loads of sheep

James and I have booked to stay a night in a place where there are loads of animals, like sheep and cats and pigs, and it looks so nice and lovely except that the booking pack says that we have to be careful of the ‘powerful, inquisitive pigs’, and now James is worried that the pigs are going to slash his tires and that the B&B listing was secretly put up by the pigs in order to lure humans into some kind of terrible trap 

but it’s a risk we’re going to have to take, because there was a photograph of 3 sheep, and one of them was mid-baa, and we can’t resist that ovine siren call

Wool hurts! In Australia, where most wool is produced, sheep have chunks of their skin ripped off in a practice called mulesing. Across the globe, including the US, lambs have their tails forcibly removed without pain relief. And all sheep on commercial operations face slaughter at a young age. Shearing can be painful too. Large shearing facilities “process” a large number of sheep, inflicting painful wounds during the rapid process. Australia loads thousands of live sheep onto boats for treacherous, deadly journeys to other countries for brutal slaughter.