Diving into the past with Titanic artifacts from its mysterious first officer

William M. Murdoch, the Titanic’s first officer died the night the ship sank. Just how he perished is likely a mystery that will never be solved. James Cameron’s 1987 film had him shooting a passenger then shooting himself.

We don’t know if that’s really true. What we do know is that Murdoch helped load lifeboats on the starboard side of the ship, and that he is regarded as a Scottish hero for loading his boats with more people than other officers.

Recently, some of his personal items were found in the wreck.

The piece of pipe, toiletry kit and button are on display at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Las Vegas Sept. 1 through October. The items are part of an exhibition by Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (who also provided these images).

I bet that in their little Roblivion famalam, Robert will be the bad cop to Aaron’s good cop! I can’t wait for them to share loads more scenes together, and for Aaron and Robert both to take on raising Liv together. A proper little family!

I had fun with this! :)

I’ve seen so many people using the Strangify thing and I had to join in! Here are my favourites of all the @therealjacksepticeye references I made :P

An obvious two-word one :)

Thought this sounded cool

Once I did that, I had to do this xD

I know Jack would definitely approve of these :P

Had to make a Paper’s Please reference xD

Which made me think of this, sounds like a movie or something 

Idk why I thought of this lol

I thought this was a funny play on the outro :P

A reference to an old phrase I’ve not heard for a while

And more serious one, based on something I saw that said ‘Not all heroes wear capes, mine wear headphones’ - I love that :)


hiiiiooo here are my depth of field and ambient oclsusisoson settings for reshade that some people were wondering about. as you can tell they are very similar to alverdines like i said since i used her settings and tweaked from there. they aren’t as exciting as i would like but i still wanted to show them in case they will be helpful. the photos on the left are before and taken with in-game camera and the ones on the right are using reshade and fraps. i also ran them through my ps action (i didn’t have non edited versions sorry about that) so that’s why they are extra orangey but everything else is just reshade <3


A gem of an article from the FAB 208 Annual (1971) arguing that hot men only get hotter as they get older. Something all of us here agree on, I’m sure.

It’s a little sad, with 40+ years hindsight (all these lovely men no longer with us, but yet Cliff still goes strong - soz Cliff!) but I commend the author both on her taste: (Patrick McGoohan!) and her writing:

Ever since Peter O'Toole arrived on the horizon of Arabia as Lawrence I have been unable to look at a camel without seeing a vision of O'Toole on top. I look at any passing camel trains whenever I can.

plus ça change, eh?

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I used to be a ToDae shipper when I first join the fandom around 2013 eventhough I quetly root for DaeRi but since I barely see any interaction between them, I thought they are impossible to paired up. And then I have hiatus for 2 years from BB and Todae and then recently while leasurely checking daesung tag on tumblr, I saw their holiday in hawai and went wtf when this all happen. I mean when they got that close and start freaking out by myself. Can you tell me their closeness timeline?

OMG I was the same, when I first joined I was definitely a ToDae shipper mostly because the whole year was just full of Top and Daesung interacting. But Daesung and Seungri have always been my fave so I always looked forward to their interactions as well. I could never ship them romantically though - I just love their friendship so much. 

In terms of a timeline it’s hard to do simply because it’s hard to delegate certain times that they were close or gotten the opportunity to become close. However I can point out instances both on and off camera’s from 2012 until now simply because that’s the timeline i’m more informed and comfortable in and I haven’t really been there in the beginning.

However some major points in pre 2011 are: 

- BB first win - Seungri comforts Daesung
- Daesung & Seungri  mc’ing Music Core 
- Intimate Note 
- Their Diss Song to their hyungs -  What better way to become close :)
- Shouting Musical + Interview 
- Shouting Director mentioned Seungri crying after hearing about Dae’s Accident
- Night After Night - Daesung shows his ‘Protective of Seungri’ side (x) (x)

- Daesung says if it wasn’t for Seungri he wouldn’t have come back + his         
  compromising point with Seungri (x)
- DaeRi appear together on shows after Japan Alive Tour ended (x) (x) (x)
- DaeRi also do some Radio Shows Together (x) (x) (x)
- Smartphone Police (x) (x)

- Daesung turns up for SR fanmeet and celebration for LTAL on oricon
- The epic LINE chat  
- Seungri helps choose some songs for Daesung’s Cover album (x) (x)
- Seungri shows up for Daesung’s first ever solo tour 
- Daesung mentions Seungri a lot in his D’scover interviews (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

- Seungri shows up for Daesung’s D’slove Concert
- Daesung visits Seungri in Hospital

- Holiday Together in the US
- Spotted together at clubs 
- The hugging! MADE movie shows us how close they both are with each other!
- Sakigake Eight shows us that Seungri really watches everything
- Went shooting together

- China fan meets - Daesung decides to feel up SR 
- Japan fan meets - Dae smacks Ri Butt!
- DaeRi’s letter to each other (x) (x)
- Joyful Collab Stage (x)

One thing I haven’t mentioned in the timeline is all the MC’s DaeRi did (along with YB) during BB tours. I feel like for an MC to run smoothly they would have need to have gotten together to try and make a fun and interesting talk show. 

