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Could you do a head cannon for being part of the outlaws/living with them and dating Jason? xx :)


Assumption: The outlaws are Kori and Roy.

- Kori would act as a big sister to you. She would probably loan you her dresses and do your hair. Let’s be honest, Kori dresses shows a lot of skin and at first Jason would be very shocked at how amazing you look but he will turn protective the next second. He didn’t like it when other guys were drooling over your body. “don’t loan anything from Kori.” he would say with a pleading pout. “i will do whatever i want,Jay.” you respond with a hair flip.

- Roy would do a little harmless flirting with you.

Roy: “You look the bomb. better by my side if you ask me.”

You: “In your dreams, sweetie.”

But at the same time, he gets protective over you. He would address you as “our girl” whenever a guy would try to flirt around with you. 

- Whenever there is a fight the first thing Jason would say is “Y/N is the pirority. Keep her safe!” and of course they would listen. You were their best friend, they didn’t want to see you get hurt.

Roy: “Hands off, our girl!” *before shooting an arrow into the guy’s arm*

- Jason and you would probably be interrupted by Roy. He always interrupts at the wrong timing. For example, there was once where Jay and you were having a hot make out session and Roy burst into the room whining about how there was no food. 

Roy: “oooh, is someone getting it on?” *smirks*

Jason: “leave before i shoot you.”

Roy: “alright alright” *snaps a picture with his phone before runs off*

- Kori would warn Jason a million times about how she would throw him into space if he ever hurts you. 

- Whenever y/n and Jason goes on dates, you can always find Kori and Roy spying on them. Whenever Jason finds out, which he always does. Roy will give excuses like:

Roy: “Just checking the place out maybe Kori and I could come here.”

Jason: “yeah, sure.” *rolling his eyes*

ButterFlies~ 6

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Part 5

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You needed a real drink after tonight. Watching Finn walk away from you was hard, you did like him but then there was Enzo. Enzo was sweet, made you laugh and you have a good time with him. But with Finn it was much more real, much more to the spark between the two of you. 

Tonight drinks on me, you texted Bayley, Charlotte, Nai and Lana. The girls texted back that they were in. Of course they were, you were paying. 

You picked out your best dress for the night, putting your hair to the side and doing your make up. Your eyes were a little puffy from crying, but you hope that the girls won’t notice anything. Grabbing your clutch, stuffing your car key, cash and your cellphone inside and slipping on your heels before heading out.

You met the girls in the lobby, Lana takes notice of you first, she gasps catching the other girls attention as their heads turn to see you walking out of the elevator. 

“ Damn girl” Nai says as she sees your outfit. “ You trying to get laid?” 

“ Maybe” “ You must loan me that dress once, it’s gorgeous “ “ Sure, no problem. What has Rusev been not giving you any?” Lana’s eyes got wide as she punched your arm. 

“ Hey! Be nice” you groaned rubbing your arm. “ How are you feeling?” Bayley asked. Tilting your head to the side, she was talking about how you were dealing with the whole Finn thing. 

“ I’m fine Bales,nothing to worry about” slipping past them as you headed out the door. Charlotte and Bayley shared a look, a worry looked. Lana had no idea what was going on along with Nai. They shrugged following behind you pulling the other two along. 

Music was booming around, people dancing on the dance floor. Looks like more grinding or dry humping one another. Looking around to spot if you saw anyone familiar, there dancing on the floor was Enzo. Cass was dancing with Carmella by his side. 

Charlotte bumps your shoulder, turning your head to look at her. She had a smirk on here face motioning with her eyes at Enzo. 

“ What?” you leaned over yelling in her ear. She winces a bit, pulling away shooting you a playful glare as she yells back, “ Go get some.” 

“ First I need to get drunk enough to get laid” grabbing her wrist as you drag her to the bar sliding past men and couples. 

“ What are you having?” you yelled/asked her. 

“ Rum and Coke” she answers, you nod yelling to the bartender before telling him you wanted one as well. He nods, you turn to face the dancing people and everyone around. 

A laugh escapes you as you see Nai sitting with someone, Bayley had joined Carmella on the dance floor and Lana had appeared by your side sitting down. She already had a drink in her hand, “Rusev is here” she mumbles. 

Your gaze goes to the dance floor, no Enzo in sight. Where did he go? 

“ Looking for me sunshine?” he pops up in front of you making your heart jump.

“ Don’t do that asshole! You almost gave me a heart attack! Shit..” hand in a fist, you punch his chest. 

“ I’m sorry princess, I just talked to Bayley and she said you were here” 

“ Here I am, indeed” Charlotte nudges you motioning to your drink. You gave the bartender the cash before turning back to Enzo, who was checking you out. His tongue was peeking from behind those lips, just barley out. Your eyes lingering on his lips, wanting nothing but to pull him close and kiss him. Wait, what? No, you can’t think like that. You came here to have a good time and get some drinks in. 

“ You wanna dance?” He asked after a few minutes. 

Your eyes raise up to his face, a smirk on his lips. Did he catch you staring at his lips? His eyes holding a twinkle behind them, you shrugged putting your drink down that was half way gone now. Taking Enzo by his hand leading him to the dance floor. As the time passed, you were getting drunker and drunker, forgetting who you were dancing with and where everyone was by now. 

Your eyes squeezed back shut as you awoke. Pounding headache, groaning gripping the sheets as you rolled to your side. A gasp escapes your mouth seeing him staring back at you. His crazy hair all over, pieces hanging in front of his eyes, his brown eyes staring at yours. A small smile laid on his lips as he sees your awake.

“ Good morning” you groaned gripping your head. He chuckles, “ Not so loud Amore.” 

“ You nearly drank the whole bar last night” 

“ You let me drink that much?” 

“ And you kissed me…” 

Turning your head as you look at him if he was serious or not. There was no smile on his face or he was laughing. His lips were in a straight line, no lies behind his eyes. He was telling the truth. 

“ And you kissed back?” He nodded.

“ Did we…? You know…?” He shakes his head no. 

“ I wouldn’t take advantage of you like that Y/N” 

“ Thank you” sitting up, your head hurts a lot. “ Shit” you mumbled rubbing your head slipping off the bed. Looking down you were in a big shirt and in your panties. 

Turning your head so fast, “ You changed me?!” 

“ No, Carmella did. You didn’t want me too, so she did. That’s my shirt your wearing by the way princess” 

“ Oh..” He gets off the bed, he has no shirt on. Your eyes linger on his chest, liking what you saw. He chuckles walking into his bag fishing out some pain killers before offering you some and giving you a water bottle to down it with. 

“ Thanks” He nods grabbing some clothes heading to the bathroom. 

You hear him turn on the shower, looking around the room for your clothes. They were neatly on the chair, you look back at the door. The shower was still on. Changing quickly back into your dress and shoes, looking into the mirror in his hotel room. You were a mess, hair all over, make up down your face. 

