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Move Over, GPS: This Sheep Is a Professional Backseat Driver

In the gig economy, Uber, Lyft and TaskRabbit are ubiquitous brands. But Flock is trotting up on their heels. And a few enterprising sheep have been able to make a living as freelance backseat drivers.

“Let’s say you forgot your car GPS,” says Henry Erstwhile, a spokesperson for the up-and-coming app. “Just open Flock and find a sheep near you who can hop into the back seat. Tell her where you’re headed and she’ll bleat the way.” One “baa” for a right turn, two “baas” for a left.

It may seem a little counter-intuitive at first. If you have your smartphone in hand, why not use a navigation app rather than go to the trouble of loading a sheep into your car?

“Admittedly there are still a few kinks to work out,” says Erstwhile. “We’re hiring more engineers.”

Industry analysts estimate Flock is already worth $12 billion.

via Jamie Baldanza.

anonymous asked:

Hello!! Could you do a dating, married to, sex with & children with braun strowman? If you're up for it? Thank you❤

@hardcorewwetrash is this you 😂😂

Dating Braun would include:

-Him putting things on the top shelf on purpose

-Him Flexing his muscles more when another guy talks to you, out of jealousy

-You two going to Disney world together and making him wear Mickey ears

-Watching him work out being amazed at how much he could lift

-He’s like a giant space heater,always warm so on planes you cuddle up to him

-Having a front row seat to every pay per view and Raw which he’s in

Having Sex with Braun would include:

-He loves to pick you up and fuck you against the wall

-Even though at first he’s scared to get too rough with you in case he hurt you

-Him loving blowjobs while he’s driving his truck

-Plus he’s a country boy so just sex all over his truck

-He would definitely cuddle after it because he’s a giant teddy bear

Having a Baby with Braun would include:

-Him being super excited when you tell him, him hoping for a boy

-Buying the baby loads of sheep stuff just to see Braun’s face

-Him doing all the heavy lifting while your pregnant not even letting you carry a cup

-When the baby arrives he’s so gentle and won’t let anyone else but you and him hold it

-He would always let the child sit on his shoulders to see better or when they get tired of walking

-Braun would actually do anything for your kid no matter what it was

Being married to Braun would include:

-Having to spend hours searching for a suit which would fit the giant man

-A super cute country barn wedding

-“No Braun your truck can’t be apart of the ceremony”

-Him having Bray and Eric as his best men

-While having the first dance he just picks you up so he didn’t have to keep bending down

-A lot of baby making that night

I have to sign a contract for work, & most of it is just about understanding various health & safety procedures, pretty standard stuff. Except the fire evacuation procedure which includes the line “ Do not delay in attempting to collect unnecessary personal belongings, however, store pets must be considered members of staff and removed safely from the premises”

Members of staff!! Adorable, they need little employee name tags. Bizarrely, I come from a line of people who run back into burning buildings for trapped animals, my grandfather on my mothers side once had to smash his way into a neighbour’s barn to release a load of sheep from a fire, I’m pretty sure it was a cat my Dad’s mum saved, & when he was only 8 or something my dad ended up in some local newspapers for slipping out of her arms & running back into their burning apartment building & up a few floors to save his cat & her kittens :’) 

James and I have booked to stay a night in a place where there are loads of animals, like sheep and cats and pigs, and it looks so nice and lovely except that the booking pack says that we have to be careful of the ‘powerful, inquisitive pigs’, and now James is worried that the pigs are going to slash his tires and that the B&B listing was secretly put up by the pigs in order to lure humans into some kind of terrible trap 

but it’s a risk we’re going to have to take, because there was a photograph of 3 sheep, and one of them was mid-baa, and we can’t resist that ovine siren call

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Why is using wool bad? Like I thought I knew a reason before but my nan told me today that sheep need to be shaved or they will be to warm and I thought that made sense? Am I wrong in thinking that?

Vegans avoiding wool products isn’t understood by many people. Since sheep need to be shorn to remove their excess wool, people don’t really see anything wrong with the wool industry.

One simple reason vegans avoid wool is because it involves the exploitation of sheep. What most people don’t realize however, is that the wool industry also involves a lot of cruelty.

People have selectively bred our modern sheep with the thick heavy coats. About 30% of all wool used worldwide comes from Australia. The most commonly raised sheep there is the Merino. Merinos have been specifically bred to have wrinkly skin to produce more wool. Their coats are so thick that some die of heat exhaustion during hot months. Unlike wild sheep, Merinos cannot shed their fleece.

Since domesticated sheep can not shed their fleece themselves, their wool will grow longer and longer while flies lay eggs in the moist folds of their skin. The hatched maggots can eat the sheep alive.

To prevent this from happening, ranchers will perform an operation called mulesing. Without anesthesia large strips of flesh are cut of the backs of lambs and around their tails.

Other procedures performed without anesthesia include punching a hole in the ears of lambs several weeks after birth, docking their tails and castrating the males. The castrations are done when the male lambs are between 2 and 8 weeks old, with the use of a rubber ring to cut off their blood supply.

When the wool production of sheep declines, they are sold for slaughter. Millions of lambs and sheep are exported for slaughter each year. In Australia they have to travel long distances before reaching very crowded feedlots, where they are held before being loaded onto ships. Many sheep die in the holding pens.

If you would like more information, you can visit the following links:

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hello cutie, I was just curious if you would wear any kind of wool? it is to my understanding that they don't harm the sheep while they shave them, so I don't know if that influences your belief of wearing it or not. thanks!!

hey darling, it’s a common misconception that wool production doesn’t harm the sheep/lamb!

There is a lot of cruelty in the wool industry including:

·   Mulesing: cutting large strips of flesh off the backs of lambs and around their tails in order to prevent flies laying eggs in their skin folds. This is performed without anesthesia.

·   Shearing: sheep are sheared in the spring before they would naturally shed their winter coats. Due to economic reasons, most sheep are sheared whilst it is still too cold. It is estimated around 1,000,000 sheep die per year from exposure to the cold. Also, shearers are paid by volume not hours, and hence handle them roughly to shear many in a short amount of time. 

·   Holding pens: sheep have to travel long distances before reaching very crowded feedlots, where they are held before being loaded onto ships. Many sheep die in the holding pens.

·   After the wool industry: when a sheep’s wool production declines, they are sold for slaughter.

·   Transportation: who survive the holding pens is packed tightly into ships. Lambs born during the trip are often trampled to death. A lot of sheep get injured or die

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Wool hurts! In Australia, where most wool is produced, sheep have chunks of their skin ripped off in a practice called mulesing. Across the globe, including the US, lambs have their tails forcibly removed without pain relief. And all sheep on commercial operations face slaughter at a young age. Shearing can be painful too. Large shearing facilities “process” a large number of sheep, inflicting painful wounds during the rapid process. Australia loads thousands of live sheep onto boats for treacherous, deadly journeys to other countries for brutal slaughter.