The Truth About NBA 2K16 MyPark Part 2

Some guy hit Legend 5 this week & I will speak upon it.. now here’s the math; he played 7795 games to get there over 110 days.. with the average park game being 7 minutes that’s 8 & a half hours EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Not including down time between game which would make it 10 to 11 hours… also a few of my thoughts on MyPark, & me speaking on you guys feedback from the 1st video speaking on Park Cards & 5'7 PGs & the right-left crossover zig zag cheese!!! Gameplay is Lob Mob (Old Town Flyers) Vs Sunset Beach Ballers On Rival Day…To improve your vertical, get the best vertical program in the world at http://BoingVERT.com/Lob for only $7!!!Playlist with all NBA 2K16 Badge Encyclopedia Videos here:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzc6v_npHArE8EwDVC-cx7bXNhaWx04U_Also check out:http://lobmob.comhttp://twitch.tv/thelobmobhttp://facebook.com/groups/TheLobMobhttp://twitter.com/TheLobMobhttp://instagram.com/TheLobMobhttp://facebook.com/TheLobMobhttps://vine.co/u/1049195563507646464