow’ remix listening party celebrating WIRE Magazine’s Radar compilation release