“ How could he even like me like this?” you mumbled to yourself trying your best to fix your hair and make up. Writing a note for Enzo that you were going back to your room ,grabbing your clutch heading out. 

As you closed the door, you bumped into someone. The familiar smell and shirt gave him away. You didn’t dare to look up at his face to his expression. 

“ I’m sorry” you casually say as you slip past him. 

“ Have fun last night?” His voice stopped you, that accent that brought you weak in the knees. 

“ Sure” you responded adding, “ Why would you care?” 

“ I don’t” He simply said like it was nothing. 

“ Finn I-” 

“ Get yourself cleaned up. Ya could use a shower to wash all the men you’ve slept with” 

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Missy decides to cosplay as Clara or Bill on the Doctor's birthday (set during the vault years) also Bill enters the vault at the end.

The Doctor, by and large, hated his birthday. Admittedly since he’d found himself stuck in Bristol and in control of a large, securely-locked vault containing his best-friend-slash-nemesis, the day had improved somewhat - if only because his aforementioned best-friend-slash-nemesis had a tendency to throw him yearly one-woman parties that invariably contained a version of musical chairs that always ended up with him sat on her lap, and then her sat on parts of him in a less than clothed fashion.

Today, however, he was in a foul mood. He’d argued with four students, told Nardole to go to Glasgow in search of tartan paint - if only to avoid his butler’s pitying looks - and then discovered the university canteen was sold out of muffins. What was the point in being friends with Bill Potts, canteen worker extraordinaire, if there wasn’t even going to be cake available to him on his birthday?

He pressed his hand against the vault’s biometric security device and then stepped inside, scanning the surroundings for Missy and locating her perched atop the piano as she was wont to do when feeling theatrical - which was always. That wasn’t anything unusual. What was unusual was her garb: a short blue dress in an outdated earth style, with a white apron tied over the top of it in a passing imitation of a diner waitress. He had no idea where she’d got it from, or how, but he recognised it at once, and before he could think better of it he asked: “why are you dressed as Clara?”

“Hah!” Missy cried triumphantly, all but punching the air in glee. “I knew you remembered the puppy.”

“Bollocks,” he muttered under his breath, realising he’d been caught out. “Why the hell… how did you get that?”

“She dropped by,” Missy said with a shrug, and the Doctor’s world stopped. “Said to say hello, and loaned me the dress for purposes of grown-up fun.”

“Did she…” he stammered. “Did she actually?”

“Of course she did,” Missy rolled her eyes. “Comes by once a year or so. We have fun girly chats. Sometimes she ties me up - she claims it’s payback for Skaro, but I’m not so sure - and we complain about you.”

“And you never told me this because…?”

“I didn’t want your brain to start dripping out of your ears.” 


“Oh god, don’t cry.”

The Doctor put his hands to his cheeks and found them wet. He wasn’t even aware of his response to the familiar name and stimulus, but somehow his body was ahead of his brain, and providing him with a tangible reminder of his loss.

“I’ll take it off,” Missy murmured, unbuttoning the dress. “Don’t worry, Thete. I’m sorry. Hey. I’m sorry.”

He held out his arms wordlessly and she stepped into them, uncharacteristically silent as she nuzzled her head into his shoulder. “It’s OK,” he mumbled into her hair, although he didn’t know whether he was trying to reassure her or himself. “I’m alright.”

When Bill swung by the vault a couple of hours later, she found the two Time Lords curled up together in an armchair, Missy clad only in the Doctor’s shirt and draped over his lap as he slumbered.

“I, ah, brought cake,” Bill said softly, holding up the box and trying very hard not to look at Missy’s cleavage, or legs, or anything else for that matter. “For him. When he’s awake.”

“We could get started without him,” Missy said with a wicked grin, and Bill’s brain short-circuited. The Time Lady rolled her eyes. “The cake, dear.”

“Oh,” Bill said dumbly. “Right. The cake.”

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Rebelcaptain 15

Kiss Prompt?

15. A kiss because I have literally been watching you all night and I can’t take anymore. 

How to Honor Your Dead (AU: Not Everyone Lives) Now On Ao3!:

Jyn didn’t want to wear a dress, or get a medal, or smile. 

She wanted her friends back. She wanted the rip out her hair and scream. She wanted to be left alone. 

But the success of Rogue One demanded honoring, for some reason, and Jyn was reluctantly ordered to accept the loaned dress, pull a brush through that hair, and to accept the medal awarded to her by a smiling Princess Leia. 

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Stole The Show

Summary: Based on Stole The Show
Warning: angst, death, angst
A/N: Guys, I cried

It was another one of Tony’s parties. He would always argue they would build team spirit and help everyone relax. Although no one ever believed him, everyone would inevitably show up. Natasha had loaned you a dress, desperate to see you out of the jeans and jacket you wore religiously, and when you walked into the party, arm in arm, the whole room turned to watch you. You could feel their eyes tracing over you, surprised.

“You’re drooling,” Natasha said quietly, letting go of your arm once she’d reached the bar.

Blood rushed to color your cheeks and you happily accepted the drink she handed you. “I can’t help it,” you answered. “Just look at her.”

“Both of you need to admit it already! I’m tired of the useless flirting. Just go over and kiss her. You could steal the whole show from Tony tonight.”

The whiskey was bitter when you drank it, but that didn’t stop you from drinking more when she refilled your glass. “No way in hell, Nat.”

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A Kings True Mate 2

Pairing: Thranduil x reader, Thorin, Balin, Fili, Kili, Dwalin, and the others, Bard and his children

A/n: Okay, here’s part 2. Sorry that Thranduil isn’t really in this part, he’s in Mirkwood still so he shall show up soon. In the next part or so, so bare with me. This isn’t completely by the movie but it’s pretty close. So forgive me if somethings seem off. As always comments are always welcome

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

               You were a great distance behind them. You could hear the sounds of fighting mixed with the sounds of the loud dwarves yelling as they traveled down the river. You ran quickly to catch up to them as you saw Legolas and the female elf still chasing after the group of Orcs. As you chased them, the dwarves went further down the river and Legolas and the female elf stopped. They managed to capture an orc and were taking it from the looks, back to Thranduil.

               You managed to get past the orc pack and down the river to where it slowed. You repressed a chuckle as the dwarves and hobbit were all soaked. You helped all of them out of the river and noticing that Kili was injured. He placed his hand on your arm and gave you a small smile, trying to reassure you that he will be fine. You knew other, the wound to his leg was from a poison arrow that came from one of the orcs.

               “Kili, you are hurt.” You smacked him up the back of his head. Fili looked at the two of you and smiled then it turned sour. Noticing your behavior towards his brother. “I swear, Kili.”

               “I’m fine, (Y/n).” He turned away from you and tried to walk but his leg began to give on him.

               “Fine my backside, Kili.”

               “We need to keep moving.” Thorin’s voice louder than everyones.