I’m aware that by now i’m just pointing out instances where we see them interacting rather than the actual opportunities of when they got close. But I feel like these are the instances in which we can see how close they are - enough to initiate some type of touch (whether its a hug or a grope) but also instances in which they really do respect each other and are close friends. They’ve been on holiday together, cosplayed together, watched each others stuff and danced to each others songs. Plus Seungri always remarks how cute/sexy Daesung is and Daesung always remarks on how Seungri will always belong in BB and that he loves him. I hope this helps ^_^

  • Wavves | Post Acid
  • The Horrors | New Ice Age
  • The Cure | Jumping Someone Else’s Train
  • The Clash | Rudie Can’t Fail
  • Joy Division | Transmission 
  • Los Campesinos | In Medias Res
  • The Strokes | Fear Of Sleep
  • Wavves | Green Eyes
  • Crystal Castles | Not In Love
  • Best Coast | Our Deal
  • The Clash | Three Card Trick
  • Los Campesinos | The Sea Is A Good Place To Think O The Future
  • The Drums | I’ll Never Drop My Sword
  • Girls | Summertime
  • The Smiths | Girlfriend In A Coma
  • Best Coast | The End
  • The Libertines | Ha Ha Wall

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(You tend to stop eating and faint while on hunts- every time this happens, Dean is there to catch you and stay with you until you wake up)

Groaning, you peeled your eyes open, taking your time to take in the surrounding of the motel room you were staying in. Distantly you realised it had happened again. 

On particularly difficult hunts, those that required all your attention and research, you forgot to eat and sleep healthily. You would stay up for days at a time, researching as much as you can, interviewing people and being useful. Being useful however, didn’t mean factoring time to eat and sleep into your busy work load. So more often than you would like to admit, on a hunt, with the brothers at your side, you would faint. It was quickly becoming an issue that you knew would have to be dealt with. Not yet though. But soon.

Turning your head, you continued the tradition of meeting Dean’s worried eyes. Whenever you collapsed, Dean would be the one to take care of you. He would carry you to his bed, make sure you were comfortable before sitting beside you and waiting until you woke up. “Hey, how long was I out for this time?” you groaned, voice raspy and throat sore.

“Just under a day. Must have been really tired” Dean answered, looking away and running a hand over his jaw. He got up to get you a bottle of water that he always kept at hand.

“Yeah… must have been” you muttered, sitting up carefully. Even though you had slept for nearly a day you still felt ridiculously exhausted. Accepting the water you took a few cooling sips. 

There was a tense silence between you, none of you eager to break it. His beautiful green eyes were full of guilt and sorrow. “Dean” you sighed, reaching for his hand across the cover. Entwining it in your own, you squeezed his hand, wanting to make him feel better. None of this was his fault. You were an adult, you made your own choices. 

“I should have noticed what was going on. I should have realised you haven’t been sleeping. I’m sorry, this case has gotten us all overworked. But I should have made sure you were okay” Dean apologised, shaking his head. He blamed himself, he knew that you had the tendencies to be a little self destructive. He should have been able to see the signs. He should have looked after you better. He should have been there for you.

“Dean! Listen to me, this is not your fault. I am an adult and I make my own choices” you said firmly, squeezing his hand and meeting his emerald green eyes. “So what have I missed?” you asked, giving him the chance to go back to how things were. To forget about your latest fainting episode. It was what you normally did.

Dean shook his head but got up and passed you a bag. “You missed me buying out the store’s candy. The guy looked like he was going to have a fit” Dean chuckled, watching as you eagerly dug through the bag and pulled out your favourite sweets.

“Really? You’re the best!” you beamed, opening up some chocolate and eating it.

“I know, which is why we’re going to make a deal okay?” Dean sighed, sitting on your bed and grabbing your hand. “I promise that if you eat at least three times a day. Sleep for more than 4 hours every night, I’ll take you wherever you want to go” Dean bargained, looking up at your face eagerly.

“Anywhere?” you breathed, thinking about everywhere you wanted to go. Maybe out of America; actually see something of the world you were saving continuously.

“Sweetheart I’ll even get on a plane for you. How’s that?” he smirked, pinching a sweet and popping it into his mouth. He knew how much you wanted to travel. To see the world. He would do anything and go anywhere if it meant that you would be okay.

“I think we have a deal, Dean Winchester” you nodded, throwing your arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. Dean stiffened for a minute before hugging you back. He buried his face into your neck and smiled. You would be okay, he would make sure of it.


The American Quilters Society was kind enough to load more pictures of the prize winners from Grand Rapids.

“Springtime in the Geisha’s Garden” by Margaret Solomon Gunn of Gorham, Maine. Winner of Best Original Design in Grand Rapids.

I hope she sends this one to QuiltFest in September, I’d love to see it up close!

Photo courtesy of AQS Quilt Week Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2016.