The following animals are some that I hope get made into water type Pokemon in the next gen
-Sea snake
-Anemone and Anenomefish (clownfish)
-Mantis shrimp
-Sea urchin
-Sea Hare

-and loads more… I want a gen 1 magnitude of water types

That is all

(writing by Grace)

Youtube is a great platform where people can post such creative content, whether it’s music, health and lifestyle, film, fashion, food or daily videos to show others what it consisted of! Youtube is unique in the sense that the creator and viewer connect on a much more personal note, compared to other large industries/social media sites.

Here I have listed some of my favourite channels that are super creative as well as created in high quality! So, if you are looking for a couple of new and interesting channels to have a look at, then read on :)

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These are super duper old, like 2009 old. But I used to make a bunch of these banner things. Back then they were called “GFX” banners or, “sigs”. They were used on message boards and I was addicted to making them.

I never did make Xion because I never did play 358/2 Days till a few years later and just forgot about these.

I have a shit load more that I might upload because they’re kind of really nice, even though these are all taken from facebook since I lost the original files. So that’s why they look very pixelated.

Now THAT’S a boat load of clams! 😳 More like surf clams. Never seen anything quite like it in person. If you love clam chowder and clam strips, this is the start of the process. Mad props to the captain and crew for making these long trips. ☀️⛵️🎣 #onlocation #newbedford (at New Bedford State Pier)

bluenekowitch asked:

Omg, i had this weird dream! I was on this public bus, and when it was loading more ppl, i heard ur voice! I didnt believe it at first until i saw u, u said something about teaching mini-golf, i only went b/c ur my fav person ever! (Im a weirdo ik😭)

Omg!! Hahaha that’s amazing!! I have dreams about other YouTubers all the time!!


creativecockbitesnetwork prompt [1] : lyrics

‘cause it’s been months and you’ve had time
to face what you’ve been running from
yeah it’s been months and you can’t find
a reason why you’re holding on

tardislordia asked:

hey there! i absolutely love your blog♥ your fic recs are amazing and i was just wondering, could you recommend me fics where nine/rose or ten/rose get married? thanks love!

These also include engagement and honeymoon fics. * indicates a multi-chapter fic. Assume teen or below ratings unless otherwise noted but always check author’s notes first.

Marriages of Convenience (or accidental marriage)

Fake/pretend-married list here

All my rec lists can be found here

alright !! so as some of you may know, i really like making themes. unfortunately, i CANNOT make themes for pietro and change them every single day, and most of the time, my inspiration isn’t even FOR pietro.

so i have a proposal for you lovely followers! this is a bit like a forever starter call ( which i will get around to posting eventually ). basically by LIKING this post, you give permission for me to do the following:

  • make theme backgrounds and possibly codes for you
  • make promo banners for you
  • make icon packs for you
  • make other graphics for you about your muse or our muses (given that we’ve interacted long enough) and tag you in them

and basically drop random edits upon you without warning. you do NOT have to use or reblog anything which i make for you; it’s just a way for me to practice my photoshopping skills and to have an excuse to make things with a purpose — it feels much better to stamp a URL onto a graphic when i’m finished instead of just letting it go unused.

you do NOT have to be mutual in order to like this post, but a follow is always nice ^^

Looking for witches!

Hi everyone! I’m looking for loads more blogs to follow so if you’re a witchy blog that’s not just pretty pictures please reblog this and I’ll follow you!

I’m especially interested in:

- secular witches (I’ll also follow religious witches though!)
- spells, curses etc
- green/cottage/urban/kitchen witchcraft

I’d love to make more mutuals! Also if you are over 18 I will follow you so hard because I currently follow a lot of underagers and I’d like to get more oldies up in here~


The Nintendo DS? Yeah, it runs Quake… AND Quake 2? What the fuck?

A homebrew effort, Quake DS manages to run at a surprisingly decent clip, although it’s let down a little by a texture streaming system that takes a little while to kick in and usually leaves explosions looking like a huge white square.

Quake 2, however, is a ridiculous technological feat that requires a RAM cartridge for the GBA slot (like the one that came with Opera’s Nintendo DS Browser) to function. Quake 1 can also use these cartridges for smoother load times and larger maps (and hopefully to keep more textures loaded).

Thanks to fishmech and JaByZki for their submissions!


A gem of an article from the FAB 208 Annual (1971) arguing that hot men only get hotter as they get older. Something all of us here agree on, I’m sure.

It’s a little sad, with 40+ years hindsight (all these lovely men no longer with us, but yet Cliff still goes strong - soz Cliff!) but I commend the author both on her taste: (Patrick McGoohan!) and her writing:

Ever since Peter O'Toole arrived on the horizon of Arabia as Lawrence I have been unable to look at a camel without seeing a vision of O'Toole on top. I look at any passing camel trains whenever I can.

plus ça change, eh?

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