               “Kili’s injured, Thorin.” You voice full of concern yet stern as you turned to face him.

               “There is a pack of orcs following us.”

               “He needs this, Thorin.” You had the urge to hit him up the side of his thick skull.

               “Fine, two minutes.” Thorin then walked off behind you.

               You crouched down in front of him and tore a piece of fabric long enough to wrap around his leg a few times. As you were tying the fabric around Kili’s leg, you knew he sensed something different about you. It was something that you didn’t want Thorin to hear at the moment.

               “You met him, your alpha, didn’t you?” Kili’s whispered to you which caused you to look up at him. You didn’t realize that your silver chain had slipped from the neck line of the top of your dress. You quickly tucked back and nodded your head. “Remember, (Y/n), it doesn’t matter if anyone approves of who he is. It only matters if he treats you like an alpha is supposed to treat an omega.” He looked at you even more, only to realize that you didn’t just found your alpha but you found your true mate. “Wait a moment.” You looked at him confused. “He’s your true mate, isn’t he?”

               “Aye, Kili, he is. I haven’t felt like this in a very long time, but this. This seems to be different from when I met my beta.” You stood up and dusted your hands on the sides of your legs. You had a sad smile on your face as you thought of him, your beta. “You are all done, Kili. This should hold. I would have done a healing spell but I am horrible with them.”

               Just then you felt a presence and Kili instantly stepped in front of you with a rock in his hand. Dwalin picked up a thick branch and as soon as he got it in front of him, an arrow struck it. Kili was about to throw the rock in his hand when another arrow hit it out of his hand. Balin was being brave and started to talk to the man who shot the arrows. You could over hear him telling him that you had to get across the lake and the subject switched to kids and trying to feed them. Balin told the man that he would pay double if he was able to smuggle all of you in and through Lake Town, which to your surprise the man accepted. As you were turned away from the man listening to some of the others as they told you about the ride down the river, the man was staring at you like he wanted you. Fili must have noticed and placed his arm around your waist which caused you to give him a questionable look while all he did was smile.

               Moments later, most of you were sitting around the barrels. Balin was pulling everyone’s coins together. From the barge, the dwarves saw the lonely mountain which caused Gloin to shove what coins he had left at Balin. The man you had come to know as Bard quickly walked towards you. He and Thorin started talking.

               “If you value your freedom, you’ll do as I say.” Thorin looked unhappy but complied any way. All of you climbed into the barrels. Bard looked at you as if he was trying to convey a message to you that didn’t go unnoticed by Kili or Fili. Fili pulled you to him and helped you into the barrel in which he had already climbed into.

               “What is wrong with you and Kili all of a sudden?” You whispered to him as you both were crouching in the barrel.

               “Bard, he senses that you’re an omega. An unmarked one at that.”

               “What does that have to do with anything, Mellonamin?” Fili looked at you weird, as if you spoke as if you were from another world. “Ugh, my friend. Valar, I swear when this is all over I’m teaching you elven. If my alpha doesn’t mind, that is.”

               “So it’s true. Our little (Y/n) has truly found her alpha. I’m just glad it wasn’t one of us, we wouldn’t be here if it was.” You can see him smile, a true smile that he had at the beginning of all of this whenever he and Kili planned a prank on their beloved uncle.

               “So that is why you and Kili have been strange since our meeting with Bard. Hm, I think that is mighty sweet of you. The two of you act as if you are amin toror’ and I thank you for it.” You barely managed to place a small kiss to his cheek, the bread of his mustache tickled the side of face slightly. From the looks of it, he actually understood what you said this time.

               “Anything for you, (Y/N), for you are like a sister to us. Plus it would be rude of us not to protect you whilst you are away from your alpha.”

               “Isn’t it my job to protect you?”

               “It was, now that things have changed slightly. Kili and I shall protect you as if you were our omega.”

               “It seems as if Kili has met his beta, the female elf of Mirkwood. I fear I do not know her name and she is, from what I can sense, she could be his true mate. The way he looked at her in the forest said it all to me. I’m glad for him, even though he is a pain but I’m glad he now has someone to live for after all this.” Fili smiled and just then a whole bunch of fish filled the barrels in which you all were still in. You and Fili fell silent as time went by. You heard Bard talking to a man who you didn’t care to remember. You fell back into thoughts of Thranduil, how his lips felt against yours and how they made you feel like you were on fire.

               Before you could say more, the sounds of a couple barrels being tipped over and dwarven groans pulled our attention. You were glad that the barrel you were in wasn’t tipped over. Kili and Thorin helped you out of the barrel as Fili hopped out after you. All to Bard’s dismay, the dwarves kept a close eye on you and had already planned to keep Bard away from you.

               Fili pulled you along once the group started to follow Bard. It was obvious that your mind was elsewhere but you couldn’t help it. Your mind was on your alpha who had no time to claim you as his. You continued you follow Fili and Kili as you all followed Thorin, until he stopped. A boy no older than the age of 15 stopped Bard with a slight grim expression.

               “The house is being watched.” Bard looked down at the dwarves trying to think of a plan to get you inside his home. He looked at the water than back at the group which only caused a couple of the others to know where this was heading. Much to the dismay of those who didn’t like the idea, everyone jumped or dove into the water under Lake Town. Following Dwalin as he popped up from under the seat of the toilet. Fili and Kili helped you up and one went in front of you up the stairs, preventing Bard from getting too close to you.

               Once inside, Bards eldest daughter loaned you a dress to wear while your previous outfit was drying. You had learned that her name was Sigrid, she hadn’t presented yet and you were glad. Especially with a group of dwarves that were alphas and betas. You, Sigrid and her little sister, Tilda, sat on one side of the room while the dwarves were on the other, Fili kept glaring at Bard trying to figure out what his intentions were towards you.

               “Why is the blonde dwarf glaring at Da like that?” Tilda sweetly asked Sigrid but all she could do was look at you.

               “Oh, lisse’ ai er. You mustn’t worry too much about it. Your Da keeps looking at me which sets the dwarves on edge slightly.”

               “But why?” Her question was written over her face, her eyes shown with curiosity.

               “Because sweet Tilda, I am an omega and your Da is an alpha. I take it, your mother was an omega as well. Since I am an unmarked omega, an alpha tends to think that he can claim me as his but little does he know that I have met my alpha.” Sigrid smiled when you said that you met your alpha.

               “He is the one who gave you your chain?” Tilda was full of curiosity and you were instantly drawn to her lively spirit.

               “Yes he is. It’s a promise that I have a home once all this is over with.” You then heard the dwarves complaining about the makeshift weapons that Bard had. You stood up from where you sat and turned to them. “If you 13 dwarves think of stealing any weapons, do it yourselves.” You saw that one of the dwarves was about to say something. “I do not care of what my father would say about this. I am not him and I am not risking my freedom since you don’t like what you are being given.”

               “We paid for weapons, (Y/n), and these are not weapons.” Thorin was getting upset with you and you knew it.

