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Jeb Bush threw a snowball at an NBC cameraman. It did not go well.

Jeb! strikes again: During a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Jeb Bush showed off his throwing arm by lobbing a snowball at NBC reporter Jordan J. Frasier. Only, there wasn’t much to show off — Bush’s toss is hilariously wimpy.

“You can’t do anything about it!” Bush taunted the reporter, whose hands were full managing the camera. Bush seemed to think about it for a second and added, “That’s not fair, actually.” Frasier, laughing, didn’t seem to mind — and he caught the whole thing on film. Watch here.

Brie Larson Really Doesn’t Want to Talk About Fashion

On red carpets, questions related to fashion have become very divisive. With the rise of the #AskHerMore campaign, reporters have been tasked with stripping sartorial queries. But the predicament lies in the fact that most of these stars truly do wear beautiful outfits, worthy of publicity, and peacocking ensembles basically beg to be talked about. So when Brie Larson, this awards season’s breakout star, attended the 88th Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon in an eye-catching Emilia Wickstead ensemble, she was basically begging someone to ask her about fashion. 

“The dress…” a redheaded woman in the front row of the conference said. “Which one?” Larson asked, thinking maybe she was referring to the rags she wore in her Oscar-nominated film Room. “The dress for the Oscars, do you have your dress,” the reporter clarified. The 28-year-old star, who had just lobbed deep questions with aplomb about the allegorical meanings of her movie and the trails of newfound fame, reacted in disgust to realizing that the rising fashion plate would have to talk on a public about clothing. “That’s what you want to ask me?”  

Brie Larson in Emilia Wickstead at the 88th Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon. Photo: AP

The very professional journalist soldiered on despite the scoffing and finished her question: “Is there pressure for you to be best dressed and all that?” Then, determined to make fashion seem smart, Larson answered eloquently, despite her obvious distaste for the topic. “I feel like the way I’ve been able to understand clothes and fashion better is it’s a great way for me to express what’s happening on the inside,” she said. “So my goal with each dress that I’ve worn has been to try and reflect what my soul looks like, which is far more complicated than any dress could ever be.” 

While not nearly as dramatic as Jennifer Lawrence calling out a reporter backstage at the Golden Globes (she called a foreign man looking down at his phone to “live in the now”) the situations certainly share similarities. Larson might not be labelled “rude,” but her remark certainly wasn’t nice. 

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Depressionen, das ist nachts um zwei wachliegen, aus Angst, einzuschlafen oder aus Angst, wieder aufzuwachen. Depressionen, das ist in der Schule fehlen. Das ist keine Kraft zum Essen haben. Das ist keine Kraft zu gar nichts haben. Das ist im Bett liegen, den ganzen Tag, während alle anderen feiern - und wenn alle im Bett sind, bist du auf. Depressionen, das ist, wenn jedes Kompliment eine Lüge ist, jedes Lob ein Verrat. Depressionen, das sind auch Rückenschmerzen, Übelkeit oder Augenringe. Depressionen, das ist, wenn dein eigener Kopf zur deiner persönlichen Hölle wird, dein Körper zum Gefängnis. Das ist nicht zu wissen, was Realität ist. Depressionen, das ist auch oft sich einfach die Kante zu geben. Das heißt andere anlügen, das heißt sich selber anlügen. Das heißt manchmal auch Besserung beobachten und plötzlich: Enttäuschung. Ein neues Tief. Rückfall. Depressionen, das ist oft viel zu viel essen und oft überhaupt nichts mehr. Depressionen, das kann auch heißen, dass dir auf einmal alles scheißegal ist. Depressionen, das heißt Verlustangst. Das ist Menschen wegstoßen, weil du sie brauchst. Depressionen, das ist einfach nur leer sein. Das heißt, sich unter Menschen alleine zu fühlen. Das ist geliebt zu werden, aber sich nie so zu fühlen. Das ist, sich als wertlos anzusehen. Das ist keinen Ausweg sehen. Depressionen, das ist Blut, Therapie, Tränen, Klinik, Einsamkeit und so viel mehr.

His play is not studied, it is organic. It can’t be recorded with a phone like a Messi free-kick. If you aren’t paying close attention, you miss it, stylish touches only visible for a fleeting moment. The moments of his play that are most personal, most distinctly Neymar-esque, last a few seconds at the most. Like brushstrokes, the very nature of these brief instances is what makes him such an exciting player.

Happy Birthday Neymar Jr!


Roman Torchwick and Neopolitan should have swapped characterization with Adam Taurus. And they should have swapped their fight scenes too.

Roman Torchwick should have gotten the more creepy direction with his “Little Red, Little Red!” lines. (That’s how Gray said that he gets into character for Roman, by saying “Hello, Red!” in the creepiest possible voice.)
Neopolitan should have gotten the creepy, looming, and threatening gestures towards Ruby while Roman rattled off in a monologue or something.

Adam Taurus should have gotten the tragic, emotion-induced monologue about being beaten down by circumstances out of his control while fighting with Blake and/or Yang. Adam should have gotten the heart-wrenching, accidental slip of a glimpse at his back story, and why he did what he did.

And no offense to anyone who loves Ruby, but Ruby Rose honestly was more deserving of getting her arm lobbed off, or otherwise being seriously maimed by an antagonist than Yang was.

Because Ruby has the same problem as Yang when it comes to charging into situations that are over her head. The only difference is that Ruby’s fighting style does not reward her for acting in such a manner the way that Yang’s does.

AND RUBY HAS FOUGHT TORCHWICK LIKE SO MANY TIMES NOW WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE. With him seriously or beating or outwitting her EVERY SINGLE TIME. And she was fighting ROMAN AND NEO in a horribly lopsided 2-on-1 fight.

What the fuck, RWBY