Angola: On the Mermaid Kianda and Other Mythical Beings …

The Most Famous Angolan Mermaid

Kianda is a mermaid that appeared to a poor man, to whom she revealed the existence of a treasure. The man, who had suddenly became rich, started to behave in such a selfish way, spending all the wealth for his personal benefit and not for the benefit of his community. As punishment, the mermaid then made the treasure disappear, leaving the man in absolute misery. Sometimes the punishment was harsher and the man was forever enchanted at the bottom of the river or pond. There are mermaid stories in which the whole village behaves in a selfish and greedy way, in which case the punishment is applied to the whole community, which is then enchanted at the bottom of the lake or the river. There are Angolans who do swear, by the “blood of Christ, that they have heard the sound of women grinding, dogs barking or roosters singing from a village condemned to live at the bottom of the pond or river forever.