               “They are makeshift weapons. I know you can use them if needed. If you choose to be the stubborn dwarven alpha you are, go risk your own freedom.” He knew you testing him seeing as you were an omega. He stepped closer to you and gritted his teeth, almost growling at you.

               “You will do as I say, omega. I am the lead alpha of this group…”

               “And you’ll what, Thorin? Tell my father that his omega daughter isn’t listening to the alpha king under the mountain. You are neither my father nor my alpha which means you do not tell me what to do, you pigheaded mule’s backside.”

               “How dare you speak to me in such a manner? You damn half-blood.” He stepped towards you more. You wiped out the sword that Thranduil gave you and held it out in front of you pointing at Thorin which caused him to look at the blade in your hand to the look on your face.

               “How dare I speak to you like that? If my alpha heard the way you spoke to me just then, dwarf. You would not be standing where you do and your dreams of living in that mountain will go forgotten.” You felt furry in your chest mixed with pain. You knew Thorin had his thoughts of your blood but your father had reassured you that Thorin was better than most. “Remember this Oakenshield. This half-blood is here to help you and it is unwise to belittle her as seeing as you know her father.” You twisted your blade back into its sheath and turned to Sigrid. “If you need me, I shall outside.”

               Fili and Kili both looked at you and all you did was nod your head. You knew they would worry about you but at the moment, you needed to be away from the stubborn leader of the company. You could hear Thorin talking as you sat under the window. You started to absentmindedly play with your silver chain, Thranduil’s scent was on it despite being in the water of Lake Town. His scent over took your senses as you thought of him. The feeling of his hands on your skin as his lips moved with yours. You were so in thought that you didn’t even notice that Bard had ran out the door. Not even noticing that Fili stepped out with a cape on and sat down next to you. The sudden vibration through the wood made you jump a little.

               “Sorry, (Y/n), I did not mean to startle you.” Fili looked at you from under the hood.

               “It’s okay, Fili. I was not prepared for company out here. I was just, I just needed to get away from Thorin.” You were still messing with your chain.

               “You know he means well, (Y/n).”

               “I know he does but he didn’t have to call me a half-blood.”

               “To be fair, you called yourself a half-blood.” You cocked an eyebrow at him. You were so pissed off at Thorin, you didn’t realize you called yourself a half-blood. You looked down at the chain around your neck and you thought of what Thranduil would have done if he heard you talk about yourself or even heard Thorin speak to you in the manner that he did. You realized that Thranduil would have done what you had told Thorin, and you dropped your gaze down to the ground. “Don’t worry about Thorin, he can handle whatever that elf can hand him.”

               “I don’t Thorin’s abilities, Fili. It’s my alpha’s abilities that will out do Thorin. Thranduil has been alive for millennia and Thorin has only lived for a few centuries. Thranduil looks like the type of elf that knows what he is doing with a blade.”

               “You are sounding like a true omega. Defending your alpha when he isn’t around.”

               “I would defend you if you were not near and someone was speaking ill of you, Fili. You are like family to me and I defend those who I call family. Valar, I would have gotten you guys out of the dungeons back in Mirkwood.” Fili looked slightly confused under the hood. “I would have convinced my alpha to let you go despite what was said between him and Thorin.” You rested your head against the wall behind you and shut your eyes as you released a sigh.

               “We best go inside. I fear if we stay out here any longer, Thorin would have something to say about it.”

               “You go, I’m going to stay here for a few more moments. If I see him right now and he saw the wrong thing, I fear I’ll take his head off.” Fili chuckled as he rose from the ground. Without another word from Fili, he went inside. You could hear Thorin’s voice booming through the home and through the window and you knew that he had came up with a plan to get weapons for everyone.

               After a few moments, you slowly stood up and walked into the house. You saw the group of dwarves in the corner of the room as you sat down at the table. You smiled at Fili and Kili but only to have your smile fall. There was something wrong with Kili. He, being the stubborn dwarf he was, wasn’t going to say anything to Thorin all because he wanted to walk into Erebor with the others.

               “Then it’s settled. (Y/n) will stay here with the young ones while everyone else will follow to the armory for weapons.” You sighed softly, hoping that it would go unnoticed by Thorin and by the looks of it it did. Not even moments later, they all filed out of the home and started towards the armory. Then a couple moments later, Bard came in asking where they went. Sigrid answered him which only caused him to sigh in frustration. Not even seconds later, a smirk played across his face. You had no idea what he was thinking but you were in no mood for it.

               “Sigrid, would you care to help me make supper? I know that those dwarves will be hungry later, if they even come back here if they are not caught.” She smiled at you and the both of you got up then walked into the kitchen area to start making something to eat for supper. You were always the one to help with food while traveling with the company, which led to having meals done rather quickly. You looked out the window and saw that the sun was setting. The sky was filled with beautiful colors of oranges, reds, purples and some blues, you only wished that you were with your alpha. You could feel a presence behind you and you knew it wasn’t Bain because he was sitting with Tilda. You moved swiftly, raising the blade in your hand as you turned around to face Bard. “Whatever it is you are thinking, don’t.”

               “Your dwarven friends are not here to stop me this time. All I want to do is talk.” He had his hand up in defense.

               “Then talk but you will not be close to me. Sit at the table, I have lived long enough to know an alphas true intentions.” Bard did as he was told and sat at the table.

               “How long?”

               “How long what?”

               “How long have you been the omega to the dwarf?”

               “What are you talking about? None of the Dwarves are my alpha. They are like family to me, which is why they protect the only omega of the company.” Bard looked slightly confused.

               “Then why was the blonde dwarf acting as if he was your alpha?”

               “Because he knows that I had met my alpha but was unable to be marked by him.” You finished making supper with Sigrid’s help. “I will not tell who he is, for that is none of your concern.” Your voice was stern as you spoke.

               “He must be from the woodland realm seeing as your chain is from there.” He saw the chain around your neck.

               “So if he is, it is nothing that concerns you.” You could sense something happening within the town. “You should go, Bard. You are needed elsewhere, I’ll stay here with your young ones.

               He gave you a questionable look before getting up and walking out. Little did you know that this was the last night that the town would be standing.

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im all for harry as jack but hear me out: harry as rose. harry as the upper class bachelor that all the women are after, but he's constantly flirting with y/n, an artist from third class. she shows him the ropes and teaches him how to dance, properly dance, none of that ballroom stuff. his parents hate her but gemma loans her a dress and some rouge so that she can go to the first class dining room. harry as rose!!!


Fight or Flight (Laf x Reader) Chapter 4: Closer

A/N: I promise that requests are being written, I’ve just had some personal things come up that have slowed my progress. But for now enjoy this little treat :)

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Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3

Word Count: 2,047

The sun shone brightly as Martha, Lafayette, and Y/N made their way into town. There was a new shop that had just opened up a few blocks from where Martha had first met Y/N, which she insisted on going into. As Y/N followed her into the shop, she tried to keep her eyes from going too wide as she looked around at the clothing and jewellery which were clearly far pricier than anything that she had ever even hoped to own. Even in one of Martha’s loaned dresses, Y/N felt extremely out of place. As she strayed from Martha and Lafayette, she began eyeing a small necklace, whose only decoration was a small Y/F/C gem dangling from the thin silver chain.

