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Amy and Liam having sex had nothing to do with hurting Karma.

I’m not sure about that. They were hurting so they lashed out. It’s kind of like the temp insanity plea.

In that moment they were not thinking. They were reacting. They wanted to stop their pain and also hurt her.

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Can you post more pictures of the spider female you're looking to rehome?

Sure. She is in shed right now, but here are some previous photos. She is a really nice spider, lots of white and no spots. Feeding on small f/t rats:

Aaand one from when she was a baby:


I haven’t done much decomp myself, but here’s my advice for doing so. If you’re keeping your finds outdoors to process, make them as inaccessible from scavengers as possible. Leaving them out unprotected will only attract animals that will eat, chew up, and carry away your find. My favorite method, (and one I’d like to try this summer) is bone-lust decomp box. Burial is also an option. If you’re going to used the burial method, keep the animal bagged up as to prevent the loss of any smaller bones, and make them easier to collect later on. Jake’s Bones has a guide for different methods of how to clean animal bones, including burial, dermestids, and maceration. If burial doesn’t seem to be working out the way you want, any of these methods will work just as well and may be more convenient for you.

As far as how I go about wet specimens, I just grab a jar, put them in, and pour some 70% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol you can buy at any store with a pharmacy section. The downside to this method is that the specimen will lose it’s color over time. Another recommended way to go about it, is to use both formalin and alcohol. To do so, the specimen should be injected and submerged in formalin for about a week, left in water for about a day to leech out some of the formalin, then placed in jar and displayed in alcohol. Here’s a few sources that go into more detail include the warnings and health risks of working with these chemicals: 

Thank you very much for the complement, and I hope this is useful for you. Good luck with cleaning ;w;~! 


places where one foot in water and one
on loamy purchase… tears burn out
longing gone; the dance of years.

he is so damn precious, so damn locked
away. he doesn’t care about money.
cursing hurts his ears and boats…
boats. Float now my chris….

he kissed girls and dug holes in sugar
sand for treasure and scaled roofs
because perch was his nature.

still owner of my heart, he protects me
with the wisdom of rivers. we launched
space missions and bread truck tanks.

we made things and gloria’d, we
made a fifty yard long downfield
tackle and saw pride for the first time.

how. how could i try to hurt that
which is inviolate in me? why did they?
he unlearns and learns equanimity…

and doesn’t even need to spell it.

Chris Whitenack © 2015

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loamy sand

i don’t know what this ask means but i’ve saved this for like three weeks and it just amuses me

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Something in the "loam" category is my first instinct. Note that I don't actually know what "loam" is, but I get this feeling of like, kind of spooky dirt that's also comfortable and soothing like home so. That.

thank you… i am glad everyone agrees i am loamy

loamie funny that you asked I just got diagnosed with bpd and mom started the whole “why do you need to label it?” thing