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Wilderness Lodge Villas by Jordan Hall

SPQR: Legion of Super-Heroes - 9

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“No plan survives contact with the enemy.”

– NICO –

Nico stood under a crystal chandelier in one of the ballrooms of The Principia. He held a glass of red wine in one hand, and the other pinched the bridge of his nose as he tried to decide if there was an inconspicuous corner he could hide in.

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Parasol Corporation (Tashir Greyfang) 2,500/2,500 Decor Update

Despite runes and raids and all sorts of obstacles, I finally had time to update T’ashir Greyfang’s plot. It was the project I had been looking forward to the most, because I felt the theme and aesthetic turned out to so perfectly match what was asked of me in the original design.  From the start, we had a lot of ideas we knew we’d have to sacrifice to get in the most importan stuff for the RP group.  I’m happy to say that with the extra 1,500 decor from the game store, we were able to fit in nearly everything else we wanted.  The screenshots don’t do justice to how the additions turned out, and I highly encourage everyone to visit Tashir Greyfang ( @rhilyn and @abacus-bead ) to check out the results! :)
This update was huge.  The original plot was 1,000/1,000.  When you consider that the max for the update was 2,500, you can view it as increasing the plot size by 1.5x the original.

Overall this update added:

-New area: atrium/lobby
-New area: South Wing, which includes
-Clinical Trial/Patient Rooms
-Public Bathroom, Front Office, Lounge and Lecture Room
-Door that can be open/closed for RP purposes that connects the rest of the plot.
-New Area: Security Clearance leading into the old (high security) original plot.
-Updated views including alien flora and extra details
-Reconstruction of front quarters and kitchen into Security Office and Cubicle/Data Office
-Entirely new section do the main lab that includes storage and entrance to new area
-New area: Biodome Resarch. Includes research lab, assistants, Desert & Jungle Biodomes
-New area: Hangar, now dividing up the previously ludicrously long pipe to the secondary lab/original biodome.

Only 12 days left till Sakura-con!! I have two announcements!!

1. I will hosting a panel on Friday with Yue Chaos at 2:45-3:45PM in ROOM: Panels 7 (3AB) It is an instructional panel for quick photography make-up, as well as setting up a studio setting to execute self-photography at home, it is called “DId I Catch My Good Side?”. It will be my first panel so bare with me, I am super nervous but I really wanted to try it at least once~! So if you can make it I encourage you to come out!!

2. I will be hosting a meet-up on Sunday at 1PM-2PM so I can meet and get to know some of you. The meeting spot will be at the Grand Staircase in the Atrium Lobby, Level 4 (I will be in my black Levi Military outfit on Sunday so hopefully I can be easily recognizable so you can find me!!)

Of course if you see me around the con anywhere besides these places feel free to say hello~!!! I’ll be with My cosbuddies, Zephyr Phoenix, Rie Mari, and Yue Chaos for the majority of the time!!

I’m excited to go to Sakura con and even more excited me too you all!!

Is anyone planning anything exciting yet for the con?