“It’s gorgeous,” Y/N muttered to herself as she eyed it longingly. It shined in the light, but was not overwhelming. In a way, it reminded her of her mother. After all, she supposed, they had once shared the same favourite colour.

Y/N eventually tore herself away, knowing that it was just one more thing that she could not have. She really needed to remember that forming attachments — even to trivial things such as jewellery — was dangerous.

She found Martha looking at some of the dresses near the back and joined her, humming in appreciation at the fine materials of the dresses.

“This one matches your eyes, Y/N,” Martha commented.

“I see what you’re doing Martha, and you’re not getting me to agree that I like a dress just so you can buy it for me when my back is turned,” Y/N smiled.

“My my, beauty and brains, you are the whole package, now aren’t you?”

Y/N laughed, shaking her head.

“I’m sure Lafayette thinks so,” Martha grinned as your head snapped up to look at her.

“I-you- he,” you stuttered, knowing that your cheeks were going slightly pink. “I am sure I don’t know what you mean.”

“Oh I’m sure you do, but in case you don’t, I would pay more attention to him. That is, more than you already are.”

“I do not! I mean yes I have noticed him, that is he attractive — I mean in regards to other men especially — I mean… oh okay fine…” Martha simply laughed at how flustered you were becoming at merely mentioning him.

“There you are, mon ange,” you heard Lafayette say as he approached. He really had excellent timing, didn’t he?

“Afraid to lose me, Monsieur Lafayette?” Y/N said cheekily with a smile as you turned to face him.

“You have no idea,” he responded genuinely without missing a beat. Y/N’s cheeks reddened slightly, and you looked away so as to hide your growing smile. Because of this, you missed the fond look that Lafayette gave you. You looked up as he took your hand and kissed it. You let your smile grow slowly and watched his do the same.

You left the store arm in arm, ignoring Martha’s knowing smile that was directed at the two of you.

The next few days went on in this fashion. Every morning you would have breakfast with Martha and Lafayette, George Washington usually being absent because of his commitment to the war. Due to the fact that Lafayette also played a key role, he would occasionally excuse himself for long periods at a time as well, doing heaven knows what, but Y/N knew it was for a greater cause.

One thing that remained constant, however busy he may be, were your daily outings with the General’s wife and your favourite Frenchman. These small adventures into town were your favourite part of the day. Usually you would have lunch in town with both Lafayette and Martha at some point into your venture. The three of you were always back at the Washington Estate for dinner, where George Washington was usually more likely to be in attendance than not.

Finally, at the end of every night, Lafayette would walk the extra five steps to your room with you. You were always unsure what the looks he would give you at this time meant, but it made you feel warm inside, and so you simply returned these gazes with ones of adoration. He would never leave without kissing your hand, and every night these kisses seemed to linger slightly longer each time. If you were being honest with yourself, you had an inkling that he shared your rapidly growing feelings, but you could never bring yourself to ask him, or do something about it. After all, facing your feelings head on had never really worked for you in the past. There was one thing, however, that you simply had to share with him, if only to let him in just a little bit more.

“Lafayette?” Y/N asked quietly one night.

“Oui, mon ange?”

“I… You mustn’t say anything to Martha, or General Washington for that matter, but… I was originally planning to leave in the morning after your arrival, and I just wanted to say… I wanted you to know… that I am very grateful that I stayed.” Lafayette’s smile widened slowly, and he leaned in slightly, whispering.

“I am very grateful you stayed as well, mon ange. I cannot imagine that I would be half as happy as I am now should you have left so soon after our first meeting.” By this point his forehead was leaning against yours, and you shut your eyes, not wanting to open them, for fear that this, that he was just a dream.

Oh, but your favourite Frenchman was a dream in and of himself. Every day Lafayette took every opportunity to compliment Y/N, and you truly weren’t sure what to do in response to it at first. In the past few years of your life you had not been paid such attention, and if so, never in such a positive, and dare you say it, caring manner. At first you would simply become flustered and giggle, looking away to hopefully hide the effect of his words on you. However, it wasn’t long before you had begun to flirt back almost just as often, which absolutely delighted Lafayette. You had never felt so free in your life, and you were enjoying every moment of it. However, in the very back of Y/N’s mind there was the ever looming expiry date of this life that you had allowed yourself to get lost in. He would have to leave to fight in the war, and you did not think that he would want to pursue this when he did. After all, it was simply a fantasy, a vacation from the reality that threatened to burst your bubble of happiness.

On the seventh day after the arrival of Lafayette to the Washington Estate, Martha was invited to tea with one of her friends. As she was getting ready to leave, Y/N snuck by her and had almost made it out when-

“Where do you think you’re going, young lady?” Y/N sighed as she turned around to face Martha.

“It’s been a week, I’m certain it will be fine if I go out alone-” Martha’s chuckle made Y/N pause.

“While I am still worried about what happened, that wasn’t what I was referring to.”


“Have you forgotten about a certain gentleman who always accompanies you into town?” Y/N could not help the blush that crept on her cheeks.

“I- well- he accompanies you too!” Martha laughed.

“But I am not the reason he has accompanied us every day,” she smirked. Y/N’s cheeks continued to redden.

“He is simply being a gentleman!”

“So the gentlemen type is your type. I’ll be sure to let him know to keep it up then.”

“Marthaaaaa. Stop it!” Y/N couldn’t help but allow a smile to creep up onto your face.

“Oh come now, Y/N, you have to admit that there is something more than friendship between you two. You do not have to come clean about your undying love for him but at the very least admit that.”

“You’re impossible.”

“I also happen to be right.” Y/N sighed in mild defeat.

“Okay… maybe he is quite handsome… And extremely sweet to me… And gives me these looks and smiles that make my heart melt… But that does not mean that I-”

“Mon ange, Madame Washington, are we ready for a journey into town?” You both turned to see the subject of the conversation approaching, a huge smile on his face. Although he had addressed both of you, he was only looking at Y/N. Martha looked pointedly at Y/N before responding.

“I unfortunately have another commitment, but Y/N would be absolutely delighted if you would still accompany her into town.”

“It would be my honour, mon ange,” he said with a big grin, kissing your hand.

You matched the size of his smile. “Very well then, my good monsieur, let us go.”

“Have fun. And stay out of trouble!” Martha’s smile was evident in her tone, even though the two of them were already halfway out the door.

Y/N and Lafayette decided on going to a marketplace near the outskirts of town because it would most likely be less crowded than the other marketplaces that the town had to offer. On their way there they encountered a small band playing a song. Surrounding them were a few couples dancing. Y/N grinned as she admired all of the women being twirled around the square.

