Okay someone just saw Dan and Phil together out eating a meal so that means Dan’s out and about and Phil’s with him and maybe was there last night (?) which makes me feel loads better and actually more inclined to believe his ‘joking’ thing by the smallest increment of a degree

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Which tv shows do you watch?

What don’t I watch, lmao. Let’s do this by network.

On CBS I didn’t watch anything but as of this fall I’ll be watching Supergirl.

On NBC I watch the Chicago series’, and I haven’t avidly watched SVU since Stabler left, but I do watch occasionally.

On FOX, I watch Gotham, Empire (MY LIFE), Bob’s Burgers, Bones, & I intend on watching Lucifer, and Scream Queens.

On ABC (the network that like runs my life) I watch Once Upon a Time, Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, Modern Family, and The Middle.

On CW I watch Jane the Virgin, The Flash, iZombie, Arrow (although one more load of BS on Laurel and I’m out), and Supernatural but I’m behind.

Aside from the main networks, I also watch Game of Thrones of course, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, American Horror Story, Outlander (just caught up), and soon I’ll be able to add Shadowhunters, YAY! Ermmm I think that about covers it.

I literally do not care what you do with your time and money and how you identify as long as you recognize that

-makeup is not feminist nor subverting the patriarchy
-neither is shaving
-bdsm and porn are not feminist either
-being implied to be gay due to your appearance is not an insult
-making more genders does not solve the fact that gender=oppression and you cannot identify out of misogyny as much as you can try
-the idea you don’t need dysphoria to be trans is really stupid
-bishop Berkeley’s immaterialist philosophy is a load of crap
-more genders does not subvert the patriarchy
-valuing gold star lesbianism is racist and classist
-body positivity for chronically underweight and overweight people is necessary
-if you consider yourself any degree of social justice class must be included in your praxis


A gem of an article from the FAB 208 Annual (1971) arguing that hot men only get hotter as they get older. Something all of us here agree on, I’m sure.

It’s a little sad, with 40+ years hindsight (all these lovely men no longer with us, but yet Cliff still goes strong - soz Cliff!) but I commend the author both on her taste: (Patrick McGoohan!) and her writing:

Ever since Peter O'Toole arrived on the horizon of Arabia as Lawrence I have been unable to look at a camel without seeing a vision of O'Toole on top. I look at any passing camel trains whenever I can.

plus ça change, eh?

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“We were gonna put it out this year but pushed it back a little bit and I think that was a really good decision. We’ve been making a lot of music and we’ve had a few sessions and have been having a lot of fun with it, but we were rushing to get it finished this year, and we took the decision to give ourselves a couple of months and that just made the whole process loads more chilled… We could step back from the whole album and look at it and really figure out if maybe a couple more songs will come, or maybe we’ll reproduce things slightly, but we’re all quite excited by it. Part of it is just being exciting to have a whole new set of songs to play. It’s also allowed us, apart from this tour and some festivals, have a bit of a break, sort of recharge a bit before the next touring cycle.” - Dan Smith. [interview & image credit]

#TBT I didn’t move to LA to be a modeling agent. I moved to LA for my dream to become a comedian and to have my own show. Being a modeling agent gave me great connections. I was signed with Madonna’s talent agency and through them I got casted to have my own show! Needless to say I was swimming in money. Being a coon pays well…and I was paid very well dahling lol. I filmed a few pilot clips for them to shop around. While I was waiting they gave me a shit load of more money to live on lol. During this time I started to get more interested in the world around me. After the Trayvon Martin case I lost it. The Revolutionary fire that my parents put inside me ignited again. I started to relive the death of my High school friend who was killed by a pig all over again. I snapped! I started protesting, marching, organizing, and reading. I didn’t hear back about the pilot but I didn’t care cause i was so into the revolution. A week after I got back from Ferguson I got a call. It was my talent agent. She told me the show got picked up by Disney. She said they did background on me and wanted me to delete all my videos go back to my slave name and pretend like that part of my life never happened. If anyone asked about it to just say I was suffering from depression or bipolar or some shit. I hung up the phone and blocked her number. I literally hung up on a dream that I’ve had since I was a child. Ever since I saw Chris Rock host the 1999 MTV awards this is all I ever wanted to do. It was the best decision of my life and I’ve never looked back…until recently. My mother’s bday is coming up. I used to buy her the most amazing bday and mothers day gifts. Shoes, bags, jewelry, perfume, apple tech. I mean you name it I bought it for her. I don’t miss the money but I do miss being able to help my mom out whenever she needed. I do miss sending her flowers. I do miss treating my mother like the Queen that she is. I can’t get you anything this year mommie. I know you don’t fully agree with my Revolutionary stance. I hope you know I can’t buy you David Yurman but I’m fighting like hell for your freedom. Love you mommie.

@ game developers

I don’t care how many hairstyles you have in your character creator, go add ten more

it doesn’t matter if it makes the game take longer to be released, I’ll wait

My thoughts on Natsu vs Zeref

Okay so I’ve been thinking… People are torn on whether or not natsu will fight/kill Zeref once he finds out that they are related.

But here is what I’m thinking… Natsu will be very angry at Zeref no matter what. He did hurt a lot of people and Natsu is not someone who would just let that go. However, I don’t think we will have a brother vs. brother fight…I feel like at the end we will have a lot of angst and possibly a tag team.

Now here me out:

Who is the other villain in Fairy Tail besides Zeref? Acnologia

Who does Natsu care about and would be willing to do anything to save? Lucy

So, what if Acnologia does something to Lucy (possibly kidnaps her, or threatens her?)

Natsu and pretty much everyone in Fairy Tail knows that Acnologia is really strong. So, I’m thinking that Natsu would be willing to overlook Zeref’s bad deeds for awhile in order to save Lucy. That would mean a Natsu and Zeref vs. Acnologia battle.

Zeref would be able to help Natsu defeat Acnologia.

I’m thinking of a similar situation with Acnologia and a certain dragon…. (T.T) could possibly repeat itself, but with Zeref, instead. However, this time Acnologia would actually be defeated.

So, now that leaves Natsu. A dragon slayer, who just found out that his enemy was his brother, reliving a similar and painful memory of when his father died. Not to mention the trauma of almost losing Lucy.


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