“May I have this dance, mademoiselle?” Y/N turned to Lafayette and saw his hand offered to hers, a hopeful smile on his face.

“I would love to, monsieur. Although I must warn you, I am not that good of a dancer.” Lafayette chuckled as you took his hand.

“Do not worry, mon ange, neither am I.”

You giggled as he led you closer to the centre of the square. The two of you began dancing with the rest, although slightly fumbling, but you could not care less. Every time you tripped, Lafayette would hold you closer, and you became surrounded by him, his arms around you, his scent intoxicating. The thought alone was dizzying, and combined with the spinning and dancing, you held onto him tighter for fear of tripping horribly. He held your gaze for the entirety of the dance, and Y/N allowed herself to be swept away in the moment. Alas, the song ended too soon, but you remained very close for many moments after the music had stopped.

“Laf…” Y/N whispered.

“Laf?” He questioned softly with a smile.

“Yeah… It’s a nickname I suppose,” Y/N smiled back.

“I like it. Almost as much as I like you,” he grinned.

“And how much is that?” You challenged.

Lafayette paused for a moment before kissing your forehead.

“More than you know, mon ange,” he mumbled against your skin. “More than I might be able to admit to myself.”

He let his lips linger on your forehead for a few more moments, during which you closed your eyes, willing your heart beat to slow down. Eventually you both pulled away, but Lafayette offered you his arm, which you gladly took. You continued walking to their original destination, both of you grinning like idiots.

“Oh my goodness look, Laf, they have flowers! Oh and they’re so beautiful!” Lafayette chuckled at Y/N’s excitement as she led him to the small flower cart.

“Mon ange, you are, how you say, adorable?” Y/N rolled her eyes fondly.

“I suppose that would be a word you can use.”

Lafayette smiled and paid the woman, grabbing a red rose from the cart. “A beautiful flower for an even more beautiful lady,” he said as he handed you the rose. Y/N looked up at him with a wide grin.

“You are certainly something else, Monsieur Lafayette.”

“I suppose that would be a word you can use,” he grinned and kissed your free hand.

“Technically that’s two words.”

“Oh come now, mon ange, I thought it was my turn to be witty.”

“What can I say? Sometimes these things just come naturally. But perhaps next time I’ll allow it. Only because I happen to be extremely fond of you.” Y/N winked at Lafayette as he grinned at you. You had both completely forgotten that you were still standing in front of the flower cart until the owner spoke up.

“If you don’t mind my saying, you two make a lovely couple,” the flower lady smiled.

“Oh we’re not-”

“I agree,” Lafayette winked at you as he offered you his arm. You rolled your eyes fondly as you looped your arm with his and kindly thanked the lady as Lafayette led you away.

“Did you really mean that?”

“Mean what, mon ange?”

“About us being a lovely couple.”

“But of course. I believe, that no matter the circumstance of our true relationship, I believe wholeheartedly that we would make, we can make… we are an excellent couple.” His voice was firm, and he was giving you that look again. The one that you were not quite sure of the meaning behind, but made butterflies erupt in your stomach nonetheless.

Before you could even begin to form a response, however, you heard a voice say your name, a voice that you had not heard in years. Though it sounded much different now, you would know that voice anywhere. Your blood went cold.

“Y/N? Y/N, is that you?”

Your entire body panicked and you quickened your pace.

“Just walk, keep walking, don’t look back, just go,” you whisper forcefully to Lafayette as you quickly lead him through the marketplace, your arms still linked.

“Mon ange, what is wrong?” Lafayette looked at you with a worried expression but kept up with your quick pace, lest you go off without him. When you didn’t answer his question he stopped abruptly, causing you to stop with him and almost trip.

“You are worrying me, mon ange, what is happening?”

“I’ll explain later, just-” Y/N halted her speech as her arm was grabbed, and before she knew it, she was being pulled from Lafayette’s side as she was turned around. Y/N then found herself face to face with someone who she had not seen in eleven years.

Her brother, John Laurens.

Commission for the lovely @alynnl :D - Twoflower “coronation” as the Emperor of the Agatean Empire.

[Rincewind is feeling unconfortable in his fancy dress (a loan by gracious permission of the Archchancellor Ridcully)]

Rincewind: There’ll be a bunch of guards on us at any moment, right? Someone will going to cut off serious bits of me, right? Right?

Pretty Butterfly: Calm down, wizard. The worst that could happen is my father wearing his “I ♥  Ankh-Morpork” hat.

Rincewind: Yeah, ok… Damn, I hate this robe.

Lotus Blossom: I think it looks good on you, Great Wizard.

Rincewind: mmph!

Also Twoflower, after 4 seconds :

The first sign of winter

I stopped resisting and ended up writing a Winter Schnee fic. All hail the Schnees!

Summary: Schnee’s are never jealous. Well…unless their attractive older sister comes to town, making Ruby all starry eyed. Weiss insists that she’s not jealous, though her actions tell a different story. WhiteRose.

(Rated T) 

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“So, you desire me?”

There wasn’t a sole in New Orleans who didn’t want to attend a Mikaelson Family ball.  You’d been lucky enough to get into the good graces of the one and only Rebekah Mikaelson, and that instantly got you an ‘in’ to the various functions the family would throw.  Of course, being close to Rebekah also meant that you got to meet her brothers.  A certain Elijah Mikaelson in particular.  Tonight was yet another ball, and you had shown up at the Mikaelson household a few hours early to have Rebekah help you with getting ready.  She was fortunately loaning you a dress, seeing as you were quickly running out of fancy clothes with all the parties the Mikaelsons threw.

“When are you going to start bringing a date to these balls?”  Rebekah asked, zipping up the back of your dress for you.  You sighed, rolling your eyes teasingly and fluffing out your hair in a vain attempt to make yourself more presentable.

“I haven’t found anyone that I want to invite along yet.”  You countered, pawing through Rebekah’s jewelry for a necklace that matched the dress she had you in.

“Oh come on.  You have to have your eye on someone.”  Rebekah pressed with a knowing smile.  You felt your cheeks flare up at her comment, a sign that she didn’t miss.  “You can tell me.”  She continued to press, flopping down into her bed.

“You’re going to think it’s a stupid crush.”  You shrugged off, glancing at yourself in the mirror to ensure that you looked alright.

“Just tell me.”  Rebekah rolled her eyes.

“Elijah.”  You murmured after a few moments of silence.  Rebekah’s face lit up at your confession, a laughing emanating from her chest.

“Elijah?”  She repeated, almost disbelievingly.  You nodded shyly, turning to face your friend and jumping slightly at the figure in the doorway.

“So, you desire me Y/N?” Elijah asked, a smile pulling on the corners of his mouth.  Mutely you nodded, at a loss of how else to reply to his question.  “Well then, would you kindly allow me to escort you to the ball tonight?”  He asked, bowing slightly at the waist, never letting his eyes stray from yourself.

“I would love to.”  You murmured, your blush returning ten fold.

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I got a prompt! Rick pulls Michonne over for a speeding ticket. Pre-apocalypse. Don't know if this has been done before. It's not very original, or creative, lol! Thanks😊

A/N: Thaaanks @alyssag321 I really like this idea, I never wrote an AU richonne before. Let me know how I do guys! :D x


Another speed demon in a flashy car, Rick Grimes groaned as he got out of his modest patrol car to once again do his job; reprimanding spoiled young men with clear death wishes. However, as he approached the vehicle, Rick was surprised to see it was a woman in her late thirties behind the wheel of the shiny red Porsche, wearing a fierce frown and an elegant pale pink evening dress soiled by vivid green substance down her low cut front. 

Rick nervously cleared his throat before speaking. 

“Ma'am do you have any ide-” 

“Yes.” She snapped, interrupting him curtly before he could even begin his well-rehearsed speed kills speech. “I know exactly how damn fast I was driving. Apparently not fast enough.”

She refused to turn her perfectly shaved head to face him, gripping the steering wheel angrily instead. She breathed heavily, her round nose flaring with rage Rick knew he did not deserve. 

“Ma’am, I’m gonna have to ask you to not interrupt me.” Rick warned not offended yet not happy with the level of contempt in her voice and on her face. He was after all, as deputy sheriff, accustomed to a certain level of respect.

There was a tense moment between them where Rick wondered if he’d end up cuffing this beautiful headstrong lady. He wanted to laugh at the thought of his cuffs clashing with the delicate jewelry against her deeply rich skin.  

However, she finally decided to face him, her proud face making Rick feel small and sorry for a moment. Her dark eyes, effective in the art of intimidation, were unblinking and cursing him for his unwelcome intervention.

“Look I’m not normally this - tense - but I just don’t have time have time for this.” She answered frankly and firmly.

With this not being a battle he was willing to lose, Rick Grimes forcibly snapped out of his speechless state, throwing the woman an unsympathetic glance before pulling out his pen and pad.

 “I’m just trying to do my job Ma’am.” Rick shrugged, the enchantment effectively broken.

“So am I!” She yelled back more defiant then ever. 

Rick remained calm, ready to cut this argument short. “You a race car driver?” he asked sounding deceptively sincerely. 

She gave him a look of disgust before replying. “No.” 

“Then will you please let me finish.” 

His stern tone and even sterner look although not inspiring fear, carried enough authority for the woman to finally back down. Satisfied, Rick added on a courteous “Ma’am” as per usual.  

“You don’t get it.” She whispered in a low whine but Rick Grimes was beyond caring at this point.  

“80 on a 40 road.” He said, cocking his head to the side “Yeah…I think I have all the facts I need.”

“Licence and registration.” He demanded, determined to give her a ticket and send her on her way. “Please.”

Rick Grimes however was caught off guard by her next response.


“Excuse me?”

“I said fuck.” She repeated louder, this time placing even more emphasis on the offending word. “Not you. Not me. Just fuck.” 

“Fuck this” She cried frustratingly pulling out her licence and shoving it in his hand before pointing to the stain ruining her dress “And everything that happened today.”

She looked on the verge of angry tears and Rick suddenly felt a pang of guilt. 

“Look I’m not the bad guy here.” Rick said still strangely on the defense even though she was no longer being antagonistic but instead slumping over her steering wheel sighing mournfully. 

“No you’re not.”  He heard her mutter. When she looked up the frown on her face was gone and for the first time that night Rick saw how soft yet still spellbinding her eyes could be. 

“My one year old is the villain of the piece, see?” 

At her request, Rick found himself looking at her chest with his eyes lingering on her breasts a little longer than they should have. Feeling instantly ashamed, Rick quickly refocused his eyes onto hers, determined to hold their intense gaze.  

She, however, did not notice and Rick relaxed enough to smile and regain his professionalism. 

“I’m the head curator at the National Gallery of Art,” she began to explain, relaxing in her seat as she told her tale.  “And we have twenty five of the best and brightest contemporary artists attending the unveiling of their never before seen collaborative project.”

She spoke with such passion in her voice, unable to hold back her excitement at the event’s magnitude. Dazzled by her pearly white smile, Rick nodded, begging her to go on.

How could someone’s face be so instantly transformed, Rick wondered, taking in every detail of her gentler more open countenance. 

She continued to talk. “It will be the most culturally significant piece of work of our time, a painstaking labor of love bringing together everything that is beautiful in this damn world.”

“Sounds impressive.” Rick admitted, still not sure where her story was headed yet every bit as captivated by it as he was by its narrator. 

“You don’t get it.”

He chuckled at the way she predictably decided her world full of colors and cultural was beyond his ‘simple’ understanding. “Oh sure, I guess where I come from they don’t teach the difference between a Miro and my Judith’s finger paintings.” 

His sarcasm, although playful, was as thick as his Georgia accent, causing her stare back at him with wide awkwardly apologetic eyes.

Rick may not be a fancy curator, but he was far from being just another ‘uncultured hick’ and something inside of him wanted to make that clear to this sophisticated stranger.

“You were saying Ma’am?” Rick asked casually and she laughed, shaking her head for a second before looking him straight in the eye.

Rick welcomed the challenge that look on her face brought.

“Oh, so that’s how it is?” She asked, frowning slightly but the smile never leaving her face. It was as if she was just now, for the first time, truly seeing Rick, her eyes travelling across his uniformed body before connecting with his blue ones.

She had been a gallery of emotions since the moment he met her, but now looking upon that oddly bashful grin on her face after being teased, Rick believed he had just found his favorite one. 

“Yeah, that’s exactly how it is.” Rick whispered confidently. 

She quietly licked her full lips before moving on. 

Rick loved how she barely conceded a thing.  “Anyway,” she said drawing out the word like a song. 

“The point is, it is damn important and I’m supposed to be there making sure it runs smoothly.” Her tone was serious once again, “instead I’m sat in my car covered in baby sick, driving like a madwoman to get to the only boutique that’ll loan me a dress at such short notice.”

Rick was sorry to see the smile fall from her face as she regained awareness of her miserable situation. 

Noticing his concerned stare, she waved her hand out in front of him. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m not gonna cry.” She insisted causing Rick to smile.

Somehow he was expecting nothing less from this warrior woman who picked fights with cops. 

“I would’ve.” He said sympathetically. 

Rick hesitated for a moment before raising a question that played on his mind for a little while now. “Ma’am, this might not be any of my business, but can’t your husband get you a dress from home?”

As soon as the question left his mouth, Rick Grimes was full of regret. At no point during their conversation had he noticed a wedding ring on her hand. Suddenly Rick thought he could hear his friend Glenn, scathingly whispering as he so often did, the words ‘nice going dumbass’.    

Kicking himself in his mind, Rick braced himself for her response. 

There was annoyance on her face but thankfully none of it directed at him. “Oh you mean call the asshole that walked out on Andre and I,  let him back into my house to go through my shit? Yeah no thanks, I think I’ll pass.”

He didn’t know what he was expecting when he asked the question, but whatever it was, this was infinitely better. Rick suddenly had an idea on how he could be of some help to this sad stranger, now instantly transformed into a damsel in distress Deputy Sheriff Grimes would love nothing more than to rescue.

Or at least impress. 

“Look how about you promise to drive safely, get to your fancy art party.” Rick suggested, confidently leaning in through the rolled down car window. “And I’ll pick up your dress from wherever you want - within reason of course.”

She had a suspicious look on her face “Why would you do that?” 

“Well,” Rick shrugged suddenly searching his mind for a reason that sounded more acceptable than the truth, “ I guess us single parents gotta stick together.” 

He thought it impossible but her face looked even more surprised than it did when he made his generous offer.

“Divorced with two of my own.” He explained, placing conscious emphasis on the word divorced and suddenly wearing his failed marriage like some sort of badge of honor. 

“Must be hard.” She whispered, looking genuinely sorry, and her kind eyes making Rick feel uncomfortable.

“No harder than being the art curator of THE National Art Gallery.” He responded, teasing her again in an effort to return their earlier moments of casual flirtation.

She laughed loudly “Did I really say that? God what an uppity bitch I sounded like.” 

Alarmed at the prospect of having insulted her, Rick immediately protested his words having any such implication. “No, no, no, not at all!”

She fired him a grateful smile and pressed the button on the ignition. “Well thank you anyway.” She began, readying herself to say goodbye. “Not gonna lie, I was prepared to be thrown in jail or worse after you stopped me. Lucky me, meeting Officer Friendly.”

She held out her hand, patiently awaiting the return of her identification and Rick quickly scribbled down her details before handing it back together with a speeding ticket.  

“Not that lucky.” Rick Grimes smirked at the ridiculous cheek of this woman he had become hopelessly attracted to. 

“Wow.” She mouthed trying her best not to laugh in disbelief at what just happened. Still not believing her eyes, she examined and re-examined the authenticity of the ticket and the cost of the fine.

She then looked back at Rick with pleading eyes.

But Rick refused to budge. “Yeah, just doing my job Ma’am.” her reminded her, holding up his hands innocently. 

He was glad to see her cave in and flash him a seductive smile. “At least use my name if you’re gonna screw me like this.” 

“Michonne.” He obeyed not skipping a beat.

For a moment, they let the silence sink in, relishing the sudden increase in heat between them.   

“Here.” Michonne finally said, handing him a business card she pulled out of the sparkling clutch bag on the passenger’s seat. “Get me that dress from Peletier’s and maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you take a peek at the exhibition.”

She let their fingers touch as Rick reached for the card, her soft brown skin promising more than just a peek. Not breaking eye contact Rick curiously whispered, “At the paintings?” 

“Right, the paintings.” She repeated, her breathing now getting a little heavier, for a moment being on exhibition for his intense blues to completely devour. 

When he didn’t react, she slowly pulled away. Their hands no longer connecting, Rick swallowed hard admittedly craving more than just this whisper of a touch and wishing he took the opportunity she had presented him with.  

Except that just wasn’t his style, even though everything about her screamed; it could be

Catching himself, Rick finally took a professional step back again.  

“What did I say about going too fast?” He warned Michonne,  

“Not sure, I didn’t let you finish.” She said mocking him. Michonne winked and Rick’s heart went into overdrive. 

“Anyway see you later officer.” 

With that abrupt goodbye, she coolly rolled up her window and drove off without looking back at the stunned man in her rear mirror. Rick Grimes stood in that place for a full minute. Staring at a now empty road, he replayed in his mind the incredible interaction he had with that speeding stranger and her enticing invitation at the end.

Grinning whilst holding on tightly to that precious business card she handed him, he finally began his return to the patrol car and walking with a slow silly swagger he whispered his response into the hot night air. 

Hell yes ma’am.” 

All school does is stress me out. All life does is stress me out. We spend 12 years busting our ass to get good grades so we can go to a good college and then we bust our ass for 4-6 more years so we can get a good job and then we bust our ass for the rest of our lives so we can pay off our student loans and feed and dress ourselves and our familys. We litterally spend our whole lives working hard but for what? Im just so done.

On Ray Palmer & Romanticized Abuse Tactics

I have been seeing a disturbing trend of people in the Arrow fandom jumping on the “LEAVE RAY ALONE” train. If you’re a Ray Palmer fan and coming across this (though I am only posting in the anti- tags), I just ask that you please read through to the end.

Ray Palmer canonically disrespects boundaries all the time.

  • He’s been in less than 10 episodes and has tracked Felicity’s phone twice to force her into conversation with him when she has explicitly told him she does not want to talk to him.
  • She said no to working for him, so he bought the company she worked for just so she no longer had a choice in the matter.
  • He showed up at her apartment not because she gave him her address but because he went and tracked it down himself all to ask her about something work-related that could have easily been conveyed in an email or…you know…at the office that they both work at.

In half the scenarios above (#3 and the second instance of #1), he was her boss, thus adding an imbalance of power in his favor that worked against her being able to say no to him.

And those are just the big issues (There’s the whole crossing office lines in buying her a dress and loaning her millions of dollars worth of jewelry thing, too, for example). The thing is, his go-to method of interacting with her is to control everything so she doesn’t actually get a choice. That’s a red flag for abuse NOW, so what would it turn into in an actual relationship?

My point is: like Ray Palmer all you want, but please don’t deny other fans’ very valid reasons to feel very uncomfortable or possibly even triggered by his actions.

Like Ray Palmer all you want, but please don’t ignore that some of his behaviors are not ok. For me, this is a deal-breaker to liking the character. For some it may not be. You can like a problematic character but still acknowledge the problematic behaviors.

Even though I’m sure it’s not the Arrow writers’ intentions to write Ray Palmer as abusive, the fact of the matter is that with every episode they write these behaviors for him and call it a romance, they are normalizing the behaviors. They are normalizing it as something people should see and want in a love interest. This is not good. Red flags of an abusive relationship are constantly normalized and romanticized in media, which is DANGEROUS. If we never give the feedback that it shouldn’t be, this will continue to be the case.

Please, please speak up about this.

My favorite part of the little rascals is when they’re trying to get a loan and they dress up as Hasidic Jews or whatever and when the banker asks for their account number they say “eight” and the bankers like what and one of the kids whispers “try 7”

Come Back When You Can

Rating: M

Summary: Erza’s tradition of getting quietly drunk, alone in her apartment on New Year’s Eve was broken three years after she started it. Jellal had probably moved on by now, and she couldn’t hold it against him.

Note: This is a mishmash of various breakup AU’s I found. The length of it kind of got away